4*2*3 Brand New “RIDDLE to the SPHINX”


Okay 4 photos…this time of the Sphinx.
Putting the authenticity as to which culture it belonged…in question.
I believe as many others do..placing it with a culture that pre-dates Egyptian culture.
It already has been placed there by those who have studied the erosion marks caused by wind and water…?

However those looking for the remains of a Pharaoh in Egypt, who it is said, lived to be 900 years old, his name Moses have difficulty acknowledging the HERstory that took place before HIStory, and will not let go to their claim to a truth. Noah way will they let go.

Water in the desert?

The photo you see above is a common perspective given to the common man.
Some things however can no longer be disguised when you alter your perspective. A cube has 6 faces.

Here is a side view, another flat universe to explore.

Here is what I find interesting.
The head as once pointed out to me is much much smaller than the rest of the body. But it is difficult to notice because of the perspectives we often see given to us.

It is difficult to find good shots from directly above…I will keep looking. But it is from there that you see the illusion, one culture altered the headpiece from either that of a lion or a goddess…to a pharaoh.

Perhaps a lion because it is oriented toward the constellation Leo.
But it is in this picture I see something that suggests HIStory chipped away at a HERstory…in the very least a lion.

What would happen after a deluge?
Whoever the victorious are…write a new script.
The Vatican sits on a pagan site…pagan crypts are in the Vatican’s catacombs…

Take a look at the neckline…obvious or what?
Is that erosion or something else?

And when I post a 4th image of the Sphinx from directly above…some more of ewe will start coughing up balls of wool…

While looking for a 4th image taken from directly above I realized I had discovered a new riddle to the sphinx.
Photos of the Sphinx from above are difficult to find!

So here is a riddle…
I challenge people and sheeple to find a high resolution image taken from directly above the Sphinx.

They can photograph a license plate from outer space…
With triangulation (GPS) they can use this technology to impose a societal strangulation…why no pics of this gargantuan structure.
This was the best I could find.
I would love to see others…please post as many as you can find.
And each photo will help to illuminate the ruse…

The above image shows without a doubt the Sphinx has undergone some serious reconstructive cranial / facial surgery (mane removed perhaps), to reflect changing epochs of belief and influence, reflected again by the journey represented by the ecliptic cycle, called Precession of the Equinoxes….I would expect such an alteration by the Empire builders…

2BEE continued

November 20th, 2007

Most bizarre.
The numbers … 4 2 3
The question to the riddle is structured using those numbers.
The riddle of the ages is structured using 4 2 3.
I believe the meaning is even more profound.

Due to the realization today that the theory I have been working on is in fact a Mythological Theory of Everything, in contrast to the Empirical Theory of Everything that the physicists are working on, a most interesting analogy was revealed to me.

I love these moments.
Waves and waves and waves of something I just now call truth.
Truth I realize must be a form of electro-magnetic energy / light…an alternate frequency that is available all the time.
It must be…your ability to receive becomes heightened when you find the truth channel.

My eyesight is failing, so is my hearing, I have no idea where the remote is … but what is it I am now feeling?

But what I will suggest is this.
I feel my chances of finding the KEY to unlocking the irreconcilable differences that seem to exist between Relativity (3D macrcosm) and Quantum (2D microcosm) realms are greater using archetype / ARKetype than physicists using their mathematics.

Now the race began in 1957 the year I was born and the same year coincidently that the Physicist announced to the world, that mathematics and parity violation (beta-decay) declared the world was ‘chirally asymmetrical’ …

They (physicists) had a 47 year head start.
I awoke to the world of archetype at age 47.
Archetype apparently has positioned me nicely to penetrate very deeply down the rabbit hole.
I know my way around the labyrinth, yes I do. You can feel safe with me as guide.


No matter which level I find myself on, I do recognize similar markings.
That feels very powerful.
The KEY to unlocking the past will be found sailing the ethereal seven seas on an ARK-etype…swirling through a vortex.

Once we convert the Atlantis Cross (crucifix) and the Greek Zodiacal Cross (square cross) to numbers we can descend deeper down the rabbit hole.
Here was the aHA I experienced yesterday.
See the numbers on the cross below.
Imagine it is comprised of a center and 3 dark concentric rings like the Atlantis Cross above.
Please note then that the first valance or orbit or dark ring has the number 4 in it.
The second valance or ring has the number 2.
The third valance / ring / orbit has the number 3.

