2012 The TIPPE TOP and how the Earth ‘REVERSES’ itself

The following thread addresses NASA’s Missing Day, Precession of the Equinoxes and most importantly proposes a mechanism by which a geophysical REVERSAL of the Earth can actually take place.
And all three events can be demonstrated using a child’s toy.Image

above: The Atlantis Cross contains the crucifix and resembles a child’s toy.
The crucifix though is NOT the toy I want to discuss today, though it shares the archetypal features of the toy we will be discussing.
warning: the crucifix should not be toyed with.

The crucifix is ‘off center’ or as a friend of mine suggested, “longer in the south”.
I took note of his intuitive comment and it opened doors.
The swastika is associated with the square, the fixed or balanced cross and the 4 elements.
Thus in a fixed cross all 4 elements are in a balance.

But there could be a much more profound reason for an off centre cross, longer in the south.
And the clue to answering this question may be found in a child’s toy.


The Tippe Top
First let me share a very very short video…and then I have also provided two links explaining what a Tippe Top is.

http://www.fysikbasen.dk/Referencemater … ppetop.mov
http://www.daviddarling.info/encycloped … e_Top.html

And the Tippe Top is most importantly an archetype I believe, a model that can help explain two interesting potentialities studied in science.
The Tippe Top helps explain the concept of ‘precession of the equinoxes’ … but more importantly it also shows how the ‘earth can flip’ as it precesses … a geo-physical event that actually results in the north becoming the south and vice versa…and even though now upside down, the top is still spinning in the original direction.
Like wow…how does it do that?

This toy and its abilities is thus a very powerful archetype that has baffled physicists.

I believe the Tippe Top could be the mechanism by which the earth REVERSES itself…
Watch this video again and then read the the accompanying links.

http://www.fysikbasen.dk/Referencemater … ppetop.mov

I want to address in this thread why the experts suggested the Tippe Top could NOT be such a mechanism…the discussion will be a short one.
Their reasons as you will see are rather lame and show NO imagination or ability to connect the various dots between the different beliefs, scientific, theological and mystical.

I will try to express why I believe the ‘off center’ concept (i.e. why the Tippe Toy actually can accomplish what it does) and this is without a doubt an important archetype to pay attention to as we approach 2012.
Not only do we find this motif in a child’s toy but we find the same off center analogy used in DaVinci’s Vitruvian man, but more importantly there can be found a profound geometric relationship between the Earth and the Moon, that also addresses the same ‘off center’ archetype…and that is where it becomes interesting.

As you will come to understand, there is no harm done if you should find yourself a little ‘off center’, it helps with the interpretations.

2Bee continued



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