20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part III

White Warlock wrote:
Hi guys/gals,

Every numbers game is great, until reality sets in. Sorry to burst the bubbles, but it hasn’t been 20 amino acids as the ‘key building blocks of proteins’ since 1985. In 1986, a 21st aminohttp://2012forum.com/forum/posting … 0&p=23419#
#00FFFF acid was determined to be part of that elite list of acids. And, in 2002, yet another amino acid joined the building block cadre, bringing the number to 22 amino acids forming the key building blocks to life.


Ah well, was worth a shot, eh? Next hypothesis?

The trap was set unintentionally … and look what I caught.
A White Warlock

Male witch or temple priest?
I was waiting for someone to offer this truth.
Yes I was withholding a little information.
It would only have confused the issue…we needed to lay some groundwork.
Now can I offer even more wisdom stumbled upon in a used bookstore?
….it just gets better and better.
This is better stuff than the DaVinci Code…
What I offer is info taken from ancient Mesoamerican Codices or a Codex.
Aztec and Mayan time keeping methods written into a folding book, made from animal skins, kept in whitey’s museums, his private collections and of course in the Vatican, where many treasures can be found.
(shhh stolen by the conquering Christians of mercenaries, the Bourbon and Aubin Codex are 2 such examples reflecting Aztec time keeping methods.)

You are absolutely correct about the numbers game White Warlock, anybody can play it, but when you recognize patterns, like counting cards, the advantage shifts to a wise player and away from the house.
Can I suggest you don’t play this numbers game I am playing until you know what the posted odds are?

So how do I incorporate this new info into my hypothesis and turn 20 significant Amino Acids into 22 significant amino acids?

Those 2 extra amino acids you suggest are actually like switches … like stop and start … similar to binary commands … used for manipulations.
So yes since 2002 there have been 22 Amino Acids. I stand corrected.
Even more magical would be … how could I now connect esoterically, staying within the realm of the Maya and the Aztec, introduce a new timing mechanism to reflect the number 22 and the measurement of time itself … placed into archetypal form … on both sides of the Atlantic, events happening what appears to be simultaneously?

First I must introduce the Aztec Book of Days. How many days were in the Aztec Book of Days?

Not coincidently there are 22 days in what is known as the Tonalamatl.

The Aztec had a similar calendar as the Maya.
Seeing as there is a White Witch in the house (any Black Magicians here on this forum?) it is time I also introduce the mythic Tarot … origin of which is in dispute and unknown by the way.
Remember scholars have proven that the mythical Tarot containing a Major Arcanum comprised of 22 cards to reflect archetypes, and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the Kabbalah are ALL interrelated and all share the same foundation of belief.

Now why did I just introduce the Aztec and the Tarot at the same time?
Well obviously it is because both are about the concept of time keeping and each are represented by the number 22.

Now let me introduce a gem of a book that has made many profound connections between these two different cultural beliefs.
The title caught my eye.

The Winged Prophet … From Hermes to Quetzacoatl
http://www.amazon.com/Winged-Prophet-He … 0877287996

To make a long story short, these authors suggest the Major Arcanum in the Tarot was originally 20 cards as was the Aztec Book of Days (to coincide with the Maya sacred 20), however the authors point out that in both disciplines, 2 cards were added later … bringing both to the number 22.

…which correspond precisely to the final two arcane eventually designed to amplify the tarot, bringing its philosophy back full circle back to the Magician, where it begins.
-from the book Winged Prophet page 21

The two cards the authors suggest were added later to the original 20 are the Fool Card and the World.
Both Cards in my estimation can also be seen to represent either start and / or stop switches.
Pyrrolysine is one such stop switch, one of the two anmino acids added later.

This lysine derivative is encoded by the UAG codon (normally the ‘amber’ stop codon), possibly modified by the presence of a specific downstream sequence, named PYLIS, which forms a stem-loop in the mRNA, forcing the incorporation of pyrrolysine instead of terminating translation. It is also of interest to note that UAG appears to be used much less often than other stop codons and whenever it is found in an open reading frame it is always followed by one or more of the other two stop codons shortly after.

And the 2nd added later to the original 20 is Selenocysteine.
This one was ‘created’.

Unlike other amino acids present in biological proteins, however, it is not coded for directly in the genetic code. Selenocysteine is encoded in a special way by a UGA codon, which is normally a stop codon.

I feel my hypothesis has only been strengthened by our exchange White Warlock.
Thank you…we all bear crosses and deliver messages.
Are you familiar with the Aztec swastika … another clue to connecting the New World with the Old.
And which tribe of indigenous did Hernando Cortez encounter and defeat rather quickly?

Much of the controversy or confusion of the Tarot’s origins converge around the 1500s … around the same time we made contact with the Americas…

2Bee continued


White Warlock wrote:

np Raphael. A question. How does this addendum to your theory impact your initial 20 Mayan tzolkin calendar glyph associations?

I like the question.
The answer might be simple … change? … more amino acids helping to create new lifeforms, completely new, missing links.
Think of amino acids as links in a chain…and when we find new ones…we have thus found a missing link in the evolutionary chain …
Remember I believe we are ‘recovering info’, (my feelings are that this is not the Discovery Channel, it is a salvage operation call the Salvation Station, a growing network), so finding more amino acids is part of the ongoing salvage operation.

I think that is how it could work?
Evolution or change is thus dependent on how many amino acids can interface with ACGT coding (or is it ACGU?) creating different protein chains ….
(disclaimer: I am still learning about this stuff)

White Warlock wrote:

Btw, for those not following, the two amino acids i’m referring to are: selenocysteine (Sec) and pyrrolysine (Pyl). Quoting some papers, sec and pyl are rare amino acids cotranslationally inserted into proteins and known as the 21st and 22nd amino acids in the genetic code.

