Shu wrote:
The majority of EVP I’ve heard and also recorded myself, was not reversed at all. I’ve heard some EVP sound bites in the past which were reversed.It would probably suggest that a reverse case of EVP was a communication with the past and a forward case of EVP would be communication with the now. Possibly!?
I am looking at this from the perspective, trying to locate an analogy, in realizing some languages are read left to right and some are reversed, reading right to left, again appreciating that the mind has always symbolically been divided into two hemispheres, representing the male and female, positive and negative generative powers, is an archetype found on all levels of the creative process within the Universe.
An Electric Universe requires polarities.
Shu, reversals along with mirrors and twins figure predominately in myth.
My intuitive investigations have lead me here.
Just think of some of the major themes and dreams of myth.
Here are some thoughts that have kept many people lying awake at night pondering…
Fountain of Youth
MIRRORS i.e. a Looking Glass or the wardrobe in Narnia
Twins (reflections of each other and same DNA)
Philosopher’s Stone
Time’s Arrow
Magnetic Reversals

Magnetic reversals?
http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpB … .php?t=182
(forum as of 03/14/2008 is down, server crashed)

These all involve cheating the time clock, doing an end run around ‘death’.
In science it would mean you found a way to circumvent the Law of Entropy known as Time’s Arrow.
And is it a coincidence that DNA has two ribbons and they travel in different directions?
Double Helix comprised of two ribbons, one the reverse of the other.
DNA likes to replicate itself too.
DNA gives off a weak EM field due to light emitting photons?
What is Junk DNA?
Can I suggest this Junk DNA (till now largely ignored by science) may contain the Code for Immortality?
Yes the Holy Grail.
Just a thought, a feeling I have been having.


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One thought on ““The SECRET”

  1. Do you think there is a connection between Hagar and Sarah and Sarah’s and Abraham’s ability to live to an advanced age, with Sarah being beautiful and desired of the King even into old age and able to bear a child in advanced age? I’ve often wondered if Hagar didn’t have some esoteric knowledge that Sarah stole. Is this why the Jews are so hated? Do they have something everyone has been trying to get ahold of?

    I’m sorry if my questions seem so simplistic. I was just directed to your site and it is exactlyl what I’ve been looking for. Your entries on light have validated many questions and surmisings I’ve had. I use the bible as a text and am always amazed that people can’t see the goddess replete throughout.

    This is a wonderful site, by the way.

    Also, do you think we are in some sort of race between “humans” and “others” as to who might survive or even “rule.” That isn’t exactly what I mean to say. As I said, I just found your site and have just started reading, so all of these questions you may answer somewhere. Would appreciate your direction to appropriate posts.

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