The Greek Zodiacal Cross places this archetype into the arena of analogy, a great clue to how we should interpret The Riddle of the Sphinx.
Again the process has defaulted to Precession of the Equinoxes on the Macrocosmic level.
Remember great archetype and great myth connect the macro to the micro on ALL levels.

4 2 3 … So here is the Riddle of the Sphinx as you have been told.

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx sat outside of Thebes and asked this riddle of all travelers who passed by. If the traveler failed to solve the riddle, then the Sphinx killed him/her. And if the traveler answered the riddle correctly, then the Sphinx would destroy herself. The riddle:The riddle: What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?Oedipus solved the riddle, and the Sphinx destroyed herself.The solution: A man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.

Of course morning, noon, and night are metaphors for the times in a man’s (person’s) life. Such metaphors are common in riddles. There were two Thebes, apparently this Thebes was the one in Greece. And this Sphinx was apparently not the one at Giza, in Egypt.

Not true.
The archetypes can be packed as baggage and taken anywhere.
This riddle especially because it is an archetype meant for all humanity.
The real riddle is why the numbers are in that order 4 2 3?

Archetype is the lintel with which to unite not only Relativity and Quantum but also once united, Religion will join the party.
The lintel is the bridge that unites, and it is where you run for cover when the shit hits the EM fan.

Unity when discussing entropy suggests a thermodynamic balance.

ONE vibe.
Now what would that mean on a grand scale?
In a closed sealed container … we know the answer.
What does it mean if we view the earth as an Alchemic Vessel?

Yes, I believe it is.
And I have pictures to prove it.
Taken in that Monastery in Peru.
From the same room where I got that mandala you see below, that the once banned Raphael used as his avatar.

That avatar that fits very nicely over St. Peter’s Square…

Should we ask the Pope about the numbers 4 2 3 and the Riddle of the Sphinx?

Here is golem’s NEW Improved Riddle of the Sphinx.

Using those numbers 4 2 3 and the symbols above, and the clue that ALL is connected with the Precession of the Equinoxes, can you solve this riddle?

Why are those numbers in that order … 4 2 3?
And what does it indicate or mean as a celestial event?

I believe I have solved it.
It serves now as part of an entry to the Galileo Awards.
Rolling Eyes


p.s. a hi-res picture of the Sphinx, like the one I have of St. Peter’s Square from DIRECTLY ABOVE, is difficult to find…that is when you see the real distortion of the head to body.
Wished I had saved the pic I saw.

And when was that stele engraved.
Obviously it does not suffer from the same erosion marks.
Meaning it was engraved after the wind and water did most of the damage.

I feel.

2BEE continued


November 21, 2007

Before reading this post … to prepare you … go here.

hinged wrote:
Ummmm … more like the reverse Wink

Exactly … two directions …

There exists a fence, oops, ok don’t become un-hinged, I agree it is more like a door …

I find the meaning of the Door fascinating.
Why…reread the above esoteric definition and did you notice the word lion?
Now I did NOT find a Lion but I DID find a Black Door in St. Peter’s Square that resembles the image above.
Almost the same image is it not?.
It got me thinking and feeling…again.

Think Sphinx when thinking of that BLACK Door in St. Peter’s Square and on another level it represents the feminine aspect and fertility … A Black Door / Sphinx would not be out of place in Egypt would it?
But too much Egyptian idolatry would be too obvious in the Vatican, remember the Bible’s foundation rests with the Torah and the Torah suggested an Exodus.

So fertility is represented by that Door in St. Peter’s Square, which by coincidence also has an Egyptian Obelisk which, and this is only speculation represents male fertility or the phallus.
Not sure about that interpretation…

Some see the Universe as an electro-magnetic dance…creating light…and shit does in fact happen when you cast the light upon something, and you create shadows…or maybe I am just projecting those thoughts again?
And casting more shadows onto a truth?

Cut and paste from another site.

greenworm wrote:
I feel at one time the kitty cat looked to the future which answers another question. I feel the swat is how the geometry of the next encounter is figured out. Whap! and that is the sound of landing at the bottom of the rabbit hole. How did that feel? You’ll never be the same once you know, and you can never go back.

