FIBONACCI Cahokia MONK Mounds and MARS Artifacts?


FIBONACCI Cahokia MONK Mounds and MARS Artifacts?

Above is a photo from Mars showing perhaps the foundation of a structure.
Please note the obvious sloping sides in the image above.
Sometimes we fail to see the obvious.

So now let us combine that image with these images.
Here is another perspective of what it may have looked like.
What it’s purpose was…please keep in mind the ancients took great care in ‘mirroring’ the creation, seeing themselves as extensions of a universal process, taking part in a bigger picture and of a greater purpose.

Please note the obvious sloping sides in the images above.
And those mounds called the Monk Mounds in ‘Cahokia’, Illinois (11th century), resemble this sacred shape below based on sacred geometry.
The first four numbers of this sequence, 1, 1, 2, 3, are those primary Monk Mounds.

And as noted above the unraveling … it starts with one square, block or cube.

It is important however to note the 3 colors used in the very powerful swastika.

Black Cross
White Circle
Red Background

These colors btw, are the first 3 colors used in alchemy.
The 4th step or color referenced in the alchemy process using archetype, is gold or yellow.

And though the ancients referred to them as color and even 4 divine races of men as in the Medicine Wheel a modern Electric Universe, colors are reduced to spectra of light and vibration.
Right Max?
Out of nothing comes something…

St. Brigit’s Cross and Solomon’s Knot

 Solomon’s Knot found in Tennessee

Using the Greek Zodiac Cross and the Ecliptic Constellations we can show that this cross is referencing the Precession of the Equinoxes.

That would mean both the Swastika and Solomon’s Knot are also both amulets that can be worn referencing Precession.

And this symbol was found in the Valley of Mexico (Aztec) and it was referred to by James Churchward as the Key to Universal Movement.
Compare to the image below on the far right.

However back on track, what is the connection to Mars and Rome?
You tell me…any idea.

Actually it just occurred to me that I can connect Mars to at least one other very significant structure here on Earth.
How about we go to Egypt for a mind bending experience?
That is where the next structure can be found when joining the esoteric dots…
That is the clue for now.
Wait one more clue.
The Emerald Table or Tablet.
That is 3 clues I have given you.

MARS >>> Cahokia Monk Mounds >>> Egypt?
Great, great, great, connection and treasure awaits the curious initiate in Egypt.

2Bee continued…




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