“…the Right Hand Rule” LAMB Shift and 2012

@rc-us wrote:
Could just be wishful thinking on my part, but my “gut” feeling is that a gradient scale from solar bodies birthing –> plasma giants birthing –> rocky planets birthing –> hard-boned (and hard-headed), skeletaly-vertical, upright humanity is more or less correct and that, in symmetry with commonly observed relational dualities of life on planet earth that systems do, in fact, tend toward forming life-supporting solar families in a hierarchical fashion. That our system may in fact probably be the exception to the rule based on an ancient cataclysmic breakdown of the originating family unit and that at least one “parent” has gone missing.

Anyone care to share their personal theories, speculations, or feelings about past, present, and future configurations?

Hello @rc…

By the way, the Thunderbolts welcoming committee called ‘Ik’ sent me in your direction.

Funny that you and I should connect on so many points of interest.
I study archetypes so much that I now refer to them as ARKetypes and I have an intuitive gut feeling I will soon develop an understanding of even more @RCetypes.
Where do I begin?
It is almost as though I planted you in the audience and paid you to ask me these questions…

To quote you from above:
…in symmetry with commonly observed relational dualities of life on planet earth

Symmetry is a big deal
Something was discovered in 1956 and it was not symmetry.
The discovery was that the Universe was asymmetrical.
But this revelation was not announced to the world until 1957, the same year that I was born…spooky.
So in the same year I was born the physicists announced the Universe was to be considered not perfect nor symmetrical.

Parity violation and nuclear weak beta decay suggested the universe was architecturally put together using an asymmetrical vision.
So the ancients placing the circle or sphere at the apex of creation containing all other shapes, like triangles, pyramids, squares and cubes, etc. etc. etc. is consistent with the Standard Model theory that was given a shock back in 1956.

Until half a century ago, it was assumed that the forces of nature were symmetric and that they did not distinguish between right and left, between image and mirror image. The discovery of the violation of parity in 1956 was more than a sensation, for some it was a shock. It implied that the universe displays handedness, or chirality, and that it is fundamentally asymmetric.

Remarkably, a most striking asymmetry is encountered in the realm of biology. Living organisms contain proteins built almost exclusively from L-amino acids, and nucleic acids derived from D-sugars only. Yet a mirror-image biochemistry, based on D-amino acids and L-sugars is, from a purely chemical standpoint, entirely conceivable. Where, then, does this extraordinary natural selectivity come from? Is it directly, or indirectly, connected to the universal violation of parity?

This book is meant as a brief review of the various manifestations of handedness, or chirality, in the universe. It does not attempt to present a solution to basic questions which perhaps will never be unambiguously and conclusively answered. Rather, it is an excursion through nature, to observe and recognize how the chirality manifests itself at different structural levels. The excursion starts in the chemistry and physics laboratory. Then a journey into outer space and back in time is undertaken. After a return to our planet Earth, the focus is on the development of living organisms.

The text should be accessible to anyone having the equivalent of a first-year university instruction in physics and chemistry. It is also hoped that a layperson with a more modest scientific formation may gain a general impression of the basic asymmetry in nature and of the fundamental significance of chirality. Mathematical expressions, wherever they occur, may then be overlooked. Some more difficult sections may be skipped. A Glossary preceding the Subject Index should be helpful.


Chirality and Universal Asymmetry deals with Reflections on Image and Mirror Image…

Hmm…would the ancients know about this?
Chirality was discovered by an Arabic Alchemist.
But we can go back much further, back to Mesoamerica for proof the ancients knew about this fact of nature that the physicist only recently acknowledged back in 1957.


@rc-us wrote:
Meandering back to the general vicinity of the topic, I was reading through the thread in this forum about magnetic reversals. A few questions for anyone that might have an interest, opinions, or ideas about it …

I have a few unique ideas @rc arrived at through the study of archetype. Supported by some empirical evidence.

@rc-us wrote:
1) what ramifications would a change of magnetic (not geographical) polarity of the Earth have for biological systems?

Here is a thought. And this thought is based on the premise that I believe that the Microcosm and Macrocosm can be reflections and extensions of each other.
I believe in the premise that you can find the universe in a grain of sand or in a blade of grass.