Here kitty kitty kitty
Time for a lesson in astrology.
Astrology was a science conducted by astro-loggers.
The stars suggest 9 lives.
That would be equivalent to, can I suggest 5 + 4?

K is for Kitty
K is for Kabah
K is for Kube
K is for swasti-Ka
K is for Ku-brick …wow…I love a coincidental world…

K is for Kepler

Kepler believed in astrology in the sense that he was convinced that planetary configurations physically and really affected humans as well as the weather on earth.

He strove to unravel how and why that was the case and tried to put astrology on a surer footing, which resulted in the On the more certain foundations of astrology (1601). In The Intervening Third Man, or a warning to theologians, physicians and philosophers (1610), posing as a third man between the two extreme positions for and against astrology, Kepler advocated that a definite relationship between heavenly phenomena and earthly events could be established.

At least 800 horoscopes drawn up by Kepler are still extant, several of himself and his family, accompanied by some unflattering remarks. As part of his duties as district mathematician to Graz, Kepler issued a prognostication for 1595 in which he forecast a peasant uprising, Turkish invasion and bitter cold, all of which happened and brought him renown.

It seems golem and greenworm have a Kakaka Kepler Kold Exclamation
Not to be confused with the KKK…I am trying to pull their veils and hoods off.

I love that first paragraph about Kepler, and it is worth repeating…

Kepler believed in astrology in the sense that he was convinced that planetary configurations physically and really affected humans as well as the weather on earth.

Kepler also had a Kenner Spirograph given to him on HanuKKah.
And this is what he came up with, as he howled by the light of the silvery moon.

Which brings us back to the Greek Zodiacal Cross that I referenced in the post before this one.
Please note the numbers on the Cross and how they coincide with Kepler’s understanding of the cosmos.
Please note: Keplers’ conjunctions have 3 sequences that I highlighted in red.

1, 4, 7 and 10
2, 5, 8 and 11 these 4 constellations are host to the 4 Royal Stars known also as the Tetragrammaton, the 4 Evangelists, Ezekiels’ Prophecy, and even more revealing YHVH.
3, 6, 9, and 12

Facts…generations removed:
With his Happy HanuKKah Spirograph, Kepler was keeping track of the conjunctions between Saturn and Jupiter which was part of a cycle within a larger cycle.
And that larger cycle…as always, defaults to Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year or the Platonic Year.
Why the Great Year was associated with Plato and named after Plato is another anomaly…why the ancients referred to it before Hipparchus was born, is kinda bizarre too.
Study the anomalies and history together and you soon realize, HERstory was rewritten and it became HIStory.

According to the HIStory makers Precession was not ‘discovered’ until a hip guy called Hipparchus suggested it, and this was 200 years after Plato became playdoh / playdead again…and I must note, he and his tales of Atlantis became dust in the wind…just mythological lore.

Plato spoke of Precession and of cycles that caused civilizations to rise and fall.
Judeao / Christians spoke of a flood, and Noah and of a 900 year old Pharaoh patriarch called Moses, the remains of which they still seek, but have not found.
The Ark, Solomon’s Temple, Noah, Moses, Jesus … no Empirical proof …only ARKetypal esoteric proof re-recorded as scripture.

But Kepler as a mathematician and astrologer and Pythagorean saw a cycle in the number 40.
He calculated 40 conjunctions taking place in a cycle.
And the cycles were discernable as conjunctions taking place between Saturn and Jupiter.
Look at the chart above.
Could these 40 conjunctions be the 40 days in the desert, on another archetypal level?

40 x 20 (conjunctions are 20 years apart) = 800 years
Holy Moses…add 100 years to 800 = 900 because he ate dates and olives.

Kepler believed there was a 800 year cycle … relative to Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions … that could affect us …

Kepler facts:

-his 3rd Law called the Harmonic Law is described in a book called Harmony of the World.
-he was advisor to Rudolph II
-the book was a return to Pythagorean mysticism of his early days where he was searching for harmonic relationships among the distances of the planets and the Sun.
-his intuition lead to finding that a relationship exists between the speed and periods of planets. He then intuitively associated this with musical notes, harmony and size of orbits.
-many of his calculations turned out to be accurate.
-he was just the fella to work with and interpret Tycho Brahe’s ability to observe and record events.

