EPIGENOME … access to ACGT programming

Kylon wrote:
To get a better understanding of this, you might watch this first-http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/3411/02.html

What do you think?

NOTE: On a plus side, this means that you can possibly tinker with your own epigenome very easily, so that if you were born with not so good qualities, you can modify yourself so that your offspring will have tremendously good qualities. That’s my plan anyways!

Thanks Ky…great link
Good plan.

The oracle sees another dimension to this story not yet noted.

The story suggests we now have direct access to our own ACGT programming.
The epigenome exists hierarchal to the genome as mentioned.
It is the software to the hardware…however we still need to position someone who will implement the software to be used.

Duh duh duh duh (4 Duhs are for experts stuck in their boxes)…and who would that be, who is it that puts the program to work?

Again the empirical experts do not want to tread somewhere that might make them seem less godly and more as monster tinkerer, and not divine thinkerers…as they would like us to believe.
What do ewe know…shut up…I am the MD with a Phd…sorry about the iatrogenic disease I inflicted…something we in the show biz call risk, and it also equates to a vacation well deserved…for me…you stay in the hospital.

I love modern science…in many ways as we progress in a linear fashion as we come fool circle…we are learning LESS medical intervention is needed, as always has been suggested, the allopathic physician has rarely dealt with the real underlying source of the disease (that’s another department called psych).
The real source of the illness can be illustrated by simply hypenating the word dis-ease.
We are proving that the overpaid allopath to be primarily a band-aid that often gets infected with iatrogenic dis-ease.
Are doctors overpaid…maybe Cuba has it figured out?
In contrast to an organic farmer or a competent nutritionist or some who who simply prepares healthy meals…like a stay at home mom or even a soup kitchen cook, like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld?

Long ago on the wagon trains heading westward…cooks were prized….sadly bringing your two chiral hands together in prayer, in reverence to the food which has also lost great meaning…NOTE: the fat kids handing us poison through a fast food window….we do not respect what we eat…that is the MAIN problem, that all others weigh down upon heavily as symptoms…

In the short video look for the ‘bug-eyed’ doctor talking about how what we eat…smoke…and drink has now been dramatically proved to have an effect on the messages sent from the epigenome (software) to the genome (hardware).
But in analogy we as programmers / operators of the software can alter it.

But what this flawed allopath, the fallen technician called an expert failed to mention, but I feel I must point it out, is his obvious omission of a fact.
And that fact would be that you as programmer who is intimate with the software and hardware can turn those epigenome switches on or off with your thoughts and feelings.

This would bring us back to what the Mad Oracle learned from the Oracle of Delphi.

“golem, Raphael and whoever else may reside in the woolly ewe I see before me…the ewe in you must realize you have the ability to turn your wool into silk from within…but all of ewe I see bee4 me today must become ONE. And you can only become ONE if the ewe take many vacations, stop working, spend your savings, spend those savings by spending more time with family and most importantly …. with only about 5 years left till 2012…it is time for each man woman and child to know thyself”

Those were the words that every lesson ended with.
“man woman and child know thyself”

Please do understand part of the magic of medicine is to omit information, this is part of their oMission statement … read what the hypocrites read …. the Hippocratic Oath.

Brain and heart (thinking and feeling) in a balance affecting who you are.
And when you realize the role you play in what you consume, not only with your yap, but also, and this is perhaps too profound for the sheeple to understand, what you see and hear and touch and feel also affects how those epigenomes function. Our thick skin is an organ…sensory…hmm…epi-dermis.

Duh duh duh duh

4 duhs because it has taken me 4 years to realize how stupid** these experts often are.

**What is stupid?

Stupid is an expert because his belief system resides too heavily on empirical interpretations has, using his epigenome command center, sent out instructions to %$#@ around with his intuition switch.
I think the foot soldiers sent out by the MCP to hide these switches are called the pride-ophages and ego-phases…

By the way and maybe I am just an inspired individual, but those experts will realize one day …. when they stop monkeying around with monkeys … that the BEST way to turn those epi-genome switches on and off is with electro-magnetism >> light >> frequency >> vibration.

Those blue bursts of pulsar gamma rays being sent our way by a neutron star, right now, as I type this, can I suggest that …our switches are about to be turned on, globally, by who, …by the big guy in the sky serving humble pie?

