DNA and 345 and the Right Triangle

The evolving thesis that the same archetypes can be found through a study of the basic numbers, found on what appears to be disparate levels, was given a ‘micro jolt’ yesterday.

Exoterically many events do not appear at all connected, but an esoteric intuitive investigation opens different doors and windows.
Why wouldn’t it?
Lets take a look again at an image of DNA and keep in mind this quote.

The elongation process is different for the 5′-3′ and 3′-5′ template.


But what number exists between 5-3?
The number 4 is significant to the inhabitants of a 4D reality. A reality that the inhabitants of the 4D world are still trying to figure out…
For a moment, what about the significance of the numbers 3, 4 and 5 in a simple world?
Do you recognize the most basic relationship here?
Pythagoras would.
The 3 smallest numbers necessary to construct a right triangle was already mentioned.
Life’s building blocks need right angle triangles, to create crystals or the 5 basic Platonic solids was also already mentioned.


But when speaking of the most basic 2 dimensional shapes, the following associations between shape and number have always been made.

3 = triangle
4 = square
5 = circle

The 3 most basic 2D shapes are synonymous with the numbers 3, 4, and 5.
And it is how the numbers 3, 4 and 5 match up to the most basic 2D shapes that this next symbol again suggests that we are following a path that has already been cast.
And on this level where we operate, sadly many people do NOT want to acknowledge that in fact there is a path where everything has already been written…the message has been sent along the filaments…
How does this modern form of communication transfer, the USB plug, which uses ‘filaments’ match how our DNA as an archetype is usually illustrated?


Note there are 2 circles…a MACRO circle and a micro circle.
The big circle on this adapter represents the source…not unlike the top spot held in the Kabbala found on the very esoteric and symbolic Tree of Life called the Kether.


This USB is attached to a mouse leading to your right/left hand.
The mouse in your hand is in fact taking commands from you…and these thoughts originate (we are told) from the two hemispheres of your mind.
And esoterically your left hand is connected to the right hemisphere and the right hand is connected to your left hemisphere.
Left could be west and right could be east…if facing north.
There is a powerful analogy here in regards to the dichotomy that divides and defines western (linear) vs eastern (cyclical) theology. How the structure of our minds has perhaps structured the world that embraces us, the divided world is but a reflection of the two hemispheres of the mind.
What if the western and eastern hemispheres of the mind and the globe both need reconciling?
A merger needs to take place esoterically (in each of our minds), before the concept of an exoteric unity, can ever be manifest.

The Kether is also sometimes referred to as the domain of the angel Metatron.
Please note that any similarity to the bad guy Megatron in the recent blockbuster film Transformers is purely intentional.


As is the Black Cube in that blockbuster of a film.
A Black Cube that in the film was magically transformed from a massive Macro Cube >>> to a tiny Micro Cube, that ewe or I could carry on our person, in fact the hero of that film does carry the Cube and use it to great advantage at the end of the film … suggesting a sequel is in the works, being scripted by the Holy-wood myth-masters.
That Black Cube in the film coincidently looks too much like the Black Cube that the Muslims revere in Mecca, a Black Cube called the Ka’Bah, that the pilgrims ‘circumnabulate’ or walk around counterclockwise.
What in fact are these Muslim pilgrims doing or perhaps trying to emulate, without realizing it?


Remember the boy Arthur who became King (after he fulfilled his destiny and pulled the Sword out of the Stone) … actually pulled the Sword out of an ANVIL?
Are anvils black?
Would an anvil be in some way connected to a magnet, the forces that kept the sword in the stone…until Arthur figured out how to manipulate Electro-magnetism.
IMHO that is what we must do … to move forward … err I mean backward in TIME.


And those two images side by side (Birkeland electro-magnetic currents on the left and the USB plug on the right) remind me of two other images or concepts that address ancient myths.
Thor’s Thunderbolt / Poseidon’s Trident.
I do wonder if Dave Talbot and the fellas at Thunderbolts.info who are promoting an Electrical Universe are aware of these archetypes?

Note how the information flows from you via the mouse and is separated into 3 distinct filaments represented nicely by the 3 most basic shapes.
The triangle, square and circle.
How significant are those shapes and the right angle to an artist?
To a creator?
To a divine grand architect?
I can only guess.



The above shape is the called the Lorentz Attractor.
The pure mathematician and the dreamy theorist, Lorentz and Einstein, were like two peas in a pod.
This image is the mathematical representation of the theory referred to as the Butterfly Effect.
It involves right angles.
Why is the right angle so important on all levels?
What if the right angle is a profound clue to unraveling gravity?
What if?




5 thoughts on “DNA and 345 and the Right Triangle

  1. Thank you bianca…I found the following on those pages…in reference to the Reshel Angle/L Gate…

    …These three basics are only start points. Any design must have all three represented somewhere. There are other grids but they generally include the basic three: “3-4-5.”

    Like wow.

    Also I have two daughters.
    One is named Reshel, I mean Rachel.
    Though I have often referred to her as one of my angels, she indeed, at age 14 knows all the angles.




  2. That’s pretty funny that you used the USB connector here. About a week, maybe a week and a half ago, that little picture caught my eye and I saw the shapes and overall image of it and thought to myself ‘randomly’: “I wonder how many of these little pictograms have occult/sacred geometry/cosmic consciousness (etc.) signifigance, or influence…” I see them all the time as I’m always surrounded by computer equipment. I was surprised to have never thought of this before. Not really interesting, but hey I thought it was cool. Thanks for the posts/updates, finishing reading them up. Fun to read as always, thanks much for your insights.

  3. About six months ago I had a vision of the double Triquetra, one pointing up, and one pointing down, their internal triangles inverted. Then I get this overwhelming desire to paint a mural on my wall and I use this new shape as the basis for the flow of artistic design, yet I needed to warp the shape to make it extend on my walls. Back to the drawing board. I went and doodled an eight-looped octagon; because the double helix, I could visualize myself standing in the center of the heptagon and drew this octagon. It was mind expanding. I felt the energies inside of me lift as the new shape took form. I think I doodled for about 10-15 minutes and I have never seen the world the same again. Tonight I saw an image that you posted it’s the closest representation of how I see things on a daily basis is physical form. I will look up the Lorentz Attractor. Thank you for posting this pic and to contribute my own wisdom to your quandary, “What if the right angle is a profound clue to unraveling gravity?” My only answer would be, remember to use the left one, too.

    Enjoy the World we’re In 😉

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