Ludi wrote:
I don’t see that position in the sculpture above. The position is very different, in my opinion.

You are entitled to your opinion Ludi.
Quantum mechanics suggests two observers do not see the same thing.

Why is it that the most memorable statues or postures involve the right hand Ludi as this blog shows…

And while you are reading that blog here are more images to consider … why always the right hand … eh?

Interesting pedestal is it not…?

Compare this image to the next one found in the Tarot.

Look at the table.
Those are the 4 weapons of ritual magic.
On one level they represent the 4 letters of DNA that form all life, the letters ACGT.
On another level they represent the 4 forces thus identified by science… nuclear strong, nuclear weak, electro-magnetism and gravity.
On yet another level they represent the 4 forces necessary to define Electro-magnetism

This fellow decided to change the ‘flow’.
He attempted to turn the tide and reverse how culture and society was evolving.

This fellows grandfather traded with NAZIs during WWII and got rich due to others suffering.

I also want to add that IBM was involved.
They supplied the technology to help with expedition of the herding of the Jews…

Didn’t ya know?

The Hindu God Shiva the Destroyer

Buddha with swastika on chest.

The last example is called The Hierophant.
It is Card V of the Tarot.
This card in the earlier decks was referred to as the Pope.

Please note the right hand and the two fingers (index and middle fingers) brought together.
What does it mean, can we interpret this posture of the hand using right hand rule?
Those fingers thus suggest we merge the y-axis and z-axis?
Remember using right hand rule, the thumb is the x-axis.
Just curious?

Ludi feel free to put on display the significant LEFT HANDS representing consciousness.

I feel you will find that the symbols of Left Hands are more symbolic of the feminine generative energy.

In conclusion:
The Right Hand is referencing the Left PATRIARCHAL Brain and influences.

Love those red crosses ….

Much too obvious Ludi.
My left handed examples are still to come dude.




5 thoughts on “EMBLEMATIC HAND OF THE MYSTERIES and Right Hand Rule

    • well the correction has been made.
      I made an assumption because I am more familiar with the multi-armed shiva.

      The upper right hand holds a hour-glass drum which is a symbol of creation. It is beating the pulse of the universe. The drum also provides the music that accompanies Shiva’s dance. It represents sound as the first element in an unfolding universe, for sound is the first and most pervasive of the elements. The story goes that when Shiva granted the boon of wisdom to the ignorant Panini (the great Sanskrit grammarian), the sound of the drum encapsulated the whole of Sanskrit grammar. The first verse of Panini’s grammar is in fact called Shiva sutra.

      The second right hand is held in the abhaya pose (literally without fear) and so a gesture of protection, as an open palm is most likely to be interpreted. It depicts the god as a protector.

      it does not change the underlying message of the blog does it?
      that we should pay attention to the LEFT and RIGHT hands in symbolism for clues to the mysteries?

      any more errors let me know.


  1. Shiva is the diety of Marijauna
    Ever see those monks that worship shiva one day a year?

    Yeah well… we are those monks 365 days a year…. dig it? 😀

    My Intuition has an IQ of infinity~

    So Raphael.

    Have you rested abit on Madame B’ couch yet my friend?

    She also enjoys numerology.

    To me it is all FABRIC and it may all be all ILLUSION thus you are PERHAPS picking apart the fabric of the illusion…

    Wonder what happens when you pull the last thread 😀

    Go for it dude!!!

    Me… I just came up against the Great Ego again and I feel no need to deny it any longer.

    No, this is not submission to Mind but rather just another deep session involving another one of mankinds seeming Myths, namely, DENY SELF.

    Like the soul. I feel SELF/EGO was always mine and no one can take it away and that that is one of the greatest deceptions/misconceptions depending on your “tilt”.

    Thus the question: why is the Ego to be denied?
    I say it is not!
    Just like the left side needs the right side.
    The soul needs that which is not soul and the two become one.

    They use the right hand because they are dominated by the right side… we always pass to the left 😀

    My third eye works.. it shows the middle way.. the neutral. the grey and it leads me here.

    To have both and to not allow either to dominate the other… hmmm yes 😀

    Feeling the Pull of the Goddess or is it just my imagination?

    Are you so sure your god didnt send me here to make sure that you do not fall for either “way”? 😀

  2. Also that is not a swastika on Buddhas chest it is the Japanese symbol for temple. Swastikas face the opposite direction. Please do some research before sounding foolish.

    • it goes by many many many names.
      do you want to discuss it openly on a forum?
      go here: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=83136
      maybe I should have been more specific and said sauvastika?

      The term sauwastika or sauvastika is a term sometimes used to distinguish the “left-facing” from the “right-facing” form of the swastika symbol.[1] The “left-facing” variant is favoured in Bön and Gurung Dharma where it is called yungdrung in Bon and Gurung Yantra in Gurung Dharma. Both the right-facing and left-facing variants are commonly employed in Hinduism and Buddhism.


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