“Web Surfer dude stuns physicists with Mythological Theory of Everything”


Above link is about a ‘surfer dude’ who has proposed a new ‘Theory of Everything’.
Following is a cut and paste from another forum.

AirlinePilot wrote:
Even though he says he may have an elegant solution it seems apparent (as it always is with this particular quest) that there are possibly some big problems with Lisi’s premise

” Sabine, of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, who recently programed a talk by Lisi into an international meeting on Loop Quantum Gravity, and who is thanked in the paper as having been a useful correspondent, stresses the limitations of the work:[citation needed]

Given today’s status, Garrett’s model does not naturally lead to a unification of the Standard Model interactions with gravity it does not explain why we live in a spacetime with 3 spatial and 1 timelike dimensions.”

Now how does that in any way suggest that somehow magically this is it? It is and will be interesting to follow though.

Glad you brought up the Standard Model AP…

Challenges to the Standard Model

Unsolved problems in physics: Parameters in the Standard Model: What gives rise to the Standard Model of particle physics? Why do its particle masses and coupling constants possess the values we have measured? Does the Higgs boson predicted by the model really exist? Why are there three generations of particles in the Standard Model?

The Standard Model of particle physics has been empirically determined through experiments over the past fifty years. Currently the Standard Model predicts that there is one more particle to be discovered, the Higgs boson. One of the reasons for building the Large Hadron Collider is that the increase in energy is expected to make the Higgs observable. However, as of 2007 there are only indirect experimental indications for the existence of the Higgs boson and it can not be claimed to be found.

The Standard Model is as yet unable to explain gravity in terms of particles.

There has been a great deal of both theoretical and experimental research exploring whether the Standard Model could be extended into a complete theory of everything. This area of research is often described by the term ‘Beyond the Standard Model’. There are several facets of this question. For example, one line of inquiry attempts to explore why there are seemingly so many unrelated parameters of the theory – 29 in all. Research also focusses on the Hierarchy problem (why the weak scale and Planck scale are so disparate), and attempts to reconcile the emerging Standard Model of Cosmology with the Standard Model of particle physics. Many questions relate to the initial conditions that led to the presently observed Universe. Examples include: Why is there a matter/antimatter asymmetry? Why is the Universe isotropic and homogeneous at large distances?

Standard Model confusion?

Why is there a matter/antimatter asymmetry?

Do you want golem to answer that question?
I feel I may have an answer now…but I need to collect more empirical data…using archetype however, I can weave such a beautiful tale, honestly, I can begin to see the benefits of letting go of the illusion…
Climbed in through a window left open…the window was an archetype…the window is always left open.

So why is there a matter/antimatter asymmetry?

One of my favorite words…asymmetry.
I have 2 others and together these 3 words point toward a reconciliation between science and religion.

chiral asymmetry = swastika

Thus: matter/antimatter asymmetry = chiral asymmetry = swastika

Therefore by studying this symbol … the swastika … I believe I can answer this question.

So why is there a matter/antimatter asymmetry?

The explanation, to answer that question is simple if approached from the proper perspective.
As often happens. Intuition suggests that within the complexity of the matrix…the key to unlocking its mysteries can be equated or communicated simply.
(i.e. easiest way to explain how mass distorts space causing gravity is by using a pool of jello, a bowling ball and a marble.)
And I also believe within the ancient sounds or Oral traditions, the sound itself (vibration) was the code.

When you have been seeking a unity by unifying the ‘Mythological Theory of Everything’, (and in analogy…the 3 Abrahamic religions are the 3 forces of physics (nuclear strong and electro-weak) that need to be reconciled with Gravity…or the Holy Spirit) it is not a very large abyss that separates science and religion, they share the same apex.

Holy Spirit = Spirit Sanctus = SS = Electro-magnetic Field
What do the EM waves travel through?
The ‘ether’.
The ancients KNEW this stuff folks.
The ancients who we FOLLOW also knew about Precession of the Equinoxes.
For sure…for sure.

So golem, why is there a matter/antimatter asymmetry?

Rolling Eyes

These pictures are ALL clues.

Ss or Sanctus Spiritus or The HOLY SPIRIT
Please note any 2 Saints in attendance can be referred to as Ss (big S, little s)…as St. Peter and St. Paul were known as.
So if you have 2 saints like St. Peter and St. Paul discussing a new religion, I would call it a Ss Conspiracy.
Note the 7 doves … heptagram or cube?

VIRGIN MARY 13th Century Monastic Symbols
Whoa…Virgin Mary and 2 Saints are equated with the swasitka and the SS?
How many swastikas do you think I can find … that resemble that cross on the right … with the 4 dots?
There is one significant one.
The Hindu / Buddhist / Tibetan swastika, and as many of us know, the swastika in Sanskrit means ‘good luck’…

Can you begin to understand the need to ERASE (can’t) or at least confuse our fundamental un-consciousneSS in regards to this symbol?
Connect it with a heinous crime and flash it like a beacon… to be despised…
Who is doing this?
Who kissed the Chi Rho, who kisses the Crucifix?

St. Peter’s Square Obelisk = Baal and surrounded by the 4 Evangelists OR the Persian 4 Royal Stars … hinting at a celestial alignment.

And here is the missing piece to the puzzle, a picture I took in a Peruvian Monastery.

Please note the sequence starting at the CENTER.

Black Cross
White Circle
Red Background

Gold to be discussed later.
GREEN in the middle ages represented the Holy Spirit.
Please note the color of the 2 pillars in the picture from Peru.
And please note, I also offer a second connection to Tibet and the Buddha.
First the 4 dots on the swastika and the Monastic Cross and now a Mandala called The Universe of the Lamas

i.e. What I suggest is a White Hole ejecting Matter…and the Black Hole sucking it in would be the Black ‘door’ you see on the pavement of St. Peter’s Square.

Yup…the ewe heard it hear first.
Rolling Eyes

We are not yakking about the pack animal either.
The Lama is a spiritual master.

Funny how ALL the archetypes fit very nicely over St. Peter’s Square.
Even the 4 Royal Stars have been identified.
And those 4 Royal Stars in that mandala hint at a celestial alignment that will take place in 2012.
And that ellipse in St. Peter’s square is a symbol for Precession of the Equinoxes.

In fact, both the swastika and Solomon’s Knot are amulets that the microcosmic man can wear to connect him to a macrocosmic event….namely The Platonic Year or Precession of the Equinoxes.
Now that is a powerful statement coming OUT of the rabbit hole.
A belch of truth.

I feel what I can offer now is a blend between National Geographic and The DaVinci Code.
A most interesting pre-quel to the DaVinci Code.
An exploration of the archetype easily exposed.
By the way I too am a surfer dude…I went surfing the waves too, hangin’ ten fingers curled around my qwerty keyboard, catching a tube ride, a barrel of laughs on the WWW, a series of waves that never end, connecting with the thoughts and feelings of whoever is connected…24/7 365.

That Christian yarn only went back about 2000 years…
Well I pulled on that thread a bit too hard and for a bit too long, it started unraveling, thus I followed that piece of thread back much, much further.

It is not a coincidence that the theologically scripted fallen man makes the blockbuster pre-quels after the original film…think about that for a moment…our attempts at defining who we are, are reflections of celestial movements, and the films show us as wanting to going backwards in time…but here is the paradox…and it also defines the fallen man’s consciousness, we continue to ignore history.


What if the swasti-ka was the KEY to a deeper understanding of humanity?
How kakaka kool would that be?

the swastika was at ONE time called the KEY to Universal Movement…and without chiral handedness (asymmetry), DNA would never function…DNA needs to twist and turn, and the swastika is a divine symbol, an expression of that function.
So what would the Crucifix be an archetype for?

This symbol is known as the Atlantis Cross.
To me it looks like a sword (crucifix) placed over a shield (pentacle).

A sword is used to cut the pie (PI?), and it is also used to divide and conquer people and the sub atomic world by splitting…hairs and atoms. Pointing out the differences and ignoring the commonalities, empowering the individual not by forcing him to look at his own faults…but by pointing their accusatory and judgemental fingers at other beliefs, different than their own. I am not sure if that was the intent but that is what religion has become.

Why can a person find the same archetype everywhere?
Regardless of race, color, religion or creed?
Why…why…why…do these apparent paradoxes haunt us?
Carl Jung would say paradoxes are connected to a universal collective unconsciousness…the esoteric realm from where symbols emanate.
And who has attempted to control our consciousness in the exoteric world of ‘reality’?

Fact: when Constantine had his vision of a symbol (the Chi Rho) that would unite ALL humanity, the most popular amulet at that time was the symbol that indicates >>> movement…the swasti-ka…

Every coup is followed by a ‘letting go’ process of the old ways.
And every new Emperor takes possession of the archetypes structured on sacred geometry.
(i.e. it is all Greek to me…geo = earth + metry = from to measure)
Intuition suggests there is a huge letting go lesson awaiting everybody, just over the ‘event’ horizon…
Rolling Eyes


golem go

2BEE cont’d…


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