INDIGO children … Ask the Vatican why indigo?

Anybody know why they chose the color ‘indigo’ to name these children’s gift/vibe?
Why blue/purple eh?
These two colors are sacred to those who follow the Old Testament.
Biblical Blue and Tyrian Purple
And both those colors mixed with white, even today continue to represent royalty or symbolize a unity.
And the photo above representing the United Nations (formerly the League of Nations) fits nicely into St. Peter’s Square.
Doesn’t it?
X marks the spot.
The North Pole is where the current Pope’s phallus is currently located. It is marked by the Egyptian obelisk or dildo the Christians stole, today it represents a tool used to %$#@ with humanity.
St. Peter’s Square (the bottom portion) is shaped like a chalice, cauldron or cooking pot, an archetype I want to suggest that later evolved into maybe the Holy Grail.
But it is when we follow the clues left behind by the inquisitors that we see the implications of what I am suggesting,
The template or ARKetype we see in St. Peter’s Square can be traced back to a symbol I photographed in a Peruvian Monastery (Catholic).
But the trail does not end in Peru.
It can lead us to Tibet, NAZI Germany and of course India.

Mandala of the Universe of the Lamas … Tibet

My ongoing research suggests the mandala above that I found in a Peruvian monastery represents what the ancients called the Great Year.

I challenge anyone at this time to find any other mandala that matches up with both the Peruvian one and the Nazi Swastika, paying attention to those 3 specific colors (black, white, red) and in that order utilizing at the same time the same esoteric form. i.e. Black Cross representing matter, White Circle represents spirit and both are found on a Red background representing ?

The Great Year is Plato’s story of Atlantis that modern science has obfuscated with a concept called Precession of the Equinoxes.

In other words … Plato’s story of Atlantis and earthly cyclical cataclysms became myth and in its place another story replaced the deluge…centered around Noah and a certain ‘tribe’.
Here is the point where the story tellers, took possession of the divine archetypes that permeate the creation and morphed them into the ARKetypes that were intended to keep a certain ‘repressed’ culture afloat….

But can I ask a personal question?
How do I go about making or creating an Indigo Child?
The next image is a clue for those interested in creating such a gifted or blessed child OR if even talking about stellar starry relationships … what is necessary to make a jesus christ superstar manifest…


Shiva Linga (comprised of a shiva + lingam = vulva and phallus)

To make an Indigo child get up and go you need a little math magic.

1 + 1 = 3 

Shiva Linga

Shiva Linga
I rotated the above symbol to show how it resembles the above archetypes of the UN flag and St. Peter’s Square below.
The lingam or phallus appears where the obelisk is … yeah yeah yeah … coincidence.

But coincidence after coincidence suggests we should pay attention to what we are being directed toward.



The Shivalinga denotes the primeval energy of the Creator. It is believed that at the end of all creation, during the great deluge, all of the different aspects of God find a resting place in the Lingam; Bhrama is absorbed into the right, Vishnu to the left and Gayatri into the heart. The Shivalinga is also a representation of the infinite Cosmic Column of fire, whose origins, Vishnu and Bhrama were unable to trace.

And please note:
We are back to the concept of a Right, a Left and a Middle.

1 + 1 = 3 representing a middle or median

A middle that is represented by the heart or 4th chakra, coincidently 4 is the middle or median of 1-7 chakras.

And when you make further connections to DNA and electro-magnetism … whoa.
(i.e. fertility and DNA magic 1 + 1 = 3 or a 3rd entity manifests from nowhere…)

Still hot on the trail of unity…
But I have noticed the theologians and scientists are still clinging to their silly self-serving notions and beliefs.

How am I doing, penetrating both of their secrets by ignoring their silly chatter?
Follow your intuition, it really is a guide…to helping you find your way out of the labryinth.




14 thoughts on “INDIGO children … Ask the Vatican why indigo?

  1. I find your research very “on line” with my feelings and experiences. Have you ever studied a possible relationship between that all – in particulary with a symbol in the mandala in the Peruvian monastery – and the symbol that appears on the frontpage of Ed Leedskalnin’s book about Coral Castle, “Magnetic Current”?


  2. It’s all nonsense that you’ve written due to lack of information and you wanted others to believe just like
    the muslim gresteast terrorist, Mohammed!

    Well, the Shiva Lingam has no sexual connotation or symbolic but only in the minds of Westerners and Islamists as God is “asexual”

    Read a few lines about Siva and Sakti which should illuminate your mind and remove your veil of ignorance first:-

    Worship of Siva Linga

    The popular belief is that the Siva Lingam represents the phallus or the virile organ, the
    emblem of the generative power or principle in nature. This is not only a serious mistake, but also a
    grave blunder. In the post-Vedic period, the Linga became symbolical of the generative power of
    the Lord Siva. Linga is the differentiating mark. It is certainly not the sex-mark. You will find in the
    Linga Purana: Pradhanam prakritir yadahur-lingamuttamam; Gandhavarnarasairhinam
    sabda-sparsadi-varjitam—The foremost Linga which is primary and is devoid of smell, colour,
    taste, hearing, touch, etc., is spoken of as Prakriti (Nature).
    Linga means ‘mark’, in Sanskrit. It is a symbol which points to an inference. When you see a
    big flood in a river, you infer that there had been heavy rains the previous day. When you see
    smoke, you infer that there is fire. This vast world of countless forms is a Linga of the Omnipotent
    Lord. The Siva Linga is a symbol of Lord Siva. When you look at the Linga, your mind is at once
    elevated and you begin to think of the Lord.
    Lord Siva is really formless. He has no form of his own and yet all forms are His forms. All
    forms are pervaded by Lord Siva. Every form is the form or Linga of Lord Siva.

  3. It’s indigo, purple, or simply any unusual color of blue because that is the color inside our auras and our eyes are normally a strange shade of blue… normally though… it is very rare for our eyes to be a different color. And by the way this is coming from and indigo child with knowledge of my purpose.

  4. Vatican is a center of the great fraud created by the Romans, when they took over the people that existed before Christianity.

    The design is the clear proof that they used to be “Hindu” who were assimilated, and their pace of worship turned into the center of Christianity.

    This makes Christianity the first “Super Cult”, and its fraud must be exposed.

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