Most important thing to know about Kepler though (how the mind operates on an esoteric unconscious level), is that he was a devout Pythagorean.
And if Sir Isaac Newton was first and foremost and in his last days continued to study ‘alchemy’, where does this suggest the clues to a deeper understanding can be found?

I want to offer that archetype or ARK-etype, IS the bridge that can be found existing on and…between all levels.

In that image above of the Greek Square Cross can I suggest the following?

Center spot … represents balance or what the Universe seeks to do, reach an entropic thermodynamic equilibrium…want is fondly known as a state of heat death or matter chaos.

1, 4, 7 and 10
2, 5, 8 and 11
3, 6, 9, and 12

The Sphinx represents the entry point of an epoch perhaps? It was a marker…hinting at a cycle and at another profound Riddle… This marker, once probably a Lion has since confused the people once the head was given some re-constructive surgery.
What if the Sphinx long, long ago, at one time, faced South and represents that Door as described above…being guarded?

It is that middle grouping that I have marked as a GREEN orbit that identifies the 4 Royal Stars found in 4 constellations sitting on the ecliptic.
And remember the 12 constellations of the Horoscope are those that rest on the ecliptic.

And those 12 Constellations are the markers along a 25,290 year journey through electro-magnetic fields, a Space filled with waves…
Leo (Sphinx), Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus…those are referenced in many scriptures from many varying beliefs, around the globe.
These 4 are the FIXED signs.

The Fixed Signs: like stability. Cardinal Signs like to Run things. Fixed Signs want to Own things. They want to be the boss and let the cardinal signs run things for them. Fixed Signs are stubborn, fixed in position. They frequently take longer to start, but they never seem to stop. Cardinal Signs want to move. Fixed Signs want everything else to move around them while they sit still. The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Please remember that everyone has every sign somewhere in their horoscope. The Fixed Signs show where in your life you will tend to stand fast under pressure.


What if 2012 represents the moment we jump a valance?
Happens on the microcosmic level too!
Using BLUE light too!
That is how electrons take a quantum leap and jump valances…very cool.
And this light that causes electrons to jump valances is similar to the frequency we are now receiving from that Neutron Star…on the other side of the ‘galactic center’.
I believe this neutron star to be our sun’s soul mate…it is not a coincidence that as we approach 2012 we have found the ‘beam of blue light’ we must tune into…

And on a hierarchal level above this…the Milky Way has an inter-galactic date with its SOUL mate, the Andromeda galaxy. It is the nearest spiral galaxy to our own.
I am told we will collide and thus procreate in about 4 billion years.
Can’t wait…but maybe I do not need to?

All Philosophers who should become the Kings, will suggest what happens in the heavens (the Macrocosm), happens also in the sub-atomic realms (the Microcosm) and the events manifest on each and every level in between these two extremes.
And who is NOT hoping to find their SOUL-mate…deep deep deep down?

Back to that photo above.

The BLUE orbit I will suggest represents where we are headed, where our future lay…toward the center of the Cross…I conclude our Sun with us in tow (being dragged through Space the final frontier, on a 93 million mile leash, not as glamorous as Star Trek and…bring lots of bags for the poop, we are swirling down a drain, a leash free zone and soon all the poop will be floating around … weightless …in a vortex of course…

Although it is not yet well understood, dark matter appears to account for around 90% of the mass of most galaxies. Observational data suggests that supermassive black holes may exist at the center of many, if not all, galaxies. They are proposed to be the primary cause of active galactic nuclei found at the core of some galaxies. The Milky Way galaxy, home of Earth and the solar system, appears to harbor at least one such object within its nucleus.

BLUE represents where we are on the EM playing field.
BLUE represents UV light / vibrations and it represents the gamma rays we are now receiving…ever notice how a swirling drain creates a sound?
Where does that sound emanate from?

RED represents from whence we came…3 6 9… and it is the magical triplicity…the house of Pisces is also on this valance.
You could consider 369 a Trinity.
What if, what separates the two valances is either WATER (deluge) or a trial by FIRE (electro-magnetic baptism)?
What if?
Now those were just conjectures about conjunctions of mine at this point.
We will need to wait until they can prove what I say empirically.
This is the kind of stuff you think about when you are alone, down in the hole, or in a cave.

