ANTIKYTHERA device and Precession of the Equinoxes

binskiboys wrote:
The 10 Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

1. Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon
2. Age of the Pyramids and Sphinx
3. Nazca Lines
4. Location of Atlantis
5. Mayan Calendar
6. Japan’s Underwater Ruins
7. Voyages to the Americas
8. Sunken City off Cuba
9. Mu or Lemuria
10. Caribbean Underwater Pyramids

All 10 of those can be explained by ONE concept that EVERYTHING defaults too.

Precession of the Equinoxes

Read Hamlet’s Mill and a person soon realizes that the ancients were all aware of a certain truth prior to the re-telling by the Judeao / Christian myths and a scripted HIStory that only supports one version of the events.

This script has too many anomalies however.
The HIStory ‘timeline’ is always being disputed.

And Precession is the clue as to why THEY lie.
Why history needed a rewrite. A HIStory rewritten by the victorious.
Like positing a butcher like Alexander into a great man.

Sadly many people think the Sun sits still.
That is how far THEY have allowed us to fall from grace.

Precession was not DISCOVERED until around 200 B.C., so THEY have recorded.
About 200 years AFTER Plato died (427-327 B.C.), Hipparchus (190-120 B.C.) discovered Precession.

Here is a picture of something that should be on that list…along with the Piri Reis Map showing the outline of Antarctica.
It is called the Antikythera device. Here is an image of the device taken apart showing the moving parts.

This device is estimated to be from around 150-100 B.C…(I believe older)
This clockwork mechanism…and remember even the Swiss at this time did not have this technology was used to measured solstices and equinoxes.
Which then means …. the ecliptic can be found … which means this device concerned itself with Precession and other celestial movements.

So why did the ancients call it the Platonic Year or the Great Year and not the Hip Hip Hooray Year or the Golden Archus?
Plato discussed this cycle and he also talked about Atlantis.
Plato talked about his ancestors ancestors who found ships on mountain tops and cities now lay at the bottom of the oceans…

So it appears the ancients attributed Earth changes with the Precession cycle and they made a direct connection between weather, gods and where the Sun was relative to the other constellations.

Then science happened. Is science curiousity or doubt, maybe a loss of faith, maybe a clever way to empirically test faith?
It is something that occurs and is allowed to manifest because a person’s intuition switch is turned off.

Makes sense that as the Sun travels through other EM fields caused by other stellar entities … shit happens here on earth relative to where the Sun is on the ecliptic…we are being dragged along on a 93 million mile leash.

The Platonic Year and its implications for an Atlantis needed to be buried with HERstory if the patriarchal Judeao/Christians were to stand a chance.

So that is why all the archetypes of the ancients have been copied by the Vatican…they are effective and always will be.

How many cultures show evidence of knowing about the Platonic Year?
The answer and this is profound.

Any culture showing evidence ofkeeping track of equinoxes and solstices are attempting to measure and time the eclipses. And then once you have that information you can identify the ecliptic which is the Sun’s orbit.

An orbit thus suggests the Sun is attracted to something else….
Ahhh something else?
Something with a greater mass is distorting space causing the Sun and us to be drawn toward it.
Apparently THEY do not like to look beyond the Kuiper belt and how those celestial bodies may have a say in what happens here?

THEY never want to go there…
But that is what everything defaults to over a 25,920 year cycle…and each of those 10 items above can be connected to changes that occur during this 25,920 year cycle.

That is why they built the pyramids to last.
As markers of a truth.
And the red herrings THEY have fed the people, have been only to hide what is truly coming
This time things are different.
The poles are melting.
And science has confirmed that we are receiving the ‘blue light’ as prophecized.

But be good little Christians and go to work and war and ewe will be saved….and kill those heathens, the indigenous and that Muslim horde, don’t forget about the Jews…


Here is an obvious clue overlooked until now.

We concern ourselves with the monthly lunar cycle…at least we know about it, full moon, new moon, half and crescents.
Same thing can be said about the 365 Solar cycle. We are familiar with it.
But few concern themselves with the fact our Sun is moving in conjunction with ‘something’ in a cycle that can be tracked…followed…hmm.

What is that something?

See where the rabbit hole and truth lead….?
Right out of Walmart.
No CNN or Fox allowed in this hole folks.


Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


4 thoughts on “ANTIKYTHERA device and Precession of the Equinoxes

  1. This is all very interesting, though I must say you could stand to explain a bit more? this 25,000 year cycle and all is leading to what exactly? why are we supposed to concern ourselves with greater objects affecting the sun? And how do said cycles affect (and apparently destroy?) civilization? Just curiouse to see what you have to say.

  2. See David Ulansey. The precession of equinoxes and the Antikythera mechanism all ties into the Mithraic mystery religion in the Roman Empire.

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