‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part II

All of the images you see in this post were taken from this great book. Great Jungian interpretations on alchemy and archetype and symbolism…about the hidden buttons we all have.

keehah wrote:
Interesting. In addition I’ve read that the snake or fish or eagle often means the same symbolically.

I like the explanations that alchemy/psychology offer, as mentioned above both assist in the retrieval of archetypes from the unconscious.
They are tools to help sharpen your intuition.

And the best explanation I can find of what those two snakes/serpents means is found here … taken from the same book.

So let us go to the image on page 124 as the text above suggests.
We find an image with accompanying text.

So why does one sun have one ray and the other two?

Want the answer to that question?

keehah wrote:
The “Four Living Creatures”

The “Four Living Creatures” as described by the prophet Ezekiel?
Who scholars today suggest was quite mad?
Schizo maybe?

Many people here on this forum suggest that I too have schizophrenia.
I do admit to a particular kind of lunacy…I default to a particular kind of moon madness worship. The Moon is one of the ‘2 keys’. One key is gold and one is silver.
I am possession of those 2 Keys, figuratively.

So therefore I would be one of the best suited to interpret another madman’s ravings and rants?
Rolling Eyes
I believe I offer the sheeple one of the best interpretations of Ezekiel’s vision … I am certainly getting very very close …

How fucking important are the 4 Royal Stars?
Real fucking important. Most fucking important… Fucking pay attention you stupid bleating fucking sheeple. Pay fucking attention.
This is worth fucking re-bleating at least 4 times, in case the ewe haven’t fucking herd…

The 4 Royal Stars are the 4 pillars or the 4 Gospels upon which the entire structure of the New Testament was scripted.
The 4 Royal Stars are the 4 pillars or the 4 Gospels upon which the entire structure of the New Testament was scripted.
The 4 Royal Stars are the 4 pillars or the 4 Gospels upon which the entire structure of the New Testament was scripted.
The 4 Royal Stars are the 4 pillars or the 4 Gospels upon which the entire structure of the New Testament was scripted.

And … KEY 528 specifically addresses those 4 Royal Stars.
Fucking get that?
Oy fucking vey

disclaimer: I do want to apologize for that little ‘fucking’ outburst that just occurred.
I suffer from a bad case of T ‘n’ T.
Teutonic ‘n’ Tourettes syndrome.
If handled incorrectly goes KA Boom.


keehah wrote:
The first time these “Living Creatures” are mentioned in the Bible is in Gen. 3:24,

4 Living creatures?
Again we come back full circle / Ouroboros, back to those 4 Royal Stars…why?

I often love how the numbers of the quoted paragraph itself carries a code
i.e. Gen. 3:24

Reading left to right those numbers read as 324.
Reading right to left those numbers read as 423.
What is the significance of 423 relative to the number 4?
Is it significant and where else do we find that sequence?

The sequence 423 is found in the Riddle of the Sphinx, a riddle that deals specifically with a recurring cycle of ages…i.e. crawling on 4 (sunrise), walking upright on 2 (midday) and walking with the assistance of a cane of staff of wisdom at (sunset) completes the sequence 423.
I call Sunrise to Sunset the SS cycle.

By the way … the fourth number in the sequence not mentioned is number 1 (one) and is attributed to the underworld which is between sunset and sunrise.

The 4 Yugas however have a sequence of 4321.
The Sphinx is however 4231.

23 and 32 are reversed…and those numbers 23 and 32 come up in helping to determine certain mathematical probabilities AND the numbers 2/3 are also significant in the structure of DNA, more on that later…thus it is very revealing to the bigger picture.
Big big clue to what divides west and east beliefs and how DNA / RNA replication occurrs.
More on this later…the subtly of the connection is soooo beautiful.
The Grand Architect is so clever.

keehah wrote:
When Moses was given …

Given what … his voice back?
Something I read the other day … Moses had a stutter!

And evidently he was cured of his stutter AFTER he relayed the message from God … or was it he?
Nice eh?

But what does it mean figuratively?
For a moment, forget the literal interpretations…
Think about this, I have.
Moses and Aaron
The Torah is represented by both the Written and Oral Traditions.
Who do you think would be attributed to which tradition given this info?
Moses KNEW the Egyptian hieroglyph system very well.

I have made a profound analogy based on an epiphany.
Evolving into an hypothesis that will very soon gain much merit.
The cat is out of the bag…but who will bring this message to the forefront is yet to be seen.

