‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part I

Once Upon a Time there was a little boy who loved to wear his lederhosen.  These were durable leather shorts, and stitched along the side was a pocket that held perfectly a pocket knife.  The shorts came with suspenders too!

Once while receiving a well deserved spanking wearing his lederhosen, the boy actually felt nothing through the thick leather.  As the mother was disciplining the little boy, in a fit of rage, she broke a big wooden cook spoon on his leather clad rump. But the bad little boy started laughing because he had felt nothing.
The mother realized the futility of expressing her rage, soon the boy’s laughter disarmed the mother’s anger, and she too started laughing.

This little boy loved to daydream and often he would just lie there staring into empty space. Deep down within however he knew it was not empty space, because after all it was in this empty space that his imagination came alive.
He lay there often for hours it seemed, twirling his fingers through his golden locks.
His index and middle fingers making tight little curls, spiraling, swirling and twirling his hair into little little tight curls.

And apparently it was an ambidextrous talent or need, because this little boy had talent and need and would often have one hand swirling about his own locks and at the same time his other hand would be making swirls and tight curls in his mother’s hair too.
And when both his left and right hands were occupied, fingers making swirls, it is important to realize that the fingers of one hand were moving in a clockwise motion and the fingers of the other hand were swirling in the other direction, counterclockwise.
And it was not until many, many years later as the little boy reached the age of 47 that he started joining the esoteric dots that existed between his past, present and future, using archetype.

That little boy was mi, and I was born July 3rd, 1957.
At 5:28 am.

And it was in those two specific swirling movements, using both my index and middle fingers** , making clockwise and counterclockwise motions, that I found the KEY with the numbers 528 inscribed.

Yup I found the KEY, hidden in my golden locks, after spending a proverbial 40 years in the desert, slowly being transformed by the hot days and the cold nights. Science has long known that DNA has been proven to mutate under these conditions…i.e. cycling between hot and cold and hot and cold … just like the earth itself cycles between extremes, though the time frame is of a slower geological processes. But I believe the Great Architect to be an alchemist, thus ice ages are part of the design.
** these fingers when using the right hand rule represent y and z vectors, the thumb is x.

So I did indeed find a key to a lock.
Not just any key, THE Key.
On it were the numbers 528.

And in Hebrew the numerical value using gematria for the word KEY is 528.

It is rather amazing what KEY 528 can unlock.

And this KEY I want you to know, I feel to be even more important in helping condemn the Vatican than the fact I had placed the NAZI adopted swastika right into the heart of St. Peter’s Square via a mandala I had photographed, in a Peruvian Catholic monastery.

I feel KEY 528 has the power to end the reign of Christianity.

It without a doubt casts doubt on the ‘official story’ called the Torah (Old Testament), which later eventually gave birth to the ‘Christian Bible’ (New Testament).

KEY 528 exposes the Pope and the institution that he represents as nothing more than a gang of thieves out to steal the spirituality of a humanity.
And who does that define, who wants to rob humanity of hope?

In his trial, the Pope will claim the devil made him do it….
He will be seen as an individual who represents an institution that had long ago recognized the divine archetypes, and then with nefarious intent turned them into Christian ARKetypes and then with a blessing apprenhended structured a Christian Disneyland (Vatican style) based on these ‘secrets’.
Charging the herds of sheeple admission of course to belong to such a select group…
10% of your annual blood, sweat, and tears would be about right.
Oy vey.

What I offer is profound and blows the doors to St. Peter’s Basilica wide open.
It is one of the final nails in the coffin of the spiritual vampires, the Black Magicians representing the patriarch Abraham and his lost belligerent tribe of children, the trinity of conflict represented by the Jews, Christians and Muslims.
How quickly the Vatican gets melted down and the resulting proceeds are distributed to the real needy people, all depend on how much exposure this thread receives.
I love my work.
Exposing the baastards, the self-serving masters who need to be at least publicly humiliated. Make the Pope ride naked on a horse I say…

Please try to understand what you are about to read is information very few are aware of because we have become symbol illiterate.

