ALCHEMY … The Pope and the Vatican

I want to briefly discuss the ancient metaphysical science of Alchemy.
The structure of the archetype.
Alchemy uses analogy to help interpret the cosmos based on the fundamental archetypes advantageously.

To the ancients, Alchemy, Gold and the Philosopher’s Stone are all synonymous with each other. The ancestors of western culture could not discuss one without discussing the other two. These concepts have been profoundly woven into the backbone of many cultural mythologies.
The essence of Alchemy is about attaining a purity represented by the metal gold … the main goal was to attain spiritual wealth.

The most famous alchemist / meta-physician was Sir Isaac Newton, who managed in his lifetime to pull a few rabbis out of his Christian hat.
The man who invented a new math called calculus, who gave us a deeper understanding of optics, color and light and who also helped us understand how to overcome gravity and eventually get to the moon was a closet alchemist.
His lab was not in the closet, but it is important to note that the man whose mind helped shape and mold the modern day world spent much of his life in his alchemy lab. The ‘church’ destroyed and ‘buried’ many of his alchemic writings.

So I would pay attention to this profound science called alchemy.
It is a metaphysical science that likes to dabble in cosmological analogy, with predictive tendencies.
Eventually the intent and processes of metaphysical alchemy was distorted … and the meta-science called alchemy, branched off and mutated into modern chemistry, an empirical science that which was founded on establishing a new science based on measurable and quantifiable proofs. This chosen direction focusing only on what could be seen and thus verified, ultimately dispensed with looking for the invisible unquantifiable spiritual gold that lay buried deep within each and every individual.
After all the scientist was now treading upon the sacred realm of the theologian.
And the theologian, all ewe had to do was ask … had all the answers for the questions regarding the invisible stuff, already prepared.

Now I want to present a few What ifs?
What if we were to view the evolution of the earth, and its documented historic cataclysmic geographical transformations as a process similar to personal alchemy, only on a much bigger scale?
What if there are people (the elite) who are aware of an impending certainty?

Hold those thoughts and read on:

(above photo scanned from the book On Dreams and Death by Marie-Louise von Franz)

Alchemy is a process, it has 4 principal stages together with 4 operations.
The 4 operations are connected intimately with these 4 colors.
Blackening >>> Whitening >>> Yellowing >>> Reddening

Would it be another coincidence that these 4 colors happen to be the same 4 colors used on the Native American Medicine Wheel, referencing among other things, the 4 races of man?

Keeping all of the above coincidences in mind now let us discuss the past, present, and future using the alchemy/medicine wheel and the archetypes.
Here I want to offer other images that also are referencing the process of alchemy. All images are very, very similar in design. This is far too coincidental, and an astute intuitive reader must conclude they are all referencing quite possibly the same process called alchemy, which is the process of transmutation / change for all peoples and tribes.
Here is a question to ponder, I must admit I already know the answer, I just recently asked SPG, who has lost her GPS, (she has it all backwards the tart) the same question.
Please name 3, 4 or 5 ways that science has identified how we can mutate our elemental DNA symbolized by the 4 letters A, C, G and T?
You may take a look at the alchemy wheels for clues.
An alchemist would ponder if DNA can help the initiate transmute and find the spiritual gold that lay within each and every individual?
He would ponder for about a millisecond.

The final process or stage 4 in alchemy is called the Sepis, the second decomposition and the presentation of the gold.
This occurs however after the Iosis or Reddening…

Using analogy, the Second Decomposition after the Iosis/Reddening sounds to me much like the prophesized Biblical and Apocalyptic trial by fire, the second process the master alchemist (God) would use following the first (the Deluge/Flood was a process that assisted in the mixing of ingredients, think of it as a human soup or stew)…preceded by a mixing of yellow and white liquids…you can thank Nixon going to China for adding that ingredient to the alchemy process …

DNA the origin of the species
Please note that the double helix of DNA is referred to as being chirally asymmetric.
And any new Standard Model in physics, any new Theory of Everything, must acknowledge and address the inherent asymmetry of the universe on both the macro and micro levels.
Mine theory does.
Chiral asymmetry helps us determines whether we are dealing with a left handedness or right handedness, it can help us predict a certain twist…of fate and fortunes.
It was worth a Nobel Prize.

The two photos above can without a doubt push psychological buttons and they helped ussher in profound change in the world.
Disclaimer: my belief suggests that there is a grand alchemy experiment-taking place in the world today. The Master Magicians are at work behind the scenes…as they always have been. Who are the Master Magicians?
Are they black magicians?

1934 is a significant year without a doubt. Without going into too much detail at this time, I only want to this opportunity to point out, this was a turning point (Hitler in 1934 became Furher marking the Rise of the 3rd Reich) and I feel it is a profound clue in helping unravel the stages or steps in archetypal form.
Steps of a process that in fact need to take place, like baking a cake there are certain steps to be taken.
To help understand the process the initiate only needs to do some simple subtraction…(that is how I stumbled upon it)
2012 – 1934 = 78

78 years represented by the 78 cards of the Tarot, which could be used as a Visual aid to the Torah.
Thus along with the two other traditions that the Torah is recorded in, the Oral and Written, the Visual aids used such as glyphs and etched symbols, in fact predate the written word.
The mind produces pictograms first and numbers and letters are patterns extracted from the image.

Oral … Written … and Visual?
A trinity of aids to help man evolve?
Is it time to take out those graven images, dust them off and meditate on some truth?

The words TARO, TORA, ATOR and ROTA all appear symbolically on Card X of the Tarot.
Who can solve the meaning of X?
X marks the spot where the buried treasure is hidden on each and every treasure map…bar none…where the bar is a cubical magnet…buried deep within…the shifting sands of time.

