‘KEY 528′ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part V

peak wrote:
Why don’t you gain common sense

Because then sadly I would be a dumb ass who only uses half of his brain.
The left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is where you access the uncommon sense.
Can I suggest you go back to page one or Part 1 of this thread and start adding up all the coincidences…..

Did I post this yet …
Remember my claim …. KEY 528 is engraved into Biblical archetype/ARKitecture … like Gothic cathedrals?
Can we find the KEY 528 in the following Cathedrals and contained also in the mystic almond?

Mystic Almond found in the following …

ARLES Church of St. Trophime 12th century
Tympanum of the Porch

Chartres Cathedral west facade Tympanum

Please note in all of the above Tympanums the KEY 528 that we find on CARD X of the Tarot is well represented…

What can we learn from this image cast in stone…?
The following quote is in reference to the above image and the 4 evangelists.

In medieval times, these four phases of the great cyclic period, whose continuous rotation was expressed in antiquity by means of a circle divided by two perpendicular diameters, were generally represented by the four evangelists or by their symbolic letter, which was the Greek alpha, or, more often still, by the four evangelical beasts surrounding Christ, the living human representation of the cross. This is the traditional formula, which one meets frequently on the tympana of Roman porches.
-Fulcanelli the Master Alchemist

Fulcanelli also notes that the same Tympanums are found in the cathedral at Le Mans (west porch) and in the Church of the Templars at Luz.
And exactly what was the traditional formula?

Jesus is shown seated in left hand resting on a book, his right raised in the gesture of benediction, and separated from the four beasts, which attend him, by an ellipse, called the mystic almond. These groups which are generally isolated from the other scenes by a garland of clouds, always have their figures placed in the same order …

as may be seen in the Churches and cathedrals noted above…

Mystic almond?
Separated from the beasts by a garland?
Where have I seen this particular archetype expressed which has become a much revered Judeao Christian ARKetype?
I have felt intuitively for some time now that Christ himself represents the feminine sacred.
Card XXI … The World Card encapsulates the mystic almond.
The mystic almond which is probably a reference to the vesica pisces.
Which itself is a reference to the female genitalia and union.

Jesus was evidently a real pussy.
Gives new meaning to the Oral Traditions…
I am speechless though I do feel the Vatican is overdue a tongue lashing….

And they have received one in the past.
Constantine I who was partially responsible for ushering in Christianity as we know it … helping to choose those 4 Gospels written by the 4 Evangelists which have been identified with the KEY 528.

In year 528 there was a natural disaster …An earthquake strikes Antioch, killing thousands, and causing a fire that destroys the Great Church built by Constantine I.-Wikipedia


I am starting to believe this biblical stuff….
The Grand ARKitect has quite the sense of humor/revenge/irony.

I need to quote the god Richard Feynman again.

There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed coupling constant, e the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon. It is a simple number that has been experimentally determined to be close to -0.08542455. (My physicist friends won’t recognize this number, because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square: about 137.03597 with about an uncertainty of about 2 in the last decimal place.…Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it related to pi or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.”

…because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square

inverse of its square = Hand of God
Rolling Eyes

This inverse law comes into play in gravity, electric force, radiation sound and light….and I noticed yet another beautiful connection peak…but I do not want to overwhelm your abilities to comprehend, so I will bring it up in a later post.
go here please peak…only ewe can stop the bleating:

So St. Peter’s Cross (upside down) turns out to be the inverse or reverse of what Jesus was crucified on…
And St. Peter’s Cross is known to be Card 12 of the Tarot.
The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man Card 12
Please note: if you spin St. Peter/Hanged Man 180 degrees … his bent leg forms the number 4.
Also reversals and reciprocals are used in the Tarot.
As relationships between cards.
The reciprocal of Card 12 is Card 21.
Card 21, The World, is the only other Card that contains the 4 Evangelists, along with Card 10, The Wheel of Fortune.

And we find the KEY 528 in Chartres Cathedral…
And peak those … 4 Evangelists … as I have shown … are referencing KEY 528.

But this thread has proved KEY 528 = 4 Gospels = 4 Evangelists = 4 Fixed Signs in Astrology/Astronomy

Now me suggesting they structured the Bible on a particular Galactic Alignment referencing 4 stars located in 4 constellations … as a starting point in TIME … like the Maya clock beginning in 3114 B.C., is a far-fetched notion?

Such heresy.


“…turned me about with his fingers and thumb, as one would set up a top”
-Coriolanus, I. Ix. 24


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