“A Plea for Help”

Here is the basic template of a letter I will start sending out.
Altering the information as necessary … depending on the recipient.
Updating the info as the world unravels…

A Plea for Help

Yes maybe you could help me develop my thesis.
Here is where I am currently positioned.

Chiral asymmetry appears to be one of nature’s architects, or should I say suggesting underlying archetypes, we refer to architects and archetypes as ARKitects and ARKetypes?

Carl Jung’s most notable contributions include his concept of the psychological archetype, the collective unconscious, and his theory of synchronicity.

Jung emphasized the importance of balance and harmony. He cautioned that modern humans rely too heavily on science and logic and would benefit from integrating spirituality and appreciation of the unconscious realm.

I have observed that myth and religion have exploited archetypal symbolism in the structuring of their scripts contained within the scriptures.

The following symbol that I have continually offered as a symbol that unites many of the ancient civilizations is nearly 20,000 years old, and it is chirally asymmetrical.
And it is this ancient symbol that offers the best hope for a reconciliation between science and religion.


Who would have thought.
But life is full of paradoxes, anomalies and lies. This symbol’s longevity should be investigated further.
This symbol flashing like a beacon…directing our attentions to a heinous crime, can be proven to have been an intended manipulation of the sheeple people….

(Most of you will need to wait for the movie…before buying into what I suggest.)

The swastika displays both a left and right handedness.
Like your left and right hand, which are also chirally asymmetric.

Science has declared the following all exhibit chiral asymmetry.
It is a most impressive list.

-Lorentz Attractor (a.k.a. the butterfly effect)
-neutrinos…very small microcosmic entities
-Amino Acids
-Crystals (Optics…i.e. they use the shape of the swastika to bend light)
-Neutron Stars have also a rotational chiral handedness or asymmetry they have found.
This is a fine example of a macroscosmic entity.
Oh my god, we soon realize that chiral asymmetry extends from the Macrocosm to the Microcosm.

Also worth noting is that the BEES, which seem to be disappearing are chirally aware insects that are tuned into the EM field…pssst that is why they are disappearing.
Below I have left a link to a blog that explains far more.

A morphing EM field explains everything actually, it also helps explain the disappearing bees with clarity, it is a most consistent explanation for what appears to be a global and not local event.

But more importantly it is the only possible explanation for the contradictions that seem to exist between Global Warming and shhh … Global Dimming, specifically in reference to atmospheric opacity.


Read those 2 blogs and then feel free to contact me.
The world is with out a doubt changing…drastically…melting ice shelves at both poles the most obvious and of the greatest concerns.

Here is a moment of Oracular clarity…Those in Power (the liar liars) lied to us on the way up…what would you expect the THEY (Power and Glory Inc.) to do on the way down?

The EM field is morphing and we are not tuned into this fact.
But THEY are. THEY will continue to profit and prepare, all the while selling the EWE carbon credits and survival gear….
I need help in making the sheeple people understand we are immersed in a sea of red herrings.
THEY learned long ago how to feed the loaves, fish.

The EM field is how the grand illusion is altered, how it is sculpted by ?
Good question.

But here I offer fine proof that action at a distance on a cosmic scale is possible.
We are rather puny Empire builders in comparison to the master ARKitect who uses the EM field as a tool in manipulating the chaos.

Underlying the quantum chaos is an order…we are just not meant to understand.
(eh Albert?)

Unless you do the Great Work.
(eh Isaac?)




11 thoughts on ““A Plea for Help”

  1. Oh, about the whole green thing. When copper rusts it turns to green. I see the Statue of Liberty as an example because it was made of copper.

  2. The most ancient question would be what sound does a finger make when it touches something affected by 4 elements, the 3’s of man is affecting using all colors of itself, and knowing the sound it makes is also silent because no one can hear it?

  3. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the rumour about Leedskalnin using the flywheel to produce sound waves on rocks that he carved, but I wonder if it’ll be any help. Flywheel= ancient music tuning machine in my opinion.

  4. so if we take my ‘what if’
    …what if there is a flywheel beneath/inside the great pyramid at GIZA…and its function was to keep the EARTH in tune, is this in tune with what your opinion suggests?

    Not a bad tune for a couple of loony tunes… 😉


  5. I suspect that could be a possibility because no one can explain the reason for the 10,000+ year old Isis/Osirus temple tree of life symbol(which was probably used for that purpose), but the useful info was probably destroyed in conquests AKA:(Library of Alexandria).

    I would say though that if the Sahara Desert is the result of the giza pyramid not functioning, then
    that would make the pyramid more powerful than any nuclear bomb if you think about it.

    Also the sphinx face being changed into a human face may explain the reason gizas not functioning but that could be a little far-fetched although it was built around the same age as the pyramids.

    The egyptians worshiped cat/dog gods also at that time too until it was changed to a monotheistic religion later.

    The cat/dog thing could be a clue to who really knew
    the function, but was probably destroyed/left after the giza pyramid incident, but then that would suggest something about Atlantis’s demise also
    because of that incident.

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