‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part III

greenworm wrote:

Not me, I love the clever play on words, I love the ideas, I love the links, I even love the band of devoted idiots that go ‘huh?’.

Keep going, I say, be who you are, why let people put a box around you?

At least you got style, the rest of the PO zombies around here are labotamized and are more concerned whether they are liked or not.

BAAAAAAA! Hum bug.

Dude, you rock!!

Stop encouraging the incorrigible …

Not sure if those following this thread have read the above thread about the Rodin Coil?

Two things I found interesting about the Rodin Coil.
It is very similar to a torus and not surprisingly, the Rodin Coil can again be connected to the KEY 528.
The torus has been suggested as a model for the Universe.
KEY 528 is obviously a key to a deeper understanding of the universe and the Rodin Coil.

What is the Rodin Coil?
And what exactly can we connect the Rodin Coil to, what it is referencing?
Good Questions.
Many answers and some are found here:

For the people who did not read the opening post to this thread, the following post about the Rodin Coil is a great primer and highlights many of the esoteric connections I have found in regards to a sequence of numbers 528 referred to as The KEY in Gematria.
What is Gematria?
Gematria is essentially a code that the ancient Greeks and Hebrews used all the time.

Why would a relationship between the ancient Hebrews and Greeks be important when discussing the Bible and the 4 Evangelists or the 4 Gospels?

The New Testament (Greek: Καινή Διαθήκη, Kainē Diathēkē) is the name given to the second half of the Christian Bible, written after the Hebrew Bible (also called by Jews Tanakh), known to Christians as the Old Testament. It is sometimes called the Greek Testament or Greek Scriptures, or the New Covenant – which is the literal translation of the original Greek. The original texts were written in Koine Greek by various unknown authors after c. AD 45 and before c. AD 140. Its 27 books were gradually collected into a single volume over a period of several centuries. The New Testament is a central element of Christianity, and has played a major role in shaping modern Western culture.

Who wrote the Old Testament?
Who wrote the New Testament?
2 best selling books fighting for market share.

Thus as I have claimed KEY 528 is what unlocks the archetypal structure of the scriptures of both Hebrew and Greek Biblical text.

And coincidently KEY 528 is the Code that is the structure of my book called CodeX4.
Everybody is always peddling a book , eh?
Where can you find this book that I found inside myself?

Right here…on 2012 Forum.
But first a disclaimer: you need to know that these threads I author are the rough drafts of a best seller. Drafts cataloging feelings, recorded as thoughts to be later collated into … ?
And secondly and mostly importantly…these drafts form a personal diary of sorts. A personal mythology unfolding. My mythology is a best seller.
So is yours … you just need to find the author within.

Everybody has a personal myth … that is the Power of Myth.
Myth and archetype assists the individual to find their own myth…and I feel I have found mine.
A deeper understanding of what our purpose in life may amount to.
My JC called it bliss. (JC = Joseph Campbell)

And when you embrace myth and archetype … the world around you comes alive … because myth and archetype helps wake the ewe up, by pushing the hidden buttons that make us tick.
Many of my earlier threads I do admit seemed cryptic.
It has become apparent to me that I too am leaving my own encrypted trail to follow.
Similar to the ones I have been following.
And all roads lead to?

See you in Rome.
I’ll be thinkin about you and ewe and U.

What is the U that I will be pondering in my meditations?
I see the U as a receptacle or maybe a plug, a witches cauldron, an alchemy vessel, the Holy Grail or maybe even Mary’s womb, the Uterus that was rumored to hold the seed of Jesus Christ.

Uterus = U are us?

I feel these two pictures below are intimately related.
IMHO they reference each other…
A clue as to what the Vatican’s real mission statement is all about …

Aerial view of St. Peter’s Square

Thus I want to suggest that you, ewe and U, your bodies are the vessels that contain the seeds of change.
And what would those seeds be.
DNA gives off an Electro-magnetic field.
How are EM fields and batteries related?
See the above photo.
Do I have horseshoes up my aSS?
Actually every strand of DNA in my body could be considered a horseshoe.

