The RIDDLE to the SPHINX and the ELECTRON … a clue

junglelord wrote:
Here is a paper I found last night about the archetype of the organism

The Jungian ideal of the whole person is one whose cell and psyche, body and mind, inner and outer, are fully integrated, and hence completely in tune with nature. Jung’s ideas on psychical development show many parallels to those relating to the organism…

That is a good link jL.

Universal Archetypes are easily shown to be adopted among the Biblical ARKetypes.

Jung coined the term archetypes.
But I will take credit for ARKetypes.
(a profound revelation)

I do like what this thread is suggesting actually…the possibility that our Solar System’s position in space could be or has been altered rather dramatically.
It is consistent with a theory I am working on…called the Riddle of the Sphinx which suggests that the orbit or ‘valance’ our Sun is on is alterable.

As in a quantum leap … between valances … like the way electrons move about in atoms.

My theory does not involve any new rewrites…it simply interprets the truth using universal archetypes and esoteric symbolism…and applies a little macrocosm/microcosm uncommon philosophical sense.

There exists something interesting about the electron.
Whether the electron is the electron of an electrical charge, chemical or subatomic it is the key to understanding how the Sun could possibly jump a ‘valance or orbit’.

In chemistry we use UV light to encourage electrons to jump through the rings, so to speak.
And in physics the ONE hydrogen electron that changes its orbit … to a higher energy state is called the LAMB shift.

And in an Electric Universe the analogy of an electron that defies the odds, implying a violation of both parity and “time reversal” is known as the Electron Electric Dipole Moment

So in analogy … whether chemical, atomic or electric … the electron (anode or Sun) plays a role come 2012…

The thread I am working on called The Riddle of the Sphinx suggests a quantum leap awaits us all.
As Max Planck suggests…everything defaults to ‘vibration’.

The Riddle of the Sphinx is the prequel to the Christian blasphemy called the DaVinci Code….
The DaVinci Code however only addressed the last 2000 years of a scripted HIStory.
The Riddle of the Sphinx suggests we take a look at the last 25,920 years to understand how they rewrote history.

And why.



2 thoughts on “The RIDDLE to the SPHINX and the ELECTRON … a clue

  1. a question, could 2012 ,dec 21, just be as simple as a shift in the earths magnetic poles, since it seems like it has happend
    before, with the willey mamoths buried under the ice at the north pole with clover leaves still in thier mouth. , and this shift effected
    the climate where the shinx is , since it has proven/suggested
    it has centrys of rain damge on it , and we have prove of giant rocks carried by moving ice through out the west in america.
    anc could it be who ever ajusted the mayan claender to take in to account the earths wobble, was able to do this becuase the kept time before the last polar shift, and saw the differences pre shift
    star and time allignment, and post shift differences,
    and just for a reach, could the ” alian space ship sightings”
    just be rescue missions, looking for there last of the
    species who some got got in the middle of the last shift are still trapped under the ice in the north pole.
    and now they are here waiting for the new shift in 2012
    to save there species. who awate them in some hyper deep freeze .
    if at all possible, any of this line of thinking , should we be stydying magnets, and there possible effects with gravitational pull , and if this is all true,
    it poses the question, will egypt and and israel , iraq, iran
    and surounding countrys , turn back into a tropical oaisis,
    and will the beachs 500 feet under water there, were buildings have been found beachs still standing.

    and what way will the magnetic poles re establish them selves
    ? my 1st thought is where the were before the last , such event, ” history repeats it self” — what go’s around comes around , in the new age of aquaris the fish is swiming in the oppisite direction, it the real key peice of information.
    we shall see, all of the mayan info seems to idacated a great change , not a end, as all the phrofits suggest 75 percent
    loss of life. , which would make sense with there prediction
    of a 1000 years of peace among man kind right after this shift.
    sorta a cosmic wake up call

    what do you see???

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