HOPI and BUDDHIST right hand/left hand paths meet in the Middle…

TheTurtle wrote:
Careful, Rocc, golem is going to come after you for intellectual property rights infringement. Razz

Actually I believe intellectual property rights are holding back the collective. It is an effective method to keep the distance between the leaders and the followers…

I feel part of our evolution spiritually will acknowledge this simple truth.
Who can own knowledge if it represents a truth that ultimately benefits ALL humanity.

It is like thinking you can own land.
A physical geographical apocalyptic shift dispels with that foolish notion quickly.
Ownership and material consciousness are twins.
I feel LETTING GO is the vibration that we will be dealing with shortly as a collective. And Letting Go is something each of us must experience when we die.
Same process but don’t despair, the coming time seems to reflect the Buddhist / Hopi vibe.
Letting go of the illusion is certainly one of their cultural mantras.

I see 2012 or the build up … as a ‘Letting Go’ process that must be initiated before we can ’embrace’ anything new.

We are currently passing through a ‘door’ into a new age called Aquarius.
Will it be business as usual?
I feel not.
Aquarius is an AIR sign.
There is something definitely in the AIR.

Electro-magnetic Waves.
Two of them.
Transverse (AC/DC) and Longitudinal (Tesla mystery power)
2 waves positioned at 90 degrees
90 degrees is the angle you need to insert the KEY into the LOCK and then turn ….

I also love the fact the Hopi have within their Creation mythology incorporated both versions of the swastika.


The Buddhists and Hindu also pay respect to both versions of the swastika.

But I must confess while I was reading the Hopi Creation story about how their ancestors, some turning left and some turning to the right, seemingly weaving from east to west as they ascended north along the earthly axis being held and rotated by the two twins positioned at the poles….

…at the time I was reading about the migrations of the Hopi ancestors … I thought to myself … double helixDNA.

The Buddhists also discuss a left hand and right hand path.

Now who has read the book called The Cosmic Serpent?
Please add this book to your must read list.

Is it coincidental that by studying the bad bad bad swastika I have penetrated a truth that connects the archetype of DNA representing the microcosmic universe, representing a starting point, which effectively MIRRORS the grand cycle called Precession of the Equinoxes representing another cycle within the macrocosmic universe.

Universes within universes within universes … like the Russian Dolls within Dolls…within…etc

Science is SLOWLY finding out that DNA and the celestial heavens behave in similar ways.
It is hard to carry that big brain up the mount of knowledge with atrophied legs…

“A democracy likes a large mass and hates all divisions.”
-Karl Otfried Muller


3 thoughts on “HOPI and BUDDHIST right hand/left hand paths meet in the Middle…

  1. whose interested in knowing how patented products work as long as they work!

    its a highly myopic view to put ipr to the guillotine.

  2. Can I ask a huge favor? Hate to do this in comments but I can’t find an email address here. Can you please copy the Aquarius graphic and host it on your site? Right now you have it hotlinked … and that’s not allowed by my terms of use. You must host the graphics on your own page or at a free host somewhere – I can’t afford the bandwidth if too many people do this. A reciprocal link is also required as per the terms posted on my page. I would greatly appreciate it if you would abide by these terms.

  3. Coincidental that I should make a comment like this…
    “Actually I believe intellectual property rights are holding back the collective.”

    And not long afterward I am tracked down and reminded of ‘terms of use’.

    Hope the change to the glyph is satisfactory.


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