LAMB SHIFT and the Day the Earth Stood Still…part II

In April 1947 – “I remember it was on a Saturday,” Lamb said — his experiment succeeded. It revealed the minute but significant shift of energy in the hydrogen atom in different states.

Who has heard of the LAMB Shift or Willis Lamb?
Will is Lamb
Will is Islam?

What’s more, the self interaction of the electon can change slightly in different environments, like when it’s close to a proton. This change is measurable and is the reason why two hydrogen levels that should be equal, the 2s and 2p, are not. It results in a shift in a small shift in the hydrogen spectrum that corresponds to this energy difference between those to levels. That shift in the spectrum is called the Lamb shift, named after Willis Lamb who recieved the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955 for measuring it.
When that shift is measured, essentially what is really being measured is how the electron has changed by being in proximity of the proton nucleus. This change, which is very small and precise has been predicted successfully by quantum electrodynamics using virtual particles. The lamb shift is compelling support for the existence of virtual particles.

Nobel Prize attached to this term Lamb Shift.
How cool because I want to eventually show how it is connected to the Riddle of the Sphinx … and the numbers 423…

But we need to understand how the herd of Lamb will be shifted.
Yes, I want to suggest that the shift that awaits the herd of sheeple, and I do include myself among this sheepish crowd, as we approach 2012, can indeed be explained using the Lamb Shift.
It is soooo beautiful how the Grand Architect has woven a most sublime story…and no wonder the ancient parables, folklore and myth often referenced the wee lamb, sheep and goats.
Not to mention the Shepherds were present too.

Imagine for a moment that our reality exists as a flat universe…we only see, our perspective is from only one face of the cube.…now imagine as you descend into the cube…toward the center…your perspective as you look about, is indeed evolved.

The Lamb Shift and the Riddle of the Sphinx and 2012 and the shift we are too receive are all intimately connected.
Precession of the Equinoxes I can show is the common denominator.

The Lamb Shift presents an anomaly in regards to the hydrogen atom.

This helps to explain one of the major puzzles in classical physics. In the classical definition of an atom, its components are often modeled after a miniature solar system with electrons acting like miniature planets orbiting a sun-like nucleus. Yet these atoms should not exist. The circling electrons should slowly radiate away their energy (like real planets) and spiral into the nucleus. The reason why this does not occur is due to this interaction of the electrons with the Quantum Fluctuations, constantly exchanging energy to ensure that the electron maintains its orbit. As the electron loses bits of its energy, it re-absorbs energy from the surrounding field of energy.

And the Lamb Shift is a microcosmic event…but I want you to know, the art of analogy suggests this is what awaits us all come 2012, sooner or later, this microcosmic event represented by the electron of the hydrogen atom will play itself out on the macrocosmic level.

Is your imagination still turned on and maybe tuned in?

Just substitute our Sun for that hydrogen electron that can be predicted on which valance it will appear next…that is the shift I want you to know that awaits us.
Archetype suggests 8 such occurrences or intersections manifest over a 25,920 year period called the Great Year.
Alchemy was once referred to as the Great Work.
We are in witness to the Great Work by the Master Alchemist, The Grand Architect.

Mathematics is only its signature.
Proof of its existence.
Its signature is an X.

And the Riddle to the Sphinx … the numbers 423 … can be shown to be intimately connected to the Lamb Shift.
2012 is such a Lamb Shift on the macrocosmic level.
Here is your Apocalypse, can I suggest?

We move from the 3rd valance to the 2nd valance.
Lamb Shift suggests this is a move toward a higher energy state…toward the the Age of Aquarius, the return of the Galactic Butterfly.
“Let the Sun shine in…”

Hint: More confirmation of the impending Lamb Shift is further found in the numbers ‘2 3’.
What do the numbers ‘2 3’ reference in regards to the approaching Lamb Shift?
Check it out.

If you do not find the answer in those links above, I will try to answer that question on another post.

2Bee continued.



p.s. just want you to know, I am having the time of my life … now I understand why I could never wear wool. Why it made me itch…
Rolling Eyes


One thought on “LAMB SHIFT and the Day the Earth Stood Still…part II

  1. My name is Perry Lamb. I am Willis’s brother and I understand very little about what is said above. As I had been an electronics instructor at an Air Corps School at Yale in 1944 he once asked me how a vacuum tube worked. I gave him a layman’s explanation, then eleven years later he won the Nobel Prize. I found out later that he had used this technique with his graduate students to set them at ease.

    He was a good brother but he wasn’t very good at sending or receiving attachments. I live in Brunswick, Maine with a Tree Farm in New Sharon, Maine.

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