Earth’s Kundalini is Rising

Mo wrote:
Australian aboriginal stories tell of a snake-like
creature forming the mountains.


The Morgan Hill earthquake, also called the Halls Valley earthquake, occurred on 24 April 1984 along the Calaveras fault 18 km east of San Jose and 22 km north of Morgan Hill. It had a magnitude of ML=6.2 and a focal depth of 8 km. The earthquake was felt in California and Nevada over an area of 120,000 km2

Ever been in an earthquake Mo?
First sensation was that the wind had picked up.
But I was wrong about what was coming.
Mo have you ever actually felt the ground undulating like a serpent / rolling under your feet?
(the earth’s kundalini rising perhaps?)
What I found fascinating was just as the undulations ceased, the pool as an after effect…started creating mini waves in the pool.
Whitecaps churning in the swimming pool?
I swear…mini whitecaps…

I was visiting my sister in San Jose in 1984…that is what I felt as I stood out by the pool, two feet firmly planted on terra firma. My sister who was out jogging…because she was moving didn’t feel a thing…
That was only a 6.2 by the way…

Crank it up a few notches…a mountain range experiencing a growth spurt must be awesome.

We are not the only ones with a Kundalini that needs to rise, right?
Certainly yes, if you believe in macro-micro connections…heaven above and below are essentially the same. The universe in a grain of sand or a blade of grass, right grasshopper?
The serpent has mythically been associated with the earth too (Garden of Eden) …it has no legs…thus its heart is close to the earth.
And we would expect and we do find Draco and Hydra and Hydrus in the heavens.
Macro / micro reflections and extensions of each other.
Are you familiar with the myth of the Hydrus?
It is interesting considering we are chatting about earth expansion.
The myth of Hydrus also supports my thesis that the ‘Apocalypse’ is such a scheduled event…
This myth explores an interesting aspect to the expansion archetype… something profound happening from deep within and rising making its way out….

General Attributes
The hydrus is an animal that lives in the Nile River. It is the enemy of the crocodile. When it sees a crocodile sleeping with its mouth open, the hydrus first rolls in mud to make itself slippery, then enters the crocodile’s mouth and is swallowed. It then eats its way out of the crocodile’s belly, killing it.

The crocodile signifies hell, and the hydrus Christ, who descended into hell to recover imprisoned souls.

Other Depictions
-The hydrus is almost always illustrated with its tail sticking out the crocodile’s mount and its head emerging from the crocodile’s side.
-The Icelandic Physiologus depicts the hydrus as a bird, with feathers in the crocodile’s mouth and a bird’s head emerging from its side. A few bestiary manuscripts show the hydrus as a snake; the hydrus in British Library is shown as a water snake swimming beside a man in a boat.

There is no mythology commonly associated with Hydrus because it was not visible to the ancient Greeks. Hydrus was not discovered until modern times due to its position in the sky.
So maybe we can associate Hydrus with modern earth expansion theory?

But the Greeks did have a significant allegory dealing with a birth or an emerging from the side.
From the side of Gaia was born Ouranos or Uranus…son and husband.
(not unlike Oedipus who also sleeps with his mother…and Oedipus also leads us to the Riddle of the Sphinx)

Uranus is the Latinized form of Ouranos, the Greek word for sky. In Greek mythology Uranus is personified as the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth (Hesiod, Theogony). Uranus and Gaia were ancestors of most of the Greek gods. Uranus is revered as Father Heaven.

Now when I think of an expanding earth…I can’t help but think of the mid-Atlantic Ridge, which appears to be separating? A ridge that extends nicely from north to south, dividing the world between the new world and the old….
Sometimes I wonder if Gaia will soon experience violent birthing contractions?
It does seem we are due for the appearance of the archetypal ‘messiah’.
And the water has already broke…
(Melting polar regions)

And the theme … that change starts from within … is supported.
Know thyself grasshoppers.
Rolling Eyes



2 thoughts on “Earth’s Kundalini is Rising

  1. If there is to be any reconciliation between science and religion, I suggest that it must occur with respect to the understanding of human consciousness; specifically, a determination of whether there is, in fact, an “observing consciousness” (as described in the Eastern esoteric traditions and at least implied in the Revelations of the monotheistic religions) which exists beyond the frame of reference of the ‘classical’ consciousness, on which the scientific method is based:

    The scientific method originates with the ‘classical’ consciousness—that is, the consciousness originating in self-reflection and the thought of the ‘thinker’—and consists of thought.

    And, similarly, the religion-theology paradigm also originates in self-reflection and consists of thought; having been concocted by people who never received, first-hand, any “information” from the frame of reference of, according to the Eastern esoteric traditions, the “observing consciousness”; which also establishes the context for what is referred to in the monotheistic traditions as, it is alleged, Revelation.

    Thus, the scientific paradigm and the religion-theology paradigm are parallel paradigms both originating in the ‘classical’ consciousness and consisting of thought, the possibility for the intersection of which is virtually nil.

    There is, however, a very direct intersection between the “observing consciousness” of the Eastern esoteric traditions—that is, the consciousness of, it is alleged, Revelation—and the scientific method in the area of the understanding of the origin, dimensions and ‘evolution’ of human consciousness itself; the discussion of which is largely and widely prohibited on scientific discussion groups on the Internet because it is too ‘religious’ and on religion discussion groups on the Internet because it is too ‘scientific’ or ‘secular’.

    According to the theory of ‘evolution’, life and human consciousness simply ‘evolved’ or ’emerged’ out of non-living matter; the implication being that the ‘classical’ consciousness originating in self-reflection is, in one way or another, the end point of the ‘evolution’ of human consciousness itself—an unarticulated assumption which, however, is immediately challenged by the existence of the “observing consciousness” of the Eastern esoteric traditions; which, it may very well be argued is the next ‘evolutionary step’ in human consciousness beyond the ‘classical’ consciousness.

    In addition, whether or not God exists in reality, the fact remains that those who claim to believe in God also claim that human consciousness was not the result of any ‘evolution’, but was specifically Created ‘by and in the image of’ this God. And, even if this God does not exist in reality, it must be acknowledged that the human consciousness alleged to have been Created by this God must be, in some way, neither spatial nor temporal insofar as the image of God, whether or not He exists, is as an Entity which exists everywhere and for eternity.

    Thus, it is also clear that, even if God does not exist in reality, the consciousness with which it is alleged human consciousness was Created is not the same consciousness as is described by Descartes as originating in the thought of the ‘thinker’.

    In other words, even if God does not exist, there is still a non-spatial/ non-temporal human consciousness– asserted by the Buddhist esoteric tradition, which does not, in any way, rely upon the existence of God for such an observation–which is clearly different than the consciousness originating in self-reflection.

    And, thus, even if God does not exist, it may very well be that the consciousness which originates in (self-reflection and) the thought of the ‘thinker’ is what is referred to by those who claim to believe in God as the ‘Fallen’ consciousness or the consciousness of “the Fall”.

    Thus, the intersection of the paradigm of the “observing consciousness”/ Revelation and the paradigm of the scientific method.
    Michael Cecil

    Vote Ron Paul in 2008

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