Alchemy or Empirical Magic?

BigTex wrote:
Anyone been to India? Seen any magic carpets or anything like that?

Yeah yeah.
Americans want empirical magic.
That would be a paradox.
Doesn’t work that way.

I saw a man with half a torso…as little torso remaining that one needs to survive.
But he got around fine…pushing himself around on a skateboard.

I loved India, I love what belief in karma does to consciousness…
Its diversity, the constant bombardment upon the senses.
Never a dull moment.
Constant reminders that shit happens.
Constant reminders that the world ain’t perfect.

Compare that to the perfection that America and Germany are trying to achieve by fine tuning the world into some kind of Judeao/Christian fantasy land…a Wally World Mart Disneyland reality.
Comes with a big big price tag…manufacturing illusions…making sheeple comfortably numb and dumb and even dumber. (evidently?)
Fuck off America….

Back to India and eastern magic…
In India the reality cheque does not cost the ewe very much.
As tourist I spent about $100 per/week.
as an example … $3 for 1/4 ounce weed. (those are tourist prices!!!)

Anyway after 7 weeks in paradise where I could feel the magic within me transcending space an time, it was time to come home via a stopover in Germany.
In one week in Germany I spent as much as I had in India in 7 weeks.
About $700.
But I had no shelter costs in Germany uber alles.
I stayed with friends.

So in a way India does help the individual transcend.
But the magic is invisible and sometimes take time to manifest.
I went to India in 1992.

It took some time for the transcendental alchemy to manifest.
You folks may not see it…
But I am on a magic carpet ride.
Places like America and Germany are becoming spiritually dead.
These countries think that making trains run on time is what makes or breaks a society or a culture.

The western experiment called America is a failure.
The plan to make people ‘comfortable’ at all costs was an illusion.
The bills for the obese consumerist lifestyle defined by America are coming due sheeple.

What are the American ewe gonna do…?
Go steal some more resources?
Using the most powerful military ever assembled?

Sorry but that is not magic…it is fucking bizarre behavior coming from the global ‘leaders’.
No wonder China, the sleeping giant has woken up.
Do the ewe really think they want the Judeao / Christians running the entire show?
I don’t even want that scenario to happen.
And I look just like EWE!

Go Asia Go!
Kick western butt…
Call it the universal law of Karma, a law that transcends anything the best Jewish/Christian lawyer could ever envision…
This video link …
…shows historically how the global Empires have switched back and forth between the western and eastern powers over the centuries…
Attributable to the law of Karma…
What goes around … comes around.



(911 an operation conducted by the Black Magicians was almost magic…)

I love synchronicity too.
Dukey just posted this graph on another thread.

Speaks volumes.
Supports everything I just said…
USA represents a Judeao/Christian hell….remember who ‘designed’ America?
Was not the Hindu.

The founding fathers of India were far far smarter than the founding fathers of America.

The Hindu created a concept called Karma.
The mind and heart thus become the ‘jail’.
No need to put people into a jail.
One has already been provided.
And the individual becomes the ‘gatekeeper’ to his own cell, and if he escapes this predicament…he undergoes cellular change.

Now turning spiritual lead into a spiritual gold is magic.
Rolling Eyes


7 thoughts on “Alchemy or Empirical Magic?

  1. Imagine for a moment the USA with 1 billion people…things would get really really scary fast eh?

    Now imagine for a moment India with only 300 million people.

    Who is really managing better, given histories and resources, and ideologies?
    India has been around a long long time.
    America is an infant.
    Born just in 1776.

    This western experiment will not last.

  2. p.s. Pallav I felt very safe in those 7 weeks while I traveled through India back in ’92.
    As I said karma is a powerful tool.

    Can you imagine if the US had the material poverty displayed in India?
    Everybody carrying a gun?
    Not believing in karma?

  3. I’m happy to know of your high regard for the country. maybe it is the case of grass being greener on the other side? either way maybe you should visit in 2010 during common wealth games. might just see a new india! 🙂

  4. sorry my friend, I have to disagree with you thinking that N. America and Europe are spiritually dead. There is a big resurgence in Pagan and Heathen thinking. I am with a lot of people that think like that, and if you said that we are in a spiritual dead zone, sorry, not with the people I hang with…
    be well, friend,

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