FASCIST Right Handed RULERS in the VATICAN part II

mercurygirl wrote:
Hi golem,

Here’s an image for you.

From here: Link

thats mg for the link, there is much info at that site.

Can I direct you to this link?
I want to discuss the right hand again.
At this link … only necessary to watch the first 25 seconds … not necessary to watch the rest … rest of the video is interesting, but I want to focus on the right hand.

I only want to draw your attention to how the German soldiers held their right hands when taking their oath of allegiance.

Card V
The Hierophant is also known as the POPE.

So relative to the Right Hand Rule … what happens when the y and z vectors merge, when we bring those two fingers together, and we are left with only 2 vectors instead of three?

I am curious.
Where is PMS and his scientific insight, when ewe need him?



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