We also know in fact that the Sun’s magnetic field flips every 11 years. This evidence can be found in tree rings….if I cut you horizontally could I count rings?
But the point is…the Sun’s rays and flipping polarities affect all life here on earth. The trees are evidence of that.
Coincidence is…that is how a microwave oven cooks food.
By flipping the polarities.
A microwave cooks food in minutes because those ‘microwave cycles’ are sped up…can I suggest we are in a microwave crock pot?
Geophysical changes are a slow cookin’ process and eventually the meat just falls off the bone…

Many other people have theorized that the Pyramid is in fact a microwave.
Maybe it is a symbol for a microwave…a cooking apparatus or alchemical vessel for a cooking cycle?
I believe that is what the earth is…we go from being in the womb to being born and coming into this world…just another womb lacking the intimate womb service we had for 9 months…and just prior to being born…the fetus usually rotates 180 degrees. The fetus does a polarity flip and then the water breaks, or is it the other way around?
Because melting poles could be an indication the water has ‘broke’.

What if the Pyramid is in fact a profound archetype (you think?) … representing the Precession of the Equinoxes and an accompanying cooking process called celestial alchemy?
It is the 25,920 cycle of our Sun called Sol traveling through space, in a dance with its Sol-mate, and COBE is evidence that the Sun passes through hot and cold thermoclines of plasma, energized electro-magnetic fields, these are the frequencies or currents that are used to help cook and cool the earth, in fact the entire solar system, out into the galaxies and beyond into the darkness and voids is an Easy Bake Oven that uses a Idea to do most of the baking.
Alchemy is the process of transmutation on ALL levels. Think of us as clay men, imperfections that need TLC and improvement.
That is what archetype teaches you. You can find the same microcosmic archetypes, or esoteric ideas representing invisible, shadowy magical concepts that in fact manifest themselves as macrocosmic visible exoteric events.
It is where quantum mechanics chaos manifests into a relativistic order.

So part of my theory is that the Grand Architect fine tunes his Creation at a distance…using the ‘electro-magnetic field’…which is connected also to ‘right handedness’ or the ‘right hand rule’.

This is one of the ‘weapons of ritual magick’ the Grand Architect uses…there are a total of 4 weapons on the Magician’s table if you notice, on Card I of the Tarot.
Those 4 Weapons in conjunction with my interpretation thus suggests the ancients were tuned into a much higher understanding that we give them credit for.

Here are the 4 Weapons and I also indicate the appropriate Suit and the accompanying nuclear Force along with the Hebrew letter esoterically assigned.

Yod – WANDS- Nuclear Weak
Hei – CUPS – Electro-magnetism
Vav – SWORDS – Nuclear Strong
Hei – PENTACLES – Gravity

Those 4 Forces placed in that order spell the Great Work…or what was called Alchemy.
And the Alchemist is YHVH, indicated by taking the first letter of each Hebrew letter.

As you can see in the picture above the right hand rule is applicable. You put your thumb in the direction of the current and your curled fingers is the magnetic field.

So using not much imagination can you think of that rod as being a WAND, a wand belonging to a magician and that HAND as belonging to the Grand Architect?
Pointing upward toward the Sky.
Take a look at the 4 Weapons of Ritual Table.
The Emerald Table.


Can I suggest using analogy what awaits us…is the Left Hand Rule…the Apocalypse?
Where is the Magician’s left hand pointing toward?
The Earth.

@rc-us wrote:
2) would chirality orientation of organic systems be affected?

…Will have to revisit this subject as it’s been a few years and I find it quite fascinating.

…I posit a link to DNA configuration in this context, so might not magnetic orientation be a prime area for investigation and, yah, pure speculation with regard to DNA orientation and configuration?

Time to revisit CHirality with me @rc.

These following blogs probe the profound importance at ALL levels of right and left handedness called CHirality…(maybe we can also make reference to the Buddhist right and left hand path…why is left considered sinister, could chirality explain this question?


