PLATO and JUNG rescue Raphael and golem

A few years ago I was ridiculed because I suggested the very ancient swastika was a divine symbol connected to prayer, DNA and Precession of the Equinoxes.
I soon realized I could reconcile science and religion using this ancient symbol, represented and found in all ancient cultures…

So I started a blog showing the connections between religion and science using primarily the swastika as mediator between the two.

I have since quieted the herd as most of ewe have heard.
Now let me see if I can get the herd of ewe stampeding in the opposite direction again with a new outlandish claim.

Here is my new claim to fame.

The Mayan Calender, the mechanisms by which it is calculated is in a harmony, it represents I want to suggest the same mechanisms that make us tick…
In other words I want to suggest that the wheels/cogs used in Mayan timekeeping, used for forecasting the future is structured and functions much like our DNA/RNA replication process.

Please remember that both DNA and the Mayan Calender can be used for predicting ‘future’ events.
This is NOT a coincidence.

20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Signs/Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids

Yup that is what I believe now.
I thought it an original idea until I googled the concept.
I am not alone.
…simply google ’20 amino acids mayan tzolkin’ to see who belongs to this growing group of curious intuitive individuals…
That makes me happy….though it is but a small group at this time thinking outside the box.
Please join us…

So as I continue to remove the veils and penetrate the esoteric connections between DNA and ancient myths I want to suggest that these 2 charts containing symbols are in fact, different representations of the same thing.
This has been a most interesting journey.
Deeper and deeper we go down the rabbit hole …

20 Amino Acids

20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs

Philosophical words of wisdom…
As it is in the heavens above so it is below….
Remember that grasshoppers … the next time you munch or puff on some grass or weeds….

Go to this forum that concerns itself with issues regarding 2012.

On our forum here called Peak Oil, we see the end of oil as a barometer of the coming future.
You could therefore claim that the Mayans predicted a ‘peak oil’ scenario and its accompanying end of the world scenarios…what if?

On that thread above is a discussion regarding my new improved claim.
Some of the information has been cut and paste here.

Mayan Calender based on the sun and moon movements and other celestial and maybe earthly events is a reflection of how our DNA and RNA transcribe or replicate leading to an evolution of our DNA.
The same way the movements of the Sun and the Moon are critical in helping establish an environment conducive to life here on earth.

Here is where Plato and Jung come to my rescue and affirm my hypothesis.
Rolling Eyes

As mentioned much of the archetype we find in symbol, myth and scripture can be shown to correlate to what we are today finding out about DNA, RNA, Junk DNA and the replication process.

I said on another post found at this LINKThe 3 strands I refer to are the two ribbons and the middle steps that bridge or form lintels resulting in a spiraling ladder, a double helix of ACGT coding that exists between the two strands, pillars, or ribbons.
Please note in the above image one ribbon travels in one direction and is assigned the number 3.
The other ribbon travels in the opposite direction and it is assigned the number 5.
The middle steps … if we were to assign the number 4 to the ACGT codes, it soon becomes apparent that we can form a right angle triangle using the numbers 3, 4 and 5.
This was a very important step in our evolution…the right angle triangle.

Often after allowing myself to be sucked into my intuitive vortex, I find myself alone, but not for long these days.
Something usually appears to affirm my suspicions, quietly encouraging me to continue on with my quest.

This morning I read paragraph 546 of Plato’s The Republic.

The main reason I found myself on that web page was because of a curiosity regarding an historical anomaly.
But I am in good company again.
I was not the only one who noticed such a glaring HIStorical absurdity.

Some commentators, notably Jung, argue that in paragraph 546 of Plato’s The Republic he was discussing the Great Year. This would be some two hundred years before Hipparchus [c 190 – 120 BC].

So why was the Platonic Year or Precession of the Equinoxes named after Plato if Precession of the Equinoxes was first suggested by Hipparchus, some two hundred years after Plato had departed for Hades…(or as the Old Testament Jews believed … people after they die pass through the moon…the Dark Side of the Moon I think…)

Paragraph 546 of Plato’s The Republic is an interesting one.
A paragraph that can be reinterpreted regarding the numbers 3, 4, 5, the right angle triangle and DNA.
The numbers 3, 4 and 5, and 2D Euclidean geometry, together play a tremendous role in the quantum realm.
The right angle triangle is necessary for ‘creating/building’ within both the Macrocosmic and microcosmic realms.
Or as Newton might say … as it is in the heavens above, so it is below.

The solution to this formula can only be found using whole numbers.
x2 + y2 = z2
The numbers 3,4,5 are known as Pythagorean triples and they are the smallest solution in the Macrocosmic realm comprised of consecutive whole numbers.
And please note that it was this connection to the formula x2 + y2 = z2 that allowed Andrew Wiles to collect on the Wolfskehl Prize, a prize offered by Wolfskehl in 1908, available for 100 years.
The prize was offered for a solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem


Plato’s Perfect Number of the Divine Creature [c 360 BC]

I do have a modern question for the elder.
Dear Mr. Plato within a cosmic egg which resides within a womb or a cave, how would such a Divine Creature manifest, what do we learn about darkness, shadows, fire and light inside and outside the cave?
Plato could a Divine Creature be created by fine tuning his DNA?
If Plato were alive the answer would be yes.
He would respond that today, modern man’s science is doing just that, and in conjunction with the solar radiation we receive from the sun, the Macrocosmic Sun and his son, the microcosmic mini sun burning in each and every individual are ‘connected’, to say the least.
Other mechanisms that cause DNA mutations are chemicals, heat and SOUND.
All of this sounds like a prophecy that had been foretold …. does it not?
WE I am learning are the players who fill the roles of the nefarious THEY, WE are the global collective responsible for creating an environment. An environment or state that is, as Socrates would observe is a direct reflection of the collective, its authors too.
Thus WE are directly effecting how our DNA is being altered.
True and Factual.