Here is the path of illumination I currently find myself on.
The Mayan and Egyptian hieroglyph system are archetypal glyphs, profound representations of a cultures DNA … I feel specifically, that the ancient hieroglyphs and Junk DNA are intimately connected. We have used western modern numbers and letters to unlock the genome.
But this is only about 3-5% of the total.

The hypothesis?
It is in the ancient hieroglyphs I believe that the KEY to unlocking the JUNK DNA might be found, where the ancient secrets are being kept.
You could even call this temple Mt. Meru, Atlantis or Solomon’s.
Rolling Eyes

Both Junk DNA and hieroglyphs seem to have repetitive sequences…clue.
Modern science suggests by studying our Microcosmic DNA it can give them a glimpse to any future problems caused by our genes…claims of predicting the future based on scientific probabilities.

So what is the difference between an astrologer and a geneticist when it comes to predicting future outcomes based on probabilities?
One believer looks through a telemacroscope and the other believer looks through a microscope.
Ancient time keeping methods were based on the Macrocosmic celestial movements (namely first and foremost the Sun and the Moon), which resulted in calendars being made, that we can still study today.
These calendars, made by the Mayan, Sumerian, Hindu and Chinese were all used for ‘predicting’ future events…using the movements of the Sun and the Moon relative to other stars.
Thus also providing a link to why these cultures all have roots in astrology too. (astronomy’s twin)
Please note the sublime difference between Astrology and Astronomy.

was based on the Earth being placed at the center, influenced intimately by the Moon.
The Sun and Moon and all other celestial movements within our solar system were relative to the Earth being placed at the center of the universe.
Astronomy is based on the Earth and all other planets revolving around the Sun placed at the center.
Hmm…very interesting…I now can see why, where and when the empirical emperors (scientists) wrested direction and control from the astrologers and the alchemists.

Or it illustrates profoundly why and when the Sun worshipers, lead by the Vatican, built over a Roman pagan site worshiping Sol Invictus is only coincidental. It is also coincidental that the culture who had placed the Sun at the center of their Universe are now using western science to prove it.
Think about that.

It appears that the analogies between Mayan/Aztec time forecasting methods and DNA/RNA are far too profound to overlook.
They are essentially reflections of each other.
A clock we find in the heavens … MIRRORED by the clock we find within us…the heavens above as it is below.
One is the Macrocosmic Big Ben and the other keeps Microcosmic Atomic Time.

My suggestions and ongoing intuitive research could actually help open a new chapter in how we interpret the ancient messages.

keehah wrote:
Reuben is associated with the Water Bearer, which, of all the zodiac constellations, has the figure of a man.

Again another curve ball…Reuben the Water Bearer?
I had never heard of Reuben…thank you for contributing and bringing me a message keehah.
So obviously I started surfing, and it was not long before I caught a curl, first wave actually.
I googled ‘Reuben Water Bearer’ and found this site…
It was the no. 1 hit of my search, top of the page, and it is obviously a site that has done its ‘biblical’ homework.
And I may add it appears to have very similar information that your links provide…maybe they have the same source?

The four “cornerstone” constellations, which date back to the Prophet Enoch, correspond to the four faces of the cherubim and the four principal tribes of Israel. Their symbols of the lion, eagle/serpent, man and wild ox (unicorn) are emblazoned on family coats of arms and the banners of nations. But most importantly, each testifies of a different aspect of the life of Jesus Christ.

Those 4 cornerstone constellations dating back to the Prophet Enoch are referencing my beloved 4 ROYAL STARS.
And guess what?
My entire blog, my entire hypothesis was based on following those divine ‘archetypes’.
My journey has taken me back to the beginning of recorded time itself.
Right back to the Prophet Enoch and the 4 ROYAL STARS.

Why is Aquarius / Reuben the Water Bearer actually an Air sign?
The modern scientific answer…connected directly to the changing weather patterns today, is that those 2 waves symbolically representing the sign of Aquarius are referencing the 2 electro-magnetic waves that travel through the AIR.
(i.e. one wave is called longitudinal and the other is called transverse)

I have proven not to be very modest here on PO.
I actually loved being voted wingnut.
Was maddened by my crucifixion and later expulsion.
Plotted a resurrection.
Rejoiced in PO forgiveness.
Relished being appointed PO Mad Oracle.

You might realize at some point you are reading the chapters of a best selling book yet to be published…my insights are unique and potentially mind blowing …
More mind blowing than the fact I have already associated the NAZI swastika with the Vatican via a Catholic monastery in Peru…
(Dan Brown are ewe paying attention?)

All I can say is I feel there is still much, much more to come.
Staying tuned is the secret to keeping the info flowing.
2Bee Continued



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