2_3_5 and Infinity and the Leyden Jar

lk wrote:
– Speaking of Ka, there’s a book by that name here. Check out the Table of Contents etc. It’s from Ted Holden’s site, which also discusses Julian Jaynes, dinosaurs etc.
http://www.bearfabrique.org/Catastrophism/ka_docs/ka_1.pdf– And as for the Tree of Life, did you know the street map of Washington, DC depicts the internal passages of the Great Pyramid, as well as a hexagon and pentagon, which together make the Tree of Life symbol, I think according to Kabbala?

Those were some great links lk.
They have been bookmarked.
(question: how do I cut and paste from a pdf file?)

Ik you mentioned the Pentagon?
Pentagon has 5 sides?

Just yesterday I came across a youtube video.
The video … keep in mind … I believe to be very ‘Pythagorean’ in its message.
It helps us understand how using 2D flat Euclidean geometry, we can extract 3D and 4D meaning.
This is a great video penetrating a simple truth that exists in universal structure.

The importance of the rotating cube is illuminated nicely in this video.
This video shows quite profoundly how the numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 correlate to the platonic solids and how we progress through the dimensions…
In this video, 4 is seen as an extension of 2.
Keep these next images in mind as he discusses points, lines, triangles and tetrahedrons.


And his explanation of how simple numbers relate to a progression of shape, 2 >>> 3 >>> 4 >>> 5 will be a nice tool now available to me, that I can now use to assist in my esoteric explanation of how The Riddle of the Sphinx is not only connected to Past Present and Future, (that is something we do in fact know), but specifically, this ancient riddle is concerned with what is known as the Great Year, as the ancients termed the cycle of time needed to complete what the alchemist called the Great Work…this process of alchemy conducted by the Grand Architect takes about 25,920 years.

Scientists call the Great Year, the Precession of the Equinoxes.

In conclusion that is how I see it.
The earth is an alchemy vessel.
Very much like a Leyden Jar.

Basically, the Leyden jar is a cylindrical container made of a dielectric (that’s an insulator, like plastic or glass) with a layer of metal foil on the inside and on the outside. With the outside surface grounded, a charge is given to the inside surface. This gives the outside an equal but opposite charge. When the outside and inside surfaces are connected by a conductor…SNAP! You get a spark and everything returns to normal.The amount of charge one of these devices can store is related to the voltage applied to it times its capacitance. In simple terms, capacitance depends on the AREA of the foil or metal, the TYPE OF MATERIAL between the two layers of foil, and the THICKNESS (generally the thinner the better) of that material.

Check out static tube for a simple way to charge a Leyden jar. Another way to charge a Leyden jar, If you haven’t got a high voltage generator, is to use an electrophorus.

Cosmological claim by moi:
The Earth and Moon when placed together, in an Electric Universe, present themselves using archetype and analogy as a Leyden Jar.

The Leyden Jar can be considered a capacitor or a KA-pacitor.
Did I say give me 6 months to match up the archetypes?
How about 6 days?
Using sacred geometry, gematria and images already posted here on this forum, please allow me in my next post, to show how this image below can be linked to the Earth and the Moon.
In this diagram below … consider the ‘metal ball’ the MOON.

Don’t bother to tell Krackonis.
This esoteric fluff only gives him fur balls anyway.

The oldest kind of ‘storage capacitor’?
Therefore I know this archetype as a capacitor … (i.e. like the hourglass or the leminscate known as the figure 8, suggesting time and infinity), thus carries profound meaning.

And I did find this quote interesting…

Check out static tube for a simple way to charge a Leyden jar. Another way to charge a Leyden jar, If you haven’t got a high voltage generator, is to use an electrophorus.

This quote from above is clue I believe in how maybe the Earth’s ‘entropy’ resets itself …

To reset ‘entropy’… what if we must recharge the KA-pacitor?
What if 2012 is about resetting the entropy?
Which is the same thing as suggesting we move to a higher energy state.
Which is the same thing as suggesting a hydrogen electron moves from orbital to orbital depending on its level of energy.

And of course jumping ‘orbitals’ could lead to Apocalyptic conditions…

2Bee continued while I compost my thoughts.
Pleasure doing business with you lk.



p.s. I forgot to mention in Hopi Prophecy their archetypal messiah is associated with the Blue Star KAchina.

And this link below shows the similarities between the Sumerian and Hopi beliefs.

By the way the Hopi use both swastikas in the telling of their Creation story.
(i.e. It is the Hopi equivalent to a Biblical Genesis story and the Blue Star KAchina could thus be associated with the ApoKAlypse.)


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