PLASMA and Non-Newtonian Mechanics

What if the plasma out in space, that of an electrified universe behaves similar to a non-Newtonian liquid?

That is my question…because it also addresses how gravity works in Relativistic terms.
Gravity is also the result of a Mass displacing the fabric of Space in conjunction with acceleration, all help in determining the strength of a gravitational field…(according to Einstein)
Here in simple analogy is where EU Plasma and Gravity merge…
So in that video above…when movement or acceleration ceases…mass is absorbed, and do not fret…maybe this is the way to pass through the membrane.
Also if you were viewing from below as the person sinks through the membrane…it would appear as if an object actually appeared out of nowhere

And this membrane or fabric of space caused by sheering…I want to suggest is analogous to the Planck Era…that impenetrable membrane that divides the Relative and Quantum realms.

The same analogy exists with skipping rotating stones off the surface of water…when the stone finally comes to rest…it sinks or is absorbed.

Who can see where I am going with this line of questioning and reasoning?
Maybe I will win a noble prize?
Rolling Eyes

And can that membrane that separates the two realms, also be considered a Flat 2D membrane, separating the two realms of Relative Order and Quantum Chaos?
If yes, then the Universe can be considered to have a Flat dimensionality to some degree.

“But these models can’t explain why one halo is flattened, and the other is spherical,” she says. “This result throws out all our current models of galaxy formation.”

I feel that 2D membrane or fabric referred to above, is an archetype found on all levels. It is also a fine representative of the Planck Era and of course it represents the firmament that is used to divide heaven and hell.

On another post I will like to present another example of a 2D membrane, a profound archetype, this time found in the beginning stages of creation itself…at the same time showing how this truth was retained by the ancients using esoteric sacred geometry in their symbols.
A picture is worth thousands of words.

Revelations are to be expected when studying the underlying ARKetypes.

2Bee continued.




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