That is where I come in to help spread a little truth around.
The profound information I present today is without a doubt … a wedge in the door that has had TRUTH etched on it for a very long time.
And it is has been my job it seems to get this message out there…in spite of the opposition I have received over the past years. My insistence to follow my intuition is the real lesson here folks.
I now see myself similar to the character called the Keymaker in the film Matrix Reloaded.

Neo, Morpheus and Trinity visit the Merovingian and ask for the Keymaker, …

By the way, the line of Merovingian Kings supposedly descended from Jesus.
I just love the symbolism the modern day mythmakers in Hollywood are using.
Like the black cube in Transformers that looks EXACTLY like the sacred Ka’bah in Mecca?
(Transformers are like amino acids helping fold the proteins into different shapes, think about it…)
But the manipulation of archetypal symbolism by the Zionists and Jews in Hollywood is another thread to itself.

Right now I am yakking about a much bigger truth that needs to be exposed.
Back to KEY 528 and how THEY have used it structure religion.
KEY 528 is the foundation of the underlying structure.
KEY 528 can be also seen as a reference point or in other words it references a particular galactic alignment.
i.e. ‘they’re at the post…’
Can stars be seen as horses orbiting a track?
Betcha they can be…

How profound is KEY 528?

KEY 528 addresses the underlying structure of the Bible itself.
KEY 528 exposes the 4 Gospels written by the 4 Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as stellar, astronomical, astrological and hence mathematical references.

In other words KEY 528 is the key that helps unify ALL beliefs.
That is the good news.
The bad news for many Jews, Christians and Muslims will be the realization that they are NOT special or THE chosen, they have just become blind to an underlying truth.

And ultimately it is a truth that I have been sent as messenger to deliver in these end of days.
KEY 528 can be used to illustrate how those 4 Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, who wrote the main 4 books or gospels of the Christian Bible or the New Testament are indeed referencing 4 Royal Stars.
4 Royal Stars found in 4 specific houses or constellations.
(more on this later)

Using Gematria author Bonnie Gaunt has made the following connections to the KEY 528 in her book Beginnings the Sacred Design.
By the way … she refers to it as The Key.
I just happen to agree with her terminology.
Remember though … both she and I arrived in exactly the same spot using vastly different methods to arrive.

KEY 528 is used in finding the height of the great pyramid in inches.
KEY 528 is found linking the pentagon to Jesus Christ using inches.
KEY 528 helps show the relationship between the pentagon and the golden mean or what is called the ‘divine proportion’.
KEY 528 when used in the golden spiral, which is derived from the Fibonacci numbers creates some interesting rectangles and squares.
KEY 528 can be shown to be an expression of the distance from the Sun.
KEY 528 is in Gematria derived from the expression “the breaking forth of light”.
KEY 528 is used to unlock the process of photosynethesis.

The following connections can be made using British and megalithic miles.
KEY 528 can be shown to be connected to the diameter of the earth.
KEY 528 can be shown to be connected to the diameter of the moon.
KEY 528 can be shown to be connected to the perimeter of the square containing the circle of the earth.
KEY 528 can be shown to be connected to the perimeter of the square containing the circle of the moon.
KEY 528 can be shown to be connected to the diameter of the sun.

All those connections above were made using Gematria by the author, mathematician, theologian Bonnie Gaunt.
Her book is fascinating and I have given you a glimpse of her work.

Then in the article that discussed the ancient pagan numbers 27 – 54 – 108 – 216 – 432 – 864 – 1782 we find this quote.

Numerologists researching ancient culture agree that there existed a specific numerical progression of numbers that repeatedly appear in the same context in pagan science; 27 -54 -108 -216 -432 -864 -1782 (zero(s) connected to a number does not change its numerical symbol). The numbers in this context became the sacred numbers of creation in ancient science 1. These numbers are found to be the main numbers of the cosmology introduced here.
It is known that most Icelandic settlers “hallowed the land” before they cultivated it. According to latest discoveries a hallowing involved ceremonies of creation and fixing the cardinal points on the land. According to the concept introduced here, a primitive mind conducting the ceremony of creation, by measuring and marking the cosmology on to the land, recreates in a symbolical way the size of planet Earth and the proportions of its ecliptical path around the Sun.