And I noticed another thing on Kepler’s astrochart as I sat in the dark … just, egad, another coincidence or two.
In another post I will connect the above chart by Kepler to the Periodic Table of Elements and the 3500 year old Enneagram and a pair of hands belonging to a monkey in Peru.
Using specifically the numbers 5 and 4.
Reading left to right.


Just more coincidences or more proof of an intelligent design?
You be the judge.

I would like to suggest the real Riddle of the Sphinx still has NOT been answered by the FALLEN Modern Techno-Man. Man has only answered how it pertains to his life cycle, but in fact what I realized some time ago is this, for myth, scripture, iconography or symbolic suggestion (manipulations) to be really effective, the archetype must penetrate on both the esoteric and exoteric levels.
It must reverberate and resonate between both extremes defined by the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, or above and below the firmament.

The riddle is yet to be answered.
Kepler would know the solution to this riddle intuitively.
He could forecast it.
Pythagoras would know the solution too can I suggest.
As would Plato be in unanimous agreement.
I feel I know too.
But 3 dead people and 1 person still alive…are not enough.
Others today without a doubt certainly do know something too.
My personal expression of a truth is just a little removed from mainstream reality; I know that…suggesting I am not crazy, as some may think.

Is my version of the events incorrect or correct?
Many of the symbols and images I present in my posts are actually suggesting a unifying coherence.

That’s what being in a cave does; I would like to report, that happily it alters your perception of things.

Why are the numbers in the Riddle positioned as 4 2 3?

Well…we better get on track and solve this Riddle…because if we don’t…here comes that swat greenworm spoke about.


Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.2BEE continued…


17 thoughts on “4*2*3 Brand New “RIDDLE to the SPHINX”


  2. you guys have some interesting blogs here and I just happened on to this site. I don’t have any quote’s or anything that would be coming from an educated individual. But I do have theories(hypothesis actually).

    look for the book I want to write “Theories of an Uneducated Man”
    I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow and get on that.

    Honestly pretty much all of the stuff mentioned previously I have never heard of. except the Sphynx and I know most of the Zodiac signs.

    I am however very interested in some of this. I like riddles even if I can’t get them.

    My first thoughts on the riddle would be where in the the cycle(by cycle I mean more of the ripple effect both macro and micro) of the universe did each each of these numbers fall last time this Precession of the Equinoxes happened?
    If there are “fixed” variables then obviously they are fixed and constant in one form or the other. Which would allow for others to change or possibly rotate to the next in line.
    If these 12 numbers are relating as a diagram of our existence, I would see the inner most numbers as rotating one direction and the outer most the other.

    Without proper knowledge of the information at hand I very well might just be making an ass out of myself.

    But any way It seems to me that the possibility of 1 being the initial energy that expanded and 12 being the expanded energy that is seeking to be back 1 again. If the four fixed numbers between are causing the vortex it would be an inner then outer then inner change as so on.
    THis would allow for 8 cycles to reach the last and final 9th cycle that is in the center of it all.
    You have 4 stars(representing when we come back to the beginning), 2 soulmates always in search of eachother, and once the soulmates become one(the finale, after perfect alignment hits on the 8th go around) the trinity 3 is completed and we are all one again(or all in the ninth and final ever-existing life).
    Well that is my first try at this after discovering this information just today. Now I think I will further educate myself a little on the subject to see how far off I am.

    On another note on the deluge you can obviously see the direction of water flow over the desert from aerial pics.
    I wonder, If our moon has the ability to pull the tides so easily when we go through the phases of each of the Equinoxes what will we be able to move with ease? I believe not everything built in our past relied on manpower.

    I also took a look at google earth on St.Pete’s Place over there in the Vatican, it looks like the building itself if you switch to 3D mode and twist so you would be looking towards the door into the center kinda looks like a lion.

  3. This is absolutely fascinating; and I believe you are “dead on”. Astrophysicist Paul LaVoilette says that Atlantis is a prototype promordial particle, and he uses the exact same cross to demonstrate it; also the key lies in understand alchemy; but I know the key is tied up in what is supposed to happen to the sun in 2012. There are all these myths about the “sun behind the sun.” What’s that all about? Check into alchemy. shells)?

