Rob wrote:
Could it be that the three rings of water:

…represent the arctic circle, the tropic of Cancer and the equator?

Might this not be a description of our planet rather than a city?

Furthermore, could it be a description of a planet that is not tilted as we are today?

This completes the description of the most stable state of the hydrogen atom, the state for which n = 1. Before proceeding with a discussion of the excited states of the hydrogen atom we must introduce a new term. When the energy of the electron is increased to another of the allowed values, corresponding to a new value for n, yn and Pn change as well. The wave functions yn for the hydrogen atom are given a special name, atomic orbitals, because they play such an important role in all of our future discussions of the electronic structure of atoms. In general the word orbital is the name given to a wave function which determines the motion of a single electron. If the one-electron wave function is for an atomic system, it is called an atomic orbital.

My belief is that Atlantis and the hydrogen atom share far too many similarities…

I also feel that the hydrogen atom representing the 1st element in the Periodic Table Of Elements, the element that gives birth to all others…is one of the microcosmic archetypes…

A future Atlantis (the utopia we should be working toward) would resemble this divine architecture.
Any past Atlantis civilization, if one did actually exist would also reflect this divinity.

Cross above is known as the Atlantis Cross

But what is important to know is that the 1 (one) electron in orbit about the 1 (one) proton (hydrogen has NO nucleus) varies in its position, and the size of its orbit varies, and the distance to the proton is predictable relative to the level of excitation or level of energy of the electron.

This minute difference between orbitals is known as the Lamb Shift.
And the Lamb Shift is what awaits us in 2012.
The Lamb Shift will be an event that happens on a macrocosmic scale, which will be interpreted as the Apocalypse.

Lamb Shift and Sheeple and the Shepherds and wee lamb parable, is all part of the design…see the story unfolding?
Believe it or not…


One thought on “LAMB SHIFT and the HYDROGEN Atom and ATLANTIS

  1. as the author of this blog
    choosing 2012 as the date for the shift may have been hasty
    at the time back in 2007, the celestial pole star alignment and the overwhelming evidence supporting this event had not yet appeared on my internal radar map …

    so the lamb shift will occur as a result of the events leading up to the ‘celestial pole star alignment’ with accompanying meltdown.

    yes Jung would suggest that our present detachment, i.e. the consciousness pretends the collective unconscious does not exist leads to neurosis and psychosis i.e. a global meltdown unless …

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