I could not find much on ‘cotranslational’. Even Wikipedia had it red flagged. Can you interpret the following quote.

Cotranslational translocation

The N-terminal signal sequence of the protein is recognized by a signal recognition particle (SRP) while the protein is still being synthesized on the ribosome. The synthesis pauses while the ribosome-protein complex is transferred to an SRP receptor on the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), a membrane-enclosed organelle. There, the nascent protein is inserted into the Sec61 translocation complex (also known as the translocon) that passes through the ER membrane. The signal sequence is immediately cleaved from the polypeptide once it has been translocated into the ER by signal peptidase in secretory proteins. This signal sequence processing differs for some ER transmembrane proteins. Within the ER, the protein is first covered by a chaperone protein to protect it from the high concentration of other proteins in the ER, giving it time to fold correctly. Once folded, the protein is modified as needed (for example, by glycosylation), then transported to the Golgi apparatus for further processing and goes to its target organelles or is retained in the ER by various ER retention mechanisms.

What I do understand is that these two amino acids behave differently then the other 20.
The function where these amino acids assist in the folding of the proteins I believe to be significant in how things unfold…
What are the specific functions of those 2 amino acids isolated from the other 20?
So we are back to the equation of 20 + 2, where two were added later, like in the Major Arcanum and the Aztec Book of Days.
Sometime ago, sorry I cannot remember where I read it, it was something about ‘2’ more letters would be added to the 22, bringing the total to 24.
Will we discover 2 more amino acids?
Where do amino acids come from, where are they found?
Here is a thought as we approach 2012…

Some amino acids have even been detected in meteorites, especially in a type known as carbonaceous chondrites.[7] This observation has prompted the suggestion that life may have arrived on earth from an extraterrestrial source.

What if the last earthly cataclysm (the flood / deluge) also delivered new amino acids to the soup, and the changes by the Aztec and the Tarot (Torah) were reflections of this ‘revelation’ somehow received?
Also what if 2012 is another such an event, a new batch of amino acids is added to the creation, which to me a closet alchemist, resembles an alchemical soup?
And who is in charge of making of the soup?
The Soup Nazi.

The thing I love about amino acids … is that they are chirally asymmetrical.
And chiral asymmetry plays a HUGE role in my thesis White Warlock.
Actually it plays a huge role in how the Universe is put together.
The universe due to parity violation is asymmetric.
And it is important to realize that DNA / carbohydrates / sugars / crystal (optics) / proteins / amino acids and swirling swastikas and even our right and left hands ALL display a preference for handedness or chiral asymmetry.
So the act of placing your two hands together in prayer is actually an acknowledgment, bringing the two halves together.
Two chiral asymmetric pieces that fit together like lock and key.
But please beware this lock can be picked with something other than the proper key.

So how did the master architect make man?
Something about a potter’s wheel or molding men from clay…using TWO hands.

20 amino acids?
22 amino acids?
More to come?
Gives the term acid rain a new meaning.
Acid Reign o’er me?

Then I also found this information.

The 20 standard amino acids are either used to synthesize proteins and other biomolecules or oxidized to urea and carbon dioxide as a source of energy.

So apparently there 20 standard amino acids and their functions are clear.
Can we focus on the specific functions of the other two amino acids?
By studying those two we will learn much.

Just to be a stinker, modified amino acids have been found in some specific proteins, or that occur as precursors during biosynthesis. Histamine, ornithine, and thyroxine are examples of such.

Please be more specific and explain why that stinks please, how does it impact my thesis?
(disclaimer: I am still learning about this stuff)

More interesting connections still to come.
2Bee continued



There are three themes running through the many theories that seek to explain the evolution of the genetic code (and hence the origin of these patterns).[7] One is illustrated by recent aptamer experiments which show that some amino acids have a selective chemical affinity for the base triplets that code for them.[8] This suggests that the current, complex translation mechanism involving tRNA and associated enzymes may be a later development, and that originally, protein sequences were directly templated on base sequences. Another is that the standard genetic code that we see today grew from a simpler, earlier code through a process of “biosynthetic expansion”. Here the idea is that primordial life ‘discovered’ new amino acids (e.g. as by-products of metabolism) and later back-incorporated some of these into the machinery of genetic coding.

***Although much circumstantial evidence has been found to suggest that fewer different amino acids were used in the past than today,[9] precise and detailed hypotheses about exactly which amino acids entered the code in exactly what order has proved far more controversial.[10][11]

A third theory is that natural selection has led to codon assignments of the genetic code that minimize the effects of mutations.[12].

(Please scroll down the page, find Theories on the origin of the genetic code, to find the above quote.)

I am going to suggest White Warlock that I am helping to unlock the mystery of the origin of the genetic code.
Whoa … sorry but that is how it appears to me now.
And my hypothesis fits in nicely right here.

***Although much circumstantial evidence has been found to suggest that fewer different amino acids were used in the past than today,[9] precise and detailed hypotheses about exactly which amino acids entered the code in exactly what order has proved far more controversial

I am going to suggest that we can use the divinely inspired Tarot (origin unknown) and both the Mayan and Aztec calenders to help us …. unlock the order that the amino acids came into play … I feel by studying the archetypes that we may be able to determine at what point they were added to the primordial soup … and studying the remaining Mesoamerican Codices might help us accomplish this task…more clues left behind for us … the followers.
Many many other Codices were destroyed by the ravenous crucifix waving Conquistador.

So there is my morphing hypothesis …. very galactic I would say and very controversial.
Or is it?
Like the Galactic Butterfly, which was to return, it is slowly unfolding and revealing an inner beauty.

2bee continued




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