Eclectic Swastika and an Electric Sun

From time to time I will cut and paste, from the Electric Universe, EU forum I participate on at Thunderbolts.

I am having quite the time at that forum matching up the archetypes that are found everywhere.
Does not matter the belief.
Electric Sun or Nuclear Sun, beneath the surface of belief are always the same ARKetypes.

This image was taken from the following discussion at Thunderbolts.

@rc-us wrote:
Caption: This is what the direction of the lines of force really looks like, demonstrated with a cubical magnet having the top face for the north pole and the bottom face for the south pole (top) as opposed to (bottom)

I know this thread is about Re: Magnetism: Form, Structure, & Dynamics
I wonder if this post of mine stays within the parameters of the discussion?
I feel it does.
Will I be discussing Magnetism: Form, Structure, & Dynamics?
I feel I do.
The symbol I want to discuss represents all of the above.
It is a divine archetype … a divine fractal … an image frozen in time that has withstood time itself.

Arc can I suggest that different versions of this ancient symbol is the ‘template’ for where modern EU theory is headed?

What would a Shaman or Scribe scribble after accessing the ‘other’ side?
After returning with a message, based on 3D hallucinations?

I especially like the Aztec version.
This following symbol was found in the valley of Mexico around the turn of the 20th century. It dates from pre-Hispanic / pre-Columbus conquest.

1st image: the Key to Universal Movement is very similar in design to a plate from Samarra Iraq 5000 BCE.

This symbol was also found in Rome.
Please note the shape of the third symbol which contains the sacred Jewish Solomon’s Knot in the center.

And what about the first two?
Whirly whorls blowin’ up yer kilt, a place where no mann is an isle.


Let me show you another ‘archetypal’ slide we ALL arrive with as part of our programing…a message that arrives via chiral asymmetric helical DNA.

Above I present the propagation of a transverse spherical wave in a FLAT 2D grid.
These are electromagnetic LIGHT waves and their motion is slightly different as we can see in the above image.
And the motion matches the FLAT plate from Samarra Iraq 5000 BC.

Take a close look and you will see a Swastika swirling in the center of that grid matching the plate.

That plate above is also an archetype or model of the FLAT spiral galaxy they have identified and called the Milky Way.
more info here regarding this Universal movement that happens on ALL levels, big or small:…the-milky-way/

Now I know what kind of response to expect when posing the following question.
What if the swastika were to become the symbol connected to a new paradigm involving an Electrical Universe?

I cannot think of a better symbol to represent a universe comprised of Light and Sound than the swastika and its asymmetric image the svastika.
Thunderbolts >>> Thor >>> hammer of Thor >>> swastika

Too obvious isn’t it?
But it is easily proven that western herd mentality (a.k.a. the collective consciousness) does not want to stray there and discuss this symbol, because of its associations with a time best forgot?
Please understand this inability to discuss the swastika openly is only a western phenomena.

What if, as I have proposed elsewhere, the swastika was adopted with intent and then associated with a heinous crime, and then this symbol has been flashed like a beacon, part of the programming with only one intent?

And the intent has intuitively become clear to me.
The conspiracy I believe is simply to turn our consciousness away from this symbol that has divine origins and purpose.

What if this is something that can be proven?

I have pondered why don’t we flash the $ and the crucifix on the boob tube every time we show a heinous crime being committed against humanity?
Why do we not discuss the elimination of Mesoamerica by the descendants of Mesopotamia, and at the same time, flash the crucifix like a beacon to be feared?
And what drove these crucifix waving Jesuits who headed for the four corners of the globe?
Tales of spiritual and material gold represented best by the $ was and still is the primary motive of what drove the Judeao/Christian/Muslim invaders and colonialists … an attempt to replicate their beliefs.
One of DNAs primary functions is to replicate.

The $ and crucifix can easily be shown to have committed more crimes against humanity than the ancient 20,000 year old swastika.
Think about that fact.

Now remember what I said about the swastika being marginalized only within the western consciousness?
The swastika is still being revered by many eastern and indigenous tribes throughout the world.

But here is the conspiracy born of weakness of mind and spirit.

Within western consciousness, a consciousness being taught to fear the swastika, what may I ask primarily drives the western consciousness today?
Who or what is in control of our behaviors?

The Christian Vatican represented by the crucifix and Consumerism represented by the $ and thus controlled by the State.
(think of the $ as a serpent coiled around the y axis)

So there I propose is the conspiracy, a conspiracy that we all contribute too simply by how and what we think about, and by what we believe in.
Control the symbols that go deep within the consciousness of the collective and you control the flow of humanity.

We are the THEY that we fear.
Sadly we fear our own shadows.

But THEY fear an enlighten WE.
Remember that.

In conclusion I feel if the Electric Universe is looking for a mascot or a banner or a symbol to represent Magnetism: Form, Structure, & Dynamics, I believe we need look no further.

The reason the swastika is still around is because TRUTH endures.
No matter now many times you attempt to slay it.
It resurrects…as a matter of fact…the swastika and DNA both represented by chirality or handedness, would simply replicate itself.

Consider me one of Truth’s messengers.
The swastika is GOOD and we should ALL meditate on it.

You doubt my intuitive journey?
In an upside down world … this is how it ends folks.
Endings always have a twist at the end.