In these pagan numbers, 27 – 54 – 108 – 216 – 432 – 864 – 1782, we again find the KEY 528 that Bonnie Gaunt was discussing at great length.
But the KEY 528 needs to be exposed in those pagan numbers.
By removing the numbers 7, 4, 1, and 0 from the sequence 27 – 54 – 108, we are then left with the numbers 2, 5, 8, an anagram to the numbers 5,2,8.

Sounds like a random step until I show you how the KEY 528 and the other numbers we removed from that sequence, 7,4, 1 are ALL connected to the Greek Zodiac Cross, astronomy and ultimately to what was called the Great Year or the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Precession and more importantly the events associated with the movement of the Sun along its orbit or ecliptic path is the REAL secret THEY continue to try to hide from the sheeple.

So much of the symbolism and archetype in scripture and myth (based on the Oral traditions) is detailing the Sun’s orbit.
Now this is NO secret or revelation I realize, but my dissection of how THEY structured the Torah is.

What happens to the lie called the Vatican when it is revealed that the Torah is structured on pagan archetypes that were resurrected as ARKetypes to help a floundering belief, a belief used to establish a new rule after the deluge had deluded the flock?

Anybody wanna play Taps for the Pope and his fellow conspirators, as THEY get flushed down the cosmic toilet?

My proof is still to be presented on this thread, even though I have written about the KEY 528 often on my blog.
Here is an example of where I discuss the KEY 528.

See if you can find those numbers I mentioned, 2, 5, 8 and 1, 4, 7.
There is a third sequence exposed once you have the KEY, making it a trinity…3, 6 and 9.

As theologian/mathematician Bonnie Gaunt and the author of the article called Initial Forms suggest, we are not alone in our quest and that those who quest for truth will eventually find it, all roads lead to Rome.*
*disclaimer: I only want to point out that truth will not be found on CNN or FOX, these are frequencies designed to transmit lies.

2Bee continued.



This is the ancient code called Gematria.
Converting letters = numbers

scanned from Bonnie Gaunt’s book
“I would never have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in ’47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”
-Harry SS Truman (1961)


18 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part I

  1. 1.movies tend to play a pretty amazing role like you just pointed out. just released bollywood movie jodhaa akbar shows sacred geometry all over.

    2.was 528 logical or intuitive discovery?

    3.does 2012 have a different fate in store for hindus? difference of hinduism is its the only religion which doesnt profess to be special or chosen one!

    4.ages 13-30 of jesus spent in india in budhist monastery will be covered in a movie The Aquarian Gospel which will release in 2009

    5.174 is the number used to find time on phone via any network in india! 🙂

  2. hello pallav

    528 was found using intuition.

    As you known the 4 Yugas are represented by how many legs the primal bull/cow is standing on.
    In India the 4 Yugas or Ages are simply represented by the numbers 4, 3, 2 and 1.

    The western (greek) riddle of the sphinx suggests a numerical sequence of 4, 2, and 3, but there is a fourth number to the riddle, the never spoken of 1.

    crawling on 4 at sunrise
    walking on 2 at midday
    walking on 3 assisted by cane at sunset
    and from sunset to sunrise we can assign the passage through the underworld would be the number 1.

    Study the subtle difference between the sequences 4,3,2, and 1 (Hindu 4 Ages) vs. 4,2,3, and 1 (4 Ages according to the Sphinx riddle)
    I feel it is a key to a deeper understanding between east and west.

    The Aquarian Gospel?
    They found another gospel?


  3. All of the religions you discuss have “pagan” roots. The vesica piscis, is merely what happened to the dolphin several floors up from the lowest layers of the catacombs in Rome.

    Much more,is still on the surface in the East…

    Problem, is, the west, did not allow many pathways to enlightenment..

    Well, at least you have your DNA, which, appears to be, quite
    audible, to your soul…

    good for you

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