  4. Four Ages and Yukteswar’s Argument

    According to Yukteswar, what is called the equinox axis moves backwards through the stars because our sun has a dual star and revolves around it . However, mainstream present-day astronomers do not find or calculate with such a dual star. And they have not come across any.

    Where is our sun’s dual star, and what is its name?

    A: There is no hard evidence in astronomy of any dual star. Till enough evidence of such a hypothesised star shows up and as long as the present reasons for precession are considered OK, is is to be handled as “speculation” – such a way of handling new ideas or hypotheses is all right on scientific grounds, and searching for evidence. There is a “skylark and wren” allegory in the matter. The wren does not soar much on his own

  5. It’s not just the sun’s dual, but the Vishnunabhi (universal magnetism; where is this located? Paul LaVoilette says there appears to be a “microwave sun” located in Leo. The Aries/Leo meridian represents a cold (Saturn)/hot (Leo) axis. Yet Virgo (Isis)(the constellation) is where there is supposed to be a great attractor. The Scorpion sting marks the GC center;Sagittarius arrow is shot into the GC center; the GC explodes and explosive elements affect stars in Virgo so that Virgo is “surprised” and spills her milk and scatters the stars. More later

  6. Raphael said: First step in recovering the truth is we reinstate the concept of an aether…or what we could perhps call the miSSing quantum Higgs Boson wave, or maybe Einstein’s unidentified gravity wave.

    LOL. You are right. “Gravitational waves” are scalar acoustic (sound) waves; and they travel at superliminal speeds. They are pressure waves which are acoustic waves. They are the waves of 4D.

    Raphael said: Bell suggests the aether was wrongly rejected on purely philosophical grounds: “what is unobservable does not exist” [p.49]. Einstein found the non-aether theory simpler and more elegant, but Bell suggests that doesn’t rule it out. Besides the arguments based on his interpretation of quantum mechanics, Bell also suggests resurrecting the aether because it is a useful pedagogical device. That is, lots of problems are solved more easily by imagining the existence of an aether.

    LOL. It was not rejected on philosophical grounds. The PTB’s don’t want us to know this.

    Raphael said: Then we need to realize the importance of ‘alchemy’ as a tool. It is a language that is archetypal and transcendental, like phi, Phi, Pi and the number 0, which are all transcendental numbers that give the empirical mathematician metaphysical fits, so alchemy is obviously a tool we can use to understand the archetypal foundation of the creation.

    Yes, Phi, pi and e, sacred geometry along with resonance frequencies are the keys. Take all those numbers in alchemy that represent the planets/elements and determine their harmonic frequencies, then you can figure out what geometric shapes are involved. Then most likely you can figure out what is going to happen. The frequencies all correlate to specific sacred geometric shapes. I am not good at math.

  7. Here’s what I have compiled so far:

    Four Ages and Yukteswar’s Argument

    According to Yukteswar, what is called the equinox axis moves backwards through the stars because our sun has a dual star and revolves around it . However, mainstream present-day astronomers do not find or calculate with such a dual star. And they have not come across any.

    Where is our sun’s dual star, and what is its name?

    There is no hard evidence in astronomy of any dual star. Till enough evidence of such a hypothesised star shows up and as long as the present reasons for precession are considered OK, it is to be handled as “speculation” – such a way of handling new ideas or hypotheses is all right on scientific grounds, and searching for evidence. There is a “skylark and wren” allegory in the matter.

    Excerpts from the “Lost Star of Myth and Time” by Walter Cruttenden

    The Indian astronomers went even further, giving a physical reason for how the dual star or binary motion might allow the rise and fall of human consciousness to occur. They said that as the Sun (with the Earth and other planets) traveled along its set orbital path with its companion star, it could cyclically move close to, then away from a point in space referred to as Vishnunabhi, a supposed magnetic center or “grand center.” They implie that being close to this region caused subtle changes in human consciousness that brought about the Golden Age and conversely, our separation from it resulted in an age of great darkness, the Kali Yuga or Dark Age. “When the sun in its revolution around its dual comes to the place nearest to this grand center, (an event which takes place when the autumnal equinox comes to the first point of Aries), dharma, the mental virtue, becomes so much develeloped that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of Spirit. (Pg 101)

    Vishnunabhi, Magnetars and Beyond (pg 196)

    “The sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand center called Vishnunabhi…the universal magnetism. When the Sun in its revolution round its dual comes to a place nearest to the grand center …(an event that takes place when the Autumnal Equinox comes to the first point of Aries)… (pg 197)

    But we can make some educated guesses. The first is that the Vishnunabhi, the “universal magnetism,” might be the center of the galaxy. (pg 197)

    As you will recall the Pleiades is mentioned in the Book of Job. Laurie Pratt, in a series of articles written in the 1930’s implied that Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades was the “Grand Central Sun.” (pg 198)

    “When you notice the Pleiades and the Hyades and the strength of Irion are setting, then it is time for you to be mindful of plowing again.”