Plato writes the following in the section of The Republic called Timarchy.
Timarchy is rule by a militaristic class, Sparta being the best example known to Plato.

… Not only for plants that grow in the earth, but for animals that live on it, there are seasons when mind and body are productive, seasons which come when a certain period is completed, of longer duration for the long-lived, shorter for the short-lived. And though the rulers of your city are wise, reason and perception will not always enable them to hit on the right and wrong times for breeding, some time they will miss them and then children will be begotten amiss. For the divine creature, there is a period defined by a perfect number; for the human creature the number is the first in which root and square multiplications (comprising three dimensions and four limits) of basic numbers, which make like and unlike, and which increase and decrease, produce a final result in complete commensurate terms; of these basic numbers four and three coupled with five, yield two harmonies when raised to the power of four, of which one is a square with a multiple of one hundred, the other a rectangle of which one side is one hundred squares of diameters of a square of side five each diminished by one if the diameters are irrational, or by two if the diameters are rational, the other side of one hundred cubes of three.

Go to that link above.
You find arguments that Plato knew of Precession and also arguments that he did not know.
The current version of HIStory rests on Plato NOT knowing about the Sun having its own cycle or orbit.
But I want suggest THEY who write the HIStory replaced Plato’s Atlantis and its accompanying myth with a fish story.
My fish is bigger than your fish…how big and grand was your fish, how many people could it feed?
Plato needed to be discredited as a historian and turned into a story telling philosopher.
Because his version of the events (received via Egypt) threatened to replace the Semitic Noah and his accompanying myth regarding a flood.
Plato’s version of the events screws up the historical time lines that the social engineers feel threatened by…
Historical nomalies suggests the Pope and his version of the events are suspect.

But if you go to that site and read the arguments for and against (one argument against , suggests Plato was talking about fertility, etc), but please apply paragraph 546 as a metaphor or archetype representing what I feel to be one possible reasonable explanation … Plato was taking about DNA … using the structure of archetype.
Philosophical archetype accessed … because he had a great mind and could see BOTH sides of an argument, emanating from both hemispheres of the mind.

Plato’s profound insight and acknowledged as one of the great minds, would invariably have his mind wander into the same realms as the shaman, or the aborigine who accesses dreamtime…

Shamans use botanicals…
Aborigines dream during the night
Philosophers dream during the day
Jung interprets dreams…


Is Atlantis part of our past, is it a goal in the mind’s eye toward the future, or as Macrocosmic and microcosmic archetype suggest … it might be both.
Which means we are coming around to a knowledge we once possessed.
A higher knowledge worth embracing again.
That person coming up behind the ewe is you.
Rolling Eyes

2Bee continued…

Update: February 21
Above is video of Carl Jung, only about 1 1/2 minutes.
Taking about the importance of archetypes in our lives.
I do hate beating a dead trojan horse …
Starting to sound like Master-baiting.

Michael Tsarison in this video …
Part 1 of 11 only about 10 min long highlights the importance of symbols…or as he suggests the subversive use of symbolism to manipulate the herd.
We share some of the same views. Not all.
I do like many of his ideas, his interpretations.
At around 8 minutes into the video he presents some very interesting information about how the brain operates, using pictograms.

But having said that, what a seeker of truth soon realizes is that there are forces at play that spend time, money and energy keeping us disconnected or symbol illiterate.
Remember the sublime importance of archetypes.
Eh Carl?

Wake up call is coming soon.


Raphael / golem


12 thoughts on “PLATO and JUNG rescue Raphael and golem

  1. very well written… flowing and self explanatory.

    fulfilling read 🙂

    regarding DNA…. its well known systems affect and in return are affected by their environment….

    excellent point though.. maybe the messiah will come from a dna/science lab rather than by ousting palestinians from jerusalem. superb.

  2. thanks pallav, I know you have discerning tastes and can be difficult to please, I do appreciate your comments and observations.

    I predict no astrological forecasting in my future.


  3. the feeling is mutual. i’ve respect for your point of view. do feel comfortable commenting on my blog when possible, i talk about mundane issues of law finance technology governance so on.. a splendid perspective as yours on such issues will be invaluable! 🙂

  4. I wander into some controversial areas, without a doubt.
    My feelings have been altered along the way, without a doubt.
    Thanks for the support, Lynn and Pallav and anybody else that derives some truth from these posts.


  5. “But having said that, what a seeker of truth soon realizes is that there are forces at play that spend time, money and energy keeping us disconnected or symbol illiterate.”

    Quite right, many resigned, others follow the wrong roads told. only a few follow his own intuitive wisdom


  6. Nice page! I believe I may have some pieces to this puzzle. I have made two videos of Plato describing DNA, if you just google plato dna, you can check them out. I also have some info on The School of Economic Sciences Plato Forum, you should check it out!

      • Oh, I didn’t see that page. I haven’t wrote anything about Thoth yet and it’s been awhile since I have read anything about him. I would probably start by looking the ‘Emerald Tablets’. Find where H.P. Blavatsky mentions him in ‘Isis Unveiled’ and ‘The Secret Doctrine’. The books ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’ volumes I and II have a unique view on Thoth as well as a lot of sacred geometry concepts that relate to the concepts on your pages. I would also look into ‘Thrice-Greatest Hermes volumes’ I-III, which can be found at among other writings about him.
        My posts on the School of Economics Plato forum seem to tie into a lot of the posts on your pages!

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