4*2*3? … Solving Riddles while Rome Burns


That post above was perhaps a bit long.
Many of you would not have gotten to the best part.

The REAL Riddle to the Sphinx is …

Why are the numbers 4, 2, 3, placed in that particular order?
That is the Riddle of the Sphinx we must understand.
What is 4 2 3 pointing us toward?

Positioning these numbers to represent the life cycle of a human, (or may I suggest a star/sun) in the morning crawling on 4, walking on 2 legs upright through most of the afternoon, only to be felled by old age in the evening and needing the assistance of a cane…makes 3.
That current accepted answer is only half the answer.
Great myth, which this is, connects on ALL levels from and in between the extremes represented by the terms, the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.
The ancients use these terms and so do the modern physicists.

So we know what 4, 2, 3 means in the sequence as a metaphor or archetype in our lives…how it suggests a life cycle.
But what is it an archetype for on the Macrocosmic level?

Take some time to think about that. This riddle heralds from a time of when the ancient philosophers would reduce all numbers to single digits, between 1-9.

What does going from 4 >>> 2 >>> 3 indicate, what do those sequence of numbers mean on another esoteric level?
(by design we often find there exist 9 levels in the esoteric world)

Here is the Riddle of the Sphinx that has been overlooked…
Why are the numbers 4, 2, 3 in that specific order?

And if you ask yourself, can I reverse those numbers, can 423 become 324?
The answer I believe is yes.
And that would be another clue to solving this Riddle.
Reread the lengthy post before this one if you are interested in solving riddles while Rome burns…?

You want to be a hero, a Nero or a zero when ewe grow up?



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