    I had expected that he would simply confirm my suspicion that a magnetar, or any star for that matter, would have a null effect on Earth at a distance such as that of the Pleiades. Surprisingly his answer was quite the opposite.

    “Actually, 06 gauss is not needed, indeed it is too high in strength for alteration of brain activity. Secondly, it is not the magnetar’s magnetic field that we want, but the EM pulses this field generates as the magnetar spins and drags its magnetic field, reacting against the local plasma, etc. This interaction generates synchrotron radiation pulses and lower frequency EM waves. Nano and even pico Tesla fields are all that is required…and our world is awash in such fields, believe me we here know. Thus the fields from the magnetar may be buried under a lot of manmade and natural electrical noise.

    The response blew me away. Not only is magnetic or EM influence possible over great distances, but the important thing isn’t field strength, but rather frequency and resonance. The magnetar acts as a broadcasting powerhouse, he said, creating large electromagnetic pulses that propagate outward. Some gain may be afforded (gain being any effect that acts to intensify the field) by virtue

    If the magnetar pulses happen to match a resonance mode for our Earth, the entire planet’s surface would act to store this energy, building up a standing wave of bound electromagnetic energy – faint but forever ringing, like a great perpetually struck gong. The excited Earth resonance could possibly also alter (subtly) climate and perhaps) even geological functions, thus creating changes in the external world. This Earth resonance field stimulates the brain.

  8. So the three intersecting planes could represent orbital electrons as they spin around the nucleus (sun) and they would “jump” from shell to shell?

  9. The zodiac represents the “unwinding” of the Sacred Spiral; so does that mean what we get “rewound” back to zero. LOL. Let’s hope the recoiling back to The One is a better place than the psycho world we currently live in.

  10. Oh, I see what you are saying. If we understood aether physics (quantumn level), then we would know how to turn lead into gold. Spin is the key — counterclockwise vs. clockwise. LOL. I’ve probably larned from the same person you have. As above; so below; if we understand aether physics, then we can create our own diamond bodies — remember cyrstals and vibration. lol

  11. Wow! You are dead on. I’ve been working on this along separate paths; here’s what I have so far. There are four phases to a wave movement; so I think the fixed signs could mean a phase change.

    During the Great Year, the alchemists need to determine the proper timing – when the alignments between the sun, moon, planets and the earth are at a maximum level. At this point they believe they can change lead into gold and “reanimate matter.” To me this means that earth would be “reanimated’ (rejuvenated). It also means that human “junk” (lead) DNA would be transformed into Golden Spiral DNA. We, the plebes, of the earth are not entitled to undergo this transformation. It is reserved for the elites.

    I think the zodiac represents the unwinding (counterclockwise movement) of the sacred spiral. It depicts the sun’s journey from zero point (the magnetic center, what the Vedics refer to as the Vishnunabhi) out to the end of its journey; then it reverses itself and returns in a clockwise movement back to it’s Magnetic Center. It is the 12 around 1 or 13. It starts with Aries (12) and winds backward. There are four phase changes in the process; these are represented by the fixed signs of Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus

  12. gritzle70 Says:
    November 23, 2008 at 6:00 pm e

    “The zodiac represents the “unwinding” of the Sacred Spiral; so does that mean what we get “rewound” back to zero. LOL. Let’s hope the recoiling back to The One is a better place than the psycho world we currently live in.”

    YES…similar to expansion and contraction.
    Like inhalation and exhalation.
    The world I believe has been in an expansion period since moving from Aries to Pisces.
    The next phase is a contraction.

    “There are four phase changes in the process; these are represented by the fixed signs of Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus”

    HOW about 8 phase changes / 8 intersections, within a 25812 year precession cycle?


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