Heimlich Manure-ver “There’s something about Mary”

How Plastic We’ve Become
Our bodies carry residues of kitchen plastics
-Janet Raloff

…Overall, men tend to have statistically lower concentrations of BPA than women…

more at:

…Overall, men tend to have statistically lower concentrations of BPA than women…

Not surprising that men carry less plastic.
Is it?

Here is how I got rid of that nasty plastic residue …

Please note: if you want to perform this lick trick on yourself … I call it the Heimlich my ass manure-ver.
There are definite benefits to this exorcise that I learned from a catholic priest.

If ewe are a former choir boy who has been altered, ewe will soon realize by employing these methods that ewe can also give yourself a blow job too, my sun, to give ewe-self a taste of the father, the sun and your own holy spirit.
Thus ewe are the host that swallows the holy ghost.
And btw if ewe miss with the money shot, that ain’t egg on yer face … it is called There’s Something About Mary!

That’s what men really want when they ask ‘will ewe Mary me?’
We only want to spread the word of God, to spread our essence, (to give our genome a home) … using good ole’ fashioned Oral Traditions.
That is why all the patriarchal gods have the sound ‘ah’ in them. (think about it for a moment)
Let’s play doctor, doctah.
Close your eyes, ewe can trust me…
Say ‘ah’
Laughing Laughing Laughing




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