I feel I may have a shot at finding the buried treasure symbolized by an X.
Even an uneducated man who signs his name with an X has a shot at finding the buried treasure, if he takes a real good look at himself in the mirror…
It is apparent that the grand ‘ole game according to religion, mysticism and science is called ‘going for the gold’.
This is both the material and spiritual game that has been set up.
Two paths lead to the gold.
One is material and the other is spiritual.

How does this material/spiritual split manifest itself?

The above graph was crafted after long observations by Herr Carl Jung, a master alchemist in his own right, remember he was a pioneer of the inner microcosmic space, he studied the inner self the way astronomers study the heavens above, the outer macrocosmic realm.

The next article below was taken from a used book I paid $2.75 for.
As you can see from the yellow ‘post it’ notes it was $2.75 spent looking for my gold, well invested.

Rolling Eyes

Please note in the above book references are made to the same three colors we find that were used in the Nazi adopted SWASTIKA. Thus it is important to acknowledge that this archetype was chosen for its alchemic and psychological manipulations.

The 3 colors used are Black, White, and Red.

Black = making contact with the unconscious.
White = exaltation and free interpretation
Red = revelation of consciousness

“…we cannot help but be aware that psychoanalysis is built around mythology – why else is there a central allusion to Oedipus?”

But wait the trail can be picked up in a Catholic Monastery in Peru.
A Monastery built in the 16th century and then closed for nearly 400 years.
That is where I found an image which encapsulates in one Christian symbol … ALCHEMY.

The Black X, the White O and the Red background that we see on the Nazi adopted SWASTIKA are ALL represented, along with Yellow.
I took artistic liberty and added the Nazi Swastika to show the profound similarity.
Find me two other symbols that match up better using those shapes and colors.

I can’t find any other mandalas with those colors … but this shape … complete with the two pillars … is evident again in this image from Tibet. And Tibetan occult was the claimed inspiration of the Nazi swastika.

The Universe of the Lamas

So by now the reader may begin to get a feel and begin to understand the same esoteric underlying symbolism or archetype that transcends beliefs seems to be referencing a process similar to the same alchemy practiced by wizards like Sir Isaac Newton.
That should be apparent by now.

And the trail we picked up in Peru can be followed back to its source across the Atlantic?
The Vatican.
Would the Vatican being trying to ‘alter’ or ‘influence’ humanities evolution using symbols and graven images?

What happens if we acknowledge that the Swastika is perhaps based on an alchemy symbol, similar to one found in a Catholic Monastery in Peru?
And what happens when we trace that alchemy symbol in Peru back to the Vatican, where it is boldly displayed in archetypal form, right in the heart of St. Peter’s Square?
Oy vey is what I hear being muttered at the Wailing Wall…
Is the Vatican just a front for a secret society of Black and White Magicians who are tinkering with the herds of sheeple?

Even those 4 eight-pointed stars can be seen represented by 4 lamp posts.


Now how cool is that?
But the trail gets really, really hot once we follow those 4 Royal Stars across cultural borders, using the KEY 528.
Here was a key found using the ancient code called Gematria.
And it is necessary to bring along KEY 528 to help us unlock the real esoteric solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx.

We must also use this valuable clue left us from the Tarot to help us continue along our trail to help us find the treasure symbolized by X.
Definitely bring this card along as a cipher, because those 4 astrological signs placed in the corners, namely Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, each represent one letter of the name of the Hebrew god called YHVH, and all 4 all appear in the vision of the mad prophet Ezekiel.
These 4 constellations which are also 4 astrological houses, each house representing one of the 4 elements are vital to how the Bible was structured on the 4 archetypes called the 4 Gospels.
Now why would they do that?

If the Bible is divine could it be used to help us ‘transmutate‘?
Science has proved sound helps our DNA mutate.
What is the function of repetitive prayer and chanting?
Why do Junk DNA, Mayan and Egyptian hieroglyphs all display many sequences of repetitive sequences, comprised of apparent gibberish?

Take a look at this image again.
Physics suggests our current reality exists between the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
What if our current earthly collective is moving from 3 to 4 on the wheel?
What if the step called Iosis or Reddening started back in 1934?
This is confirmed by the position of Aquarius on Card X…it also is in the ‘4’ position on the wheel.

In conclusion:
what the analogies might be suggesting is that a collapse or contraction must accompany the event called Unity. But a death is necessary to precede the birth. Our goose is cooking and soon will be cooked.
Unity itself is the birth that follows death, the creation following destruction.
Events today seem to be accelerating globally as we approach the anointed galactic appointment the Mayans plotted as Dec. 21, 2012.

This next stage in our collective alchemy I would like to refer to as The Rise of the Fourth Reich … The Galactic Butterfly

This story I want to suggest could have a happy ending.
2Bee continued




3 thoughts on “ALCHEMY … The Pope and the Vatican

  1. some elaboration on prayer/chanting for alteration of dna… does it have the same impact if done loudly or when done in the mind.. and what kind of mutation… and how will that help in 2012

  2. Hi Raphael,

    Respect is due! You really make some terrific observations and connections here in these pages! I’ve only read a handful of your posts as yet, but looking forward to many more forays into Raphael’s riffs on the mother lode!

    Anyway, after reading this post, which I can see is an older one, I can’t resist recommending this book to you:
    Triad: the Physicists, the Analysts, the Kabbalists by Tom Keve.
    While it is a novel, its scrupulously researched and referenced. Its a serious piece of work. I strongly suspect you’ll get a kick out of it! (I certainly did! It was checking up something from this book that ultimately led me to this blog… its funny how things go…) I hope you check it out.

    All the best, and more power to you, Raphael!


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