So now we can understand the concept of horsepower even more intimately.
Or maybe it helps us understand why the horse was offered as a gift to humanity from the gods, along with the olive tree.
The olive we just recently discovered? has natural anti-inflammatory benefits similar to ibuprofen … hence ONE of the main secrets to the Mediterranean diet and longevity has been uncovered. Suggesting to me … longevity of life or a culture is somehow connected to anti-inflammation. Most illnesses that cause the elderly pain, suffering and eventually death are in fact inflammatory dis-eases
Myth shows that many of the foods that were immortalized have a common denominator.
They are anti-oxidants. See the sublime connections woven into ancient myth?
I do.
More clues suggesting the ancients were the leaders, and we are the followers RECOVERING a lost intimate knowledge we had with our environment.

Life is complicated yet simple, ask yourself why do we continue to complicate the apparent paradoxes with intellectual baa baa?
Ewe can think your way through life or ewe can feel your way through it, or use a combination of both.
When I get stuck thinking, feeling helps me through the problem.
And when I get stuck feeling, thinking helps.

2Bee continued.

namaste So how do we connect the KEY 528 to the Tarot?

Well, not surprisingly, if the theory is sound, just like the Bible, the entire Tarot ‘revolves’ around KEY 528.

How does KEY 528 unlock the Tarot?
The origin of which itself is in dispute?

Please note in the above image, all 4 of the Astrological signs are reading a book from the Bible, because each of those signs also esoterically represent one of the 4 Evangelists, each of whom authored one of the 4 Gospels. These 4 evangelists have also been esoterically linked to the 4 elements and with illumination it is also revealed that each one of the 4 letters of the Hebrew god YHVH is embedded in each of those 4 astrological/astronomical constellations.
We see revealed the 4 Hebrew letters/glyphs representing the name YHVH on the wheel itself.

Y 8 Scorpio
H 5 Leo
V 2 Taurus
H 11 Aquarius and please note this is the age the Sun is presently moving into.

We find these same 4 astrological signs again on Card 21 The World.
And we know that these 4 Evangelists are the authors of the 4 MAIN Gospels contained in the New Testament.

Matthew the author of the first gospel, symbolized by a man…
Mark the author of the second gospel, symbolized by a lion…
Luke the author of the third gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, symbolized by a bull or a calf…
John the author of the fourth gospel, symbolized by an eagle…

And when we place the above gospels/astrological signs according to the order they appear in the Bible…the KEY 528 appears.
11, 5, 2, 8
But why is Aquarius the first ‘chapter/gospel’, if we are in fact entering into the Age of Aquarius?
Time to ponder…
Rolling Eyes

The Torah is in fact presented as a combination of both a written and oral tradition.
These were the obvious aids that were given to us to assist us in our spiritual journey.

But my Uncommon sense suggests that long ago a visual aid was also attached to the vision that Moses was to dispense to the herd.
…Especially since Moses had a stutter. Yup he did. I love parable.
A vision he received by looking toward the ‘stars’, did the ancients pay particular attention to the heavens above?
I would think visual aids would have helped the dude get his message out to the herds of partying sheeple people who were worshiping the golden calf in his absence.

Are you a doubting Thomas suggesting there was a 5th Gospel?
Were there 4 or 5 gospels?
That’s another thread.

But what is important to know is that the Arabic Star-gazers had long ago connected those 4 constellations to the 4 ROYAL STARS.
And that is the esoteric road less traveled I have found…
Not many of us on this road … following 4 stars in the heavens that became evangelists …

KEY 528 = 4 Evangelists = 4 Royal Stars = Ezekiel’s Vision = Apocalypse

YES at this point I am definitely suggesting KEY 528 can help us understand what’s coming…from the heavens…

And hiding under rocks is something a lizard or serpent would do, I feel.
Yikes I see d.ickes hiding under those rocks…
But the ‘human doings’ must prepare differently.
THEY must transform into the ‘human beings’ if we are to have any chance at all in creating a harmonious unity.




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