2012 and feeling BLUE

suz wrote:
I love that song Ralph except I have blue eyes!

What was I thinking and feeling?

When I look into your big blue eyes…
post has been edited…

moving on…
Blue Eyes
You saw me standing alone.
With a dream in my heart….

I tried to find a decent version of old ‘Blue Eyes’ singing ‘Blue Moon’, but could not.
You will have to settle for the king.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NkLUh_z … re=related
This song was released by Rodgers and Hart in 1934.
Same year Hitler became Fuhrer.
Same year the Rise of the 3rd Reich had become more than apparent.
Same year I suggest a countdown began toward 2012.
Using the Tarot.
2012 – 1934 = 78 (cards or years)


A blue moon is either the second full moon in a month or the third one when four full moons occur in one season of the year, which is a somewhat rare occurrence. If something happens “once in a blue moon” it almost never happens. The narrator of the song is relating a stroke of luck so unlikely that it must have taken place under a blue moon.

So what if the 3rd blue moon was in 1934 to coincide with the rise of the 3rd Reich?
Think of a season as a cycle.

A cycle marking a countdown?
When will the 4th Reich occur?
Do we expect a blue moon in 2012?
Yes in August of that year.
Does the Mayan Galactic Butterfly herald the Rise of the 4th Reich?

The scattering of light by large quantities of atmospheric particles can cause some rather unusual sights. If the volcanic ash, dust, smoke particles, or pollutants are roughly uniform in size, they can selectively scatter the sun’s rays. Even at noon, various colored suns have appeared: orange suns, green suns, and even blue suns. For blue suns to appear, the size of the suspended particles must be similar to the wavelength of visible light. (This situation produces a type of scattering called Mie scattering.) When these particles are present they tend to scatter red light more than blue, which causes a bluing of the sun and a reddening of the sky. Although rare, the same phenomenon can happen to moonlight, making the moon appear blue; thus, the expression “once in a blue moon.”…It is said that following the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, such a blue moon (sometimes green moon) could be seen around the world for nearly two years. In some cases during this time period, even the sun itself appeared blue.

Am I reading too much into this … or is there an underlying design … that can be recognized through the archetypes?
Archetypes which are reflections and pillars of the underlying structure.

Just want you to know that I am never feeling too blue … even when standing alone.
We (the he-she within) are talking to each other again.
Been a long time.

I predict more ‘schizophrenia’ or similar maladies as we approach 2012.



3 thoughts on “2012 and feeling BLUE

  1. interesting idea!

    my son was born on a blue moon, a raven called 3 times to herald his birth….

    cycles within cycles, wheels within wheels…
    (carcrash of our epistemology?)

  2. Funny part of this blog, I read not too long ago about how in russia they just found an ancient city dating prolly back 10000 years called Swastika city or Akaim. Back in the war, the Germans would call the Soviets ‘Blue Eyed Devils of the East’, also note that I read somewhere that a ‘Golden Age’ of Russia is just around the corner… hmmm coinkydink?

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