@rc-us wrote:
3) how would a reversal most likely be experienced mentally? any supposed effects on mental orientation? perceived effects on memory? (aside from the obvious potential begging for humor in these questions Twisted Evil go start yer own thread Razz )

The question to ask when studying the ARKetypes which use the divine archetypes is this…why do the ‘good guys’ usually appear as white or even more revealing ‘Blue’?
Why are the messengers and messiahs seen as ‘Blue’.
There is a consistency that again appears in many cultures.
The answer is simple…Blue is a color.

Colors are associated with a certain wavelength.
The significance of Blue is connected ultimately to ‘vibration’, as Max Planck, the Buddhists and the EM Spectrum all suggest.

@rc-us wrote:
5) you don’t have to agree to the premise, but for the sake of crack-pottedness supposing the essence (aka soul, spirit, etc) of physical beings in a relationship with matter is some sort of extremely high, ephemeral frequency range (resonant with and to the denser physical body forms but not necessarily in a complete identity with them), what might be the effects at this level? If you can’t relate to this in any fashion or have not an inkling of what I’m bleeding driving at, that’s okay – just skip it. Not interested in how it ain’t that way as I’m fully familiar with that shtick. Wink

We must look at the big picture.
If we are evolving … entering new age … the Age of Aquarius … I believe the environment will need to morph along with us. It will not just be the human who will an island to himself as the electro-magnetic field ‘flips’.

The global and NOT just local disappearance of bees is an indicator that the EM field is changing.
Another indication of a morphing field is the fact that Global Warming and Global Dimming are happening concurrently.

@rc-us wrote:
Feel free to pick-and-choose, freeform it, whatever.


freeform the waveform?

How do we change our DNA?

There is evidence we can, using the Epigenome command center…and the once secret

Solfeggio frequencies. The one frequency called 528, is said to heal DNA. The Epigenome is a control room everyone has access to.
And guess what?
The Allopath does not get to position them self as guru.
We bypass these false profits.

IMHO … all of the theories can be merged into one.
A morphing EM field, a Zero-point energy moment, the Sun and Earth ‘standing still’, Precession Of the Equinoxes, a Chiral Asymmetric Universe (binary companions would have the opposite spin, rotation or handedness of course), the Apocalypse….etc…etc…etc…

I even believe the Sphinx can be shown to be connected to the Apocalyptic she-bang. (that is why the earth is considered an abomination, she will consume us eventually)
And that I believe what awaits humanity…a ‘Lamb Shift’ to reflect changing polarities, reflecting an EM field that is being altered for good reason.
What is a Lamb Shift?

IMHO the electro-magnetic field directly influences the rise and fall of cultures.
In conclusion…I believe depending on where the Sun is on its ecliptic orbit / Precession, because it has a journey too!… is what determines whether the global consciousness primarily espouses a patriarchal, matriarchal or egalitarian universality.

I believe we are headed toward a lower energy state that requires a contraction…or an exhalation.
When an electron jumps an orbital or shell…it releases a proton.

Did I mention your Left and Right Hands representing two chiral asymmetrical components, positioned together in prayer, symbolize peace.

And we know each of the two swastikas represent either a left or right handedness, and combined or placed over each other…they help form Solomon’s Knot.
Both Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika are esoteric amulets containing a weave that tracks the Precession of the Equinoxes.

2Bee continued…




@rc-us wrote:
That our system may in fact probably be the exception to the rule based on an ancient cataclysmic breakdown of the originating family unit and that at least one “parent” has gone missing.

And why would you say that….one parent has gone missing?
The fable of CHiram Abiff suggests he was a widow’s son.


One thought on ““…the Right Hand Rule” LAMB Shift and 2012

  1. Like most things, this can be looked at it in the same light as binary code. “0” being the mother, empty and vacuuous in ‘herself’, she is yet the only existing potential for expansion or growth to be facilitated, with “1” being the father, the substance to expand and grow throughout.

    Does the left hand follow where the right hand leads, as in the drag of aerodynamics, or does the right hand move to where the left has receded, as in a man falling into a canyon? Both and neither, of course, depending on how aerodynamic the falling man is, and to a lesser degree, whether or not his parachute requires any ambidextrous ability to open!

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