12 thoughts on “Eclectic Swastika and an Electric Sun

  1. I totally agree with you as to the santicty of an ancient symbol that was misapropriated by the facists of the Third Reich, but not about its use as a symbol for an institution that in no way associates with facsism. If it was used by these people promoting The electric universe theories, it would be misunderstood and pillaried by the large populace and media for whom this symbol is a touchstone for hatred and intolerance. And I am sure that that is mostley an Western concept but the western media is fairly all puvasive around the world unforunately.

  2. wrexx you may want to check out that video above…it explores what I suggest.

    Also if the Vatican is clueless about a conspiracy taking place why did Ratzinger just recently have the long standing ‘beehive’ Tiara changed to a right angle using a ‘mitre’.
    Two 45 degree angles joined to form a 90 degree angle.
    I suggest it has something to do with the ‘butterfly’ effect … in physics this is known as the Lorentz factor.

    I feel the current Pope changed his Tiara to reflect a ‘morphing’ Electro-magnetic Field of Dreams.
    The current ‘illusion’ is about to change.


  3. The word dollar came to America from Germany… It sounded relevant. in very small portions.

    I am a young person, I do not take in what Is often revealed to me right away. I take one sentence & build it up with other findings to enhance my own theories of my own optimism & thought. I suppose I’m on thee right track. But many of these entry’s of yours have helped me conclude things lately, that I’ve had my mind on for awhile. You’re a kooky guy, glad to click upon your web page.. take care

  4. Who can be sure of what people could or could not accept given sufficient explanations. As long as it is made clear that the symbol itself does not represent ‘nazism’, and has a known meaning within the context of its use, people could probably swallow it just as easily as they’d swallow anything else.

    Talk of conspiracies and such, alongside the necessary information required to understand the proposed use of the symbol, is unlikely to aid anyone in taking said information or proposal on board with anything more than a grain of salt. When dealing with such apparently sensitive issues, take on one subject at a time. Your hostility towards the “powers that be” shines through in your post, and could easily repel your average reader-at-large who might have learned something new if it weren’t for the inclusion of accusations and claims which he, for the moment at least, is unable to comprehend. Easy does it!

  5. Point taken…but at this time…only those who can see past their own prejudices can appreciate what I offer.
    Choosing to bear this cross for 3 years I am reminded “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces”.

    True true true.

    Much of my contempt is the result of a 3+ year journey, following this DIVINE symbol around, investigating its history prior to 1934…

    I have a feeling I know what it was like to carry a cross up to mount calvary…

    I make no apologies for the swine, the sheeple people or the seegullibles.

    Cannot ever make all the domesticated animals on the farm happy…


  6. Good day!
    I have a few questions, I will be very glad to hear the answers if it possible! (sory for my English – i’m not English-speaking)
    How can we consider Swastika with Universal movement?
    And how can we consider Swastika moves with time?
    Also I want to show another symbol – Yin and yang ( Can we use that symbol to understand Swastika. Why I think so – Yin and yang are symbolysing diametricaly different thing, but also it groups it into one thing. Swastika on the other side – is the symbol of cycles in every vibrations that appears in Nature (among other meanings). I think they can be relativly to each other.
    And the last question – how can we consider vibrations with Swastika?
    Thank You very much for the answers and sory for my English once again!
    If you do not understand questions I’ll try to explain.

  7. Q: How can we consider Swastika with Universal movement?

    A: The swastika represents both left and right handedness or spin which determines polarity.
    Without polarity we have NO visible diverse universe.

    Q: And how can we consider Swastika moves with time?

    A: Swastika and time are both asymmetrical.

    Q: Also I want to show another symbol – Yin and yang
    Can we use that symbol to understand Swastika.


    Q: Swastika on the other side – is the symbol of cycles in every vibrations that appears in Nature (among other meanings). I think they can be relativly to each other.

    A: see the links above…

    Q: How can we consider vibrations with Swastika?

    A: If thing that spins creates an energy field.
    The two movements or spin, represented by both swastika/svastika create energy fields.

    Max Planck and the Buddhist both agree … everything defaults to ‘vibration’.



  8. Hi;
    I have no idea what all this means but have been seeing these symbols most nights for over a year?

    It was a continual hunt for symbol meanings on images that lead me to this site.

    Have you any thoughts as to why I might be seeing these.



  9. Yes Angie the color of light we are receiving has been altered.
    Because the color is dependent on the electro-magnetic forces that embrace the Earth and Moon.

    The SUN changes its position relative to the ecliptic…things change…we are overdue for an adjustment.

    What happens to the stock market, which is driven by unconscious desire…
    Will also play a role in any spiritual ‘adjustment’ due.
    How big a fall in price and value, in terms of human life and lifestyle, depends on the ensuing panic…



  10. Namaste..who are you? I am intrigued with this conversation.
    Have you ever considered a link between string theory and humans need for music?
    I just read the section about everything coming down to vibration.

    walk with me….talk with me…?


  11. hello bot

    Who am I?
    Somebody, probably a somebody/nobody just like you.

    What if string theory eventually evolves into a knot/note theory?

    note ‘A’ = 440 Hertz

    …many musicians feel that ‘A’ should be tuned to 432 Hertz.

    I read recently that it was the idea of Joseph Goebbels, the NAZI propaganda minister, who had proposed ‘440’ Hertz as the international standard, back in 1939.

    Both Fascism, and cream rise to the top, inevitably, it is part of the separation proceSS.

    Walk and talk with you?
    Shall we ‘try’ to walk the talk together?



  12. Awesome article. I like the idea of people purposely implanting meanings on a symbol or word to over ride the original meaning. Like alot of people think of the show big brother instead of Orwell’s Big Brother just as we enter a surveilance society..

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