Just one humble duh…and then I am going to walk the Planck with Max into the swirling waters of the Lorentz pool…

Others like Einstein, DaVinci, Hildegard, Bentov and Gandhi and alchemists like Newton and Fludd are already there … the inspired experts and non-experts alike … and that is the only veil that separates life … the key is to find that inspiration … and even if only once … if you catch a glimpse …
that was your inspiration.
Go for it.

Thats the ticket that Einstein said was all you needed to start one’s journey…
1% inspiration

I call that ticket that helps you get on the train, ART.
“…our father who ART in heaven…”

2BEE continued….

November 19, 2007

Watch how beautifully everything becomes connected.
This is so sublime…this is the kind of stuff I am in awe of daily.
What I feel we need to awaken too.

What you are about to read, I wrote earlier this year.
The latest news regarding Epigenomes is just further confirmation that a reconciliation of science and religion is at hand, in regards to acknowledging handedness. (chirality)

My entry point to the esoteric realm has always been to look for similar archetypes which I prefer to call ARKetypes.
A search for Unity is as simple as layering myth, religion, SymbolS, science and math over each other…. like overhead transparencies.

The similarities that shine through … are the molds or archetypes that you will find on each and every level of ‘creation’.

Here is what I wrote earlier this year.

The name I have chosen, CodeX4, reveals itself as a code itself. Not unlike a code formed by the 4 base letters A,C, G, and T, found in our DNA that form all 64 codons necessary for a code. We further suspect these 4 letters are all that is necessary to script a code necessary for LIFE.
And would it be a coincidence, the eastern scribes discuss the 64 Healing Arts that should be attended to in LIFE?
And a competent musician who has immersed themselves in the ‘art of sound”, can in a beat timed every half second, detect an error of about 1/64th of a second.

There are no coincidences.
What we call deja vu and coincidence is actually futher proof that “All has been written”.
This I now believe.

But our possessed spirits and our material possessions would have us believing we can indeed exercise some ‘free will’ in our lifetimes.
This paradox where ‘all has been written’ vs. ‘free will’ can be answered using figurative interpretations in conjunction with the overriding literal assumptions we have to this point fallen prey / pray to.

Can I call the paradox we seek to reconcile X?


So there you have it.
Science has said, without saying it, that WE have mucho control over how our DNA evolves.
Using the four forces contained in DNA called A, C, G, T.

I only need to draw your attention to this statement above…in case you missed it.

And would it be a coincidence, the eastern scribes discuss the 64 Healing Arts that should be attended to in LIFE?

I am curious what those ancient 64 Healing Arts are?

2 Predictions:

1st … Someone will soon profit from something called “Sun/Moon Yoga … When I Am 64”
Hatha means Sun Moon … cool eh? Suggesting you are aligning your body with the movements of the Sun Moon. By no coincidence Sun, Moon and You forms a Trinity and you are a carbon based life form…and when you sit in the lotus position you are emulating the tetrahedron shaped carbon 12 electron field.

2nd Prediction … The era of 2012 will see the demise of religion as we know it.
I think the St. Malachy prophecy in conjunction with other celestial conjunctions (google 1962) suggests the gig is up.

Science and Religion will be wed.
Unity means Unity on ALL levels of the ‘creation’.
But that is also the premise I operate on and acknowledge, our environment (man made and natural), are reflections of what we can do and more importantly what the 4 forces of physics are capable of.

We are in the Age of Aquarius…a constellations effects can begin hundreds of years before Precession of the Equinox actually switches, transfers to the new constellation.

So my observations are only trying to point out how our environment must change with us …. and myth/scripture/symbols, all rife with archetype, suggest we must acknowledge what Hamlet’s Mill suggests … the ancients left us markers, what we built mirrored the skies above, the ancients left us messages in archetypal code that was easily communicated through sounds, vibrations, through the Oral traditions.

Few cultures still exist today that require no library to house their cultures’ achievements.
Everything is stored within each individual.

Burning down an Alexandria or Constantinople … would not affect the Dogon, Kogi or the Aborigine. Would it?


There is a consistency to be noted.
Those that seek to understand the Creation using mathematics and other sciences, are in fact those same cultures that build the libraries.

And I can say with an utmost certainty…it is time we identify what those 64 Healing Arts are and put everyone to task…I feel we have been given a clue…what direction we should take.
Rolling Eyes

Maybe you now understand why I suggest…

“…our father who ART in heaven…”

Sadly, the starving artist traded in his intuition to become a comfortable consumer.
Can I suggest that defines our evolution…?




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