20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part I

UPDATE August 4th, 2015

Amazingly, the task of content comparison was not as difficult as I first thought it would be. In fact, the correspondences fairly fell into place! I now had a Hebrew letter assignment for every one of the 64 codons, 20 amino acids, and 2 termination codon groups.

source of quote:

The work/theory of Steve Krakowski, deserves further reading.
In the first link below he states the following:

Note that the basic structure of the pyrimidine nucleic acids has 6 atoms and that of the purine nucleic acids has 9. The Old Yang symbol has a “ritual number” of 9 and Old Yin’s ritual number is 6. Therefore I assign the yang symbols to the purines and the yin symbols to the pyrimidines.

~ end of UPDATE ~

threadbear wrote:
Making a logarithmic spiral with rope. This makes a shape like a nautilus shell.

GREAT link and links showing the patterns.
Loved the interference patterns in water and the beehive hexagonal packing….


20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Signs/Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids

Yup that is what I believe now.
I thought it an original idea until I googled the concept.
I am not alone.

That makes me happy….though it is but a small group at this time thinking outside the box.
Please join us…

So as I continue to remove the veils and penetrate the esoteric connections between DNA and ancient myths I want to suggest that these 2 charts are in fact, different representations of the same process taking place on different levels.

This has been a most interesting journey, having one foot in the macro world and one in the microcosmic realm.
Deeper and deeper we go down the rabbit hole TBear …

20 Amino Acids

20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs

What if?

Those 20 Amino Acids take their commands from the letters ACGT or would it be ACGU?

ACGT stands for the four nucleic-acid bases that make up DNA. The A stands for Adenine and pairs with the T, which stands for Thymine. The C stands for Cytosine and pairs with the G, Guanine. These four nucleic acids make up a creature’s genetic code, or DNA.ACGU stands for the four amino acids that make up RNA. RNA pairs up the same as DNA, except that Thymine is replaced with Uracil.

But what must be noted is that the Mayan Sacred Round containing the 20 Amino Acids? has a smaller wheel inside it … like a gear mechanism that helps turn the larger wheel that contains it.
The Microcosm that helps move the Macrocosm.


Remember as a Pythagorean we must reduce reduce reduce, thus 13 = 1 + 3 = 4
Here is where the number 13 / 4 represents either ACGT or ACGU.

I believe it was this wheel that would define the individuals personality.
Makes sense now.
Doesn’t it?

This link will blow you away, considering the topic.

http://www.mimg.ucla.edu/faculty/miller … /home.html

DNA >>> Amino Acids >>> Proteins >>> Sound

It suggests my path is clear and intuitive.
‘Scientific empirical minds’ smarter than mine are corroborating my intuitively lead quest.
How far are you willing to go down the hole with moi?
It gets dark but illuminating.
A paradox I know.


The primary goal of this work is to convert genome-encoded protein sequences into musical notes in order to hear auditory protein patterns. Although there have been previous efforts to do this, one of the main problems has involved the large jumps between consecutive notes in a 20 note range (2.5 octaves) that results from a one-to-one amino acid-to-musical note assignment. Some other concerns include assigning rhythm, dynamics, and accompaniment according to the characteristics of the protein sequence.

We derived a reduced 13 base note range according to hydrophobicity and pairing of similar amino acids. The amino acid pairs were differentiated using variants of three-note chords, namely the root position and first inversion chords.

This brings us back full circle to 13 x 20 = 260 day lunar wheel of Mayan timekeeping

Which suggests to me that what we call Junk DNA is perhaps connected to the Solar Wheel of Mayan Time Keeping.
understand…the two ribbons of DNA travel in opposite directions … like the two cogs of Mayan Time Keeping connecting the Moon and the Sun…
What if?

yeah baby….

Continued on Part II



8 thoughts on “20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part I

  1. Very interesting idea, I never thought of looking at the Tzolkin from that perspective. Like there isn’t enough I am already trying to read, but this association has defiantly been added. Keep up the great work man!

  2. I am creating a documentary about ancient civilizations and the truth that there is hidden within. I am interested in opinion and inside information. Any information used, will be given credit. Please e-mail any information to blak-sheep@excite.com. Thank you.

  3. whats up out there in occult land….man this jupitur in Aquarious in really paying off. Anyway I had a vision of the same ideal about Dna and the Tzolkeins…Now I find it on the internet. Thats a huge confirmation man….

  4. Indeed. I refer to it as the 4 and 20 principle. First off the Tzolkin Cycle is composed of 3 subcycles. A 4 day cycle repeating 5 times gives rise to the 20 day cycle. The 4 nucleobases (TAGC) of the DNA to give rise to 20 Amino Acid AA=genetic code. 96% of the human body is composed of the 4 foundational elements of life. Hydrogen-H, Carbon-C, Nitrogen-N & Oxygen-O. The 4 Nucleobases are made of HCNO. The 20 AA’s are made of HCNO except for two containing a 5th element sulphur. The remaining 4% of the human body is made up of 16 elements. For a total of 20 elements.

    Sub-sub atomic scale=Tzolkin Code=Meta-Meta System. 4 phase color sequence results in 20 variations on 4 basic Themes/Elements=4=20 principle= Digital Physics Model of Universe.

    Atomic scale=Universe=Meta-System: Hydrogen as energy-matter aggregation results in star formation. Stellar processes i.e. Hydrogen mega-masses fuses itself into the 91 other elements. Life requires 4 primary elements HCNO to begin self-organizing & 16 secondary elements to begin self-organizing complexification=4-20 principle.

    Molecular Scale=Super System=DNA Code: 4 elements HCNO combine to form the 4 foundational molecules TAGC (nucloebases) of life. Particular sequence of TAGC along DNA then specifies which AA is to be produced.

    The third cycle of the Tzolkin is the 13 day cycle. The 13 day cycle pertains to oscillatory rate (respiration/heartbeat) or the vibrational nature of energy-matter. Each day of the 13 day cycle pertains to a stage in the complete wave cycle. This is to say that the oscillatory rate of atoms has 13 distinct oscillatory variations. At the earth-sun scale of energy-matter density that oscillatory rate is measured as a night-day cycle. Indeed the Sun has a verified 13 day cycle.

    For a complete breakdown and explication on Tzolkin Dynamics I invite you and your readers to review my treatise on the Tzolkin as the Science of Synchronicity. Thus far I have completed parts 1 through 5
    Part 2 and 5 are the most relevant to the information shared. I’m justing getting into the nuts and bolts of Tzolkin Dynamics in part 5

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