This is a film that needs to be made before 2012.

A film showing how a morphing EM field is responsible for charting our course through history…a LINEAR progression of HIStory based on CYCLICAL cycles that are directly associated with a moving bodies’ wobbly elliptical orbit … a concept called Precession of the Equinoxes

What the ancients called it math we today call myth…but science, religion, the map makers and myth makers are about to converge.

You know it as 2012…I call it a Reconciliation.

The EM field explains EVERYTHING.
It is the field we all participate on…

The EM Field of Dreams.
God said I will build it … and they will come.
It can be the pre-quel to ‘Field of Dreams’.
And the final episode of ‘Bruce Almighty’
Both Kevin Costner and Morgen Freeman can star…

Who sees a blockbuster?
This movie will be made.
Not necessarily as I have cast it…but the premise…that everything gets traced back to the EM field…even the Messiah…
Who wants to play role of the Messiah?

I predict this film will be made.
The script is in my head…
Who wants it?
to bee continued…

I forgot to mention that the symbol that plays the role of mediator in the Reconciliation process between the siblings Religion and Science is what is called the Galactic Butterfly.

Ian Lungold said this about it…

“This symbol is called the Galactic Butterfly which is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy. This is all of our physical ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems.Big Meaning.So big that the original Maya had no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like having no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this is where Jose Arguelles came across it. He called it Hunab Ku. The indigenous peoples call it “The Galactic Butterfly”. Butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy.

Maybe the name of the film could be The Galactic Butterfly?
Gets better….

And how difficult is it to connect that symbol with what was called the KEY TO UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT?

The above is a Mexican/Aztec/Mesoamerican symbol.
Here are the many variations found throughout the world.
Because it is the KEY to the ARKitecture.

And now I present the one swastika that ruined it … for all the rest.
Please note this was a fine tuned symbol to represent profound change.

And the first thing I note is that the Nazi version is fundamentally different in its structure from ALL the others.

Can you see it?
It’s orientation is different … in that it references not the FIXED Cardinal cross position (+) BUT it has been tilted 45 degrees into an X position, marking off the inter-cardinal positions.

X Marks the Spot
And that X is also indicated on the Galactic Butterfly.
And the specific orientation X, is again indicated on this symbol I photographed in a Catholic Monastery in Peru.
A Monastery that had been closed for 396 years, reopened in 1976….and soon afterward I tuned into another coincidence.
396 years is 4 years shy of 400.

And much later I found out that the genius of Nikola Tesla promoting something about the numbers 369 and Marko Rodin the author of VBM, Vortex Based Math clearly indicates that the numbers 396 as being very significant to his theory.

I then intuitively placed one symbol over the other, mainly because the colors BLACK cross, WHITE circle and RED background are identical…later in the film I show you how these 3 colors are connected to both Alchemy and (scaler and stellar) Astrophysics.

But wait did I mention that it was a Catholic Monastery.
Well Raphael went looking for some good locations for when shooting begins.

Here is what he found in trying to find a location to reflect the above symbol.
First he flew to Tibet and here is what he found, this symbol is known as the Universe of the Lamas.
It even displays the 2 Pillars we see in the Peruvian symbol.

But it was when he was flying over the Vatican, put there in a holding pattern by the air traffic controller, to wait our turn to land he saw it!!!!

St. Peter’s Square had exactly the same dimensions.
And this was confirmed by the fact that the 4 Stars we see on the Peruvian mandala are also represented on the X in the elliptical oval….

Those 4 Stars were known as the 4 Royal Stars by the Arabic astrologers…those 4 Royal Stars were KEY to my unraveling of this mystery of the ages…

And it gets even better … in how the swastika and the butterfly are ARKetypes representing the EM Field of Dreams.

In shock and awed by the Creation NOT the Burning Bushes….

to bee continued…

4th Reich?

Good name for a movie perhaps.

Rise of the 4th Reich – The Galactic Butterfly

Here I present the Electro-magnetic Butterfly.
Madame Butterfly…she flaps her wings and creates universes…

And this next image is what is called the Lorentz Attractor…
It is a big deal in physics and it addresses CHirality.

It is also the concept that gave rise to the term the butterfly effect.

And what is most important to realize is that both concepts, the Lorentz Attractor and the EM field is that the images or waves or at 90 degree angle to each other….

A right angle.

Hey Pythagoras what say thee about right angles?
Pythagoras is dead but Pope Ratzinger is alive and well.
Let’s go ask him about right angles.
What does the Pope know about geometry?
(Geo=earth and meter=to measure)

The coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI incorporates both papal elements, as well as the elements of the coat of arms he bore as Archbishop of Munchen (Munich) and Freising, and as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Miter.

The miter replaces the “beehive” tiara familiar from former papal coats of arms.

Pope Paul VI dropped the ceremonial use of the tiara, although he, and his immediate successors John Paul I and John Paul II, retained it in their coats of arms.
Benedict XVI has replaced it with the miter, on which is emblazoned three gold bands representing “order, jurisdiction and magisterium.”

Again we see that the arketypal CHirally aware Bees are mentioned and the two keys are intersecting at 45 degrees.

One gold key and one silver key.
These represent the sun and the moon.

(…and perhaps on another esoteric level, these two keys also represent the interplay between ‘electricity’ and ‘magnetism’ respectively…?)

To Bee or not to Bee?

What is miter?

A joint formed by beveling the edges or ends of two pieces at 45-degree angles, then fitting them together to make a 90-degree angle, but if a line was drawn between the centers of each vortex, the line would be at 45 degreees…

As in the diagram of the Lorentz attractor above.

(…again on another level of the esoteric, using macro/micro analogy, what I could suggest is that the Lorentz attractor is an archtype, and a symbol for White Holes ejecting matter only to be consumed by a Black Hole…?)


So I want to point out the consistency of my threads.

Where I have suggested the bees disappearances and the appearance of more butterflies are a ‘reflection’ of a morphing Electro-magnetic spectrum. Bees are also known to be CHirally aware, and thus are fine diplomats to represent CHiral asymmetry.
(bees and hives were used as sacred symbols by many cultures.)

And right on que, ONE of God’s voices here on earth also shadow’s what apparently is happening to the EM field.

Pope Ratzinger dropped the beehive and adopted the mitre, which we can associate with the butterfly…or at the very least the Lorentz attractor…
Egyptians associated the butterfly with resurrection.
Greeks associated the butterfly with the Goddess Psyche, goddess of the soul.

If you suggest these are only coincidences, I will suggest your intuition was taken on a holy-day 2000 years ago and not since returned…
And I can say it only gets better and better as you descend down the rabbit hole…

I found it lead to the catacombs beneath the Vatican.

LIGHTNING – Zeus – Thor – Popes?

And what power does this Black Magician wield?

It is know as SS power folks.

The Vatican even has an emblem for it…

SS or Spiritus Sanctus means the Holy Spirit.

It was also a term OFTEN used in referring to St. Peter and St. Paul.
It was often abbreviated as Ss.
Macro S and micro s, and these 2 S’s are the two waves we see below.

Who cannot see the S and the S or is it Z and Z?
Are S and 2 mirror images of each other?
What about Z and 5?

But do you see the N?

And who can tell me which is the Macro wave and which is the Micro wave?

….what we see is that the Galactic Butterfly is comprised of two separate forces.

One wing is electrical energy and the other is magnetic energy….and in analogy, they work together in achieving a balance.

Do others know what I have been suggesting? Am I alone?
Can I assume the Vatican knows about the EM Field of Dreams and Illusions?
Read this…maybe at the highest levels, science and religion have reconciled but have chosen to say nothing.
What if?

“ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” in Black and White part I


“ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” part III RED Roses and BLUE Lillies

So who wants to make a movie that puts the DaVinci Code to shame and essentially ends the reign of the Vatican, helping to fulfill the St. Malachy Prophecy?

We can all play a role, helping to set in motion a mechanism to end this era of Christian terrorism … helping to turn the tables on the Vatican.

Who has the nerve to take on the Black Magicians and fix the world?
How many of you know that there in fact exists a White Pope and a Black Pope?
Here are only two results, easily found…by searching ‘black Pope white Pope
I warn you, it is a very deep and twisted rabbit hole.
Keep in mind though that the Black Pope is associated with the Jesuits.
The Jesuits, these fighting Monks knew how to wield a sword.
Ask Pope Ratzinger about ‘nations who spread the word of God by the sword?

The Pope is a hypocrite of the highest magnitude. He has chosen to forget the evils committed by the rabid bible-thumping Christians, leaving a path of carbon residue in their wake…


And how would a Black Pope be involved in the grand conspiracy?
How do I bring the story back to Peru?
One of the Black Popes was a fella by Borgia.
The family Borgia have in their possession an ancient sacred ‘book’ that belonged to the Aztec.
This book is called a Codex.
Hence one of the other names I have chosen CodeX4.

This book helped the Aztec, like the Maya forecast accurate time based on the movements of the SUN and the MOON.

The Christian Vatican has organized at least three Holocausts or Holy-causes. This is easily proven…they even documented their own nefarious deeds.

And the Rise of the 4th Reich…The Galactic Butterfly is the scripted 4th Holy-cause that has been planned, it was placed long ago into a script to be followed, coded into the scriptures with intent.
A script-4-sure to be followed to a ‘T’ don’t forget to dot the ‘eyes’.

The 1st Christian/Catholic sponsored Holocaust
were the Crusades conducted against the Persians, Muslims and Pagans in the Holy Lands, and any other destination that the roads leading out of Rome took them.

The 2nd Christian Holocaust was waged against the indigenous CULTures throughout the globe, declared war on, a spiritual cleansing of the heathens, amply illustrated by the slaughter of 60+ million northern, central and south americans, an entire hemisphere has had their roots and heritage obfuscated in a trial by fire … laying what would prove to have been 500 years later the seeds of a New World Order arising in the New World.

The 3rd Christian Holy-cause was again issued by the Vatican, but their connection to this one would not be as obvious as the other one that had been conducted in the Americas, in the years following Columbus, re:1492.
The advent of better communication between the sheeple was baaad news for the Master Shepherds as we were approaching the 20th century.
The 3rd Christian Holy-cause was again directed at the Christian’s nemesis from Genesis. The Jews were the primary reason for Hitler’s Kampf, his war.
And again we find profound coincidences in regards to all 3 Christian Holycauses…which are confirmed by the Vatican’s attacks on the Jews, not directly, this time the Teutonic Knight was enlisted, and also a proud Roman incognito, Herr Hitler.
It is far beyond a coincidence that Hitler used much Roman symbolism in dressing up his army and his Holy-cause.

Please note that all 3 Christian Holocausts were indeed inflicted against cultures that use both the Sun and the Moon in forecasting future events…

1st Holycause or the Crusades … targeted were … Pagans, Muslims, Jews, gypsies, tramps and thieves.

2nd Holycause or the discovery of a New World … the victims were … Maya, Aztec, Inca and hundreds of other indigenous tribes in the western hemisphere.

3rd Holycause called a Holocaust and again we find the Lunar Passover Jews were the primary ‘target’.
I love the fact that the Torah uses the appearance of the first New Moon (an invisible event) as the starting point for the creation story in Judaism.

Only the Maya calendar and the Jewish calendar rival the accuracy of the Atomic Clock.
We know the Christians suck at time keeping.
Evidence…the inaccurate Julian calendar was replaced by the inaccurate Gregorian calendar which resulted within 500 years a controversy in regards to two New Year’s Eve ‘turn of the century parties’, one in 1999 and the other in 2000.
And remember the Y2K event?
Thank the Vatican and the Mathematician (computer programmers) for that fiasco.
Oy vey.

What is the ultimate prize here?

Obviously the entire charade is about TIME and TIME forecasting, about cycles, about solstices and equinoxes, both of which help determine when the eclipses will occur which means eventually we are able to figure out the ecliptic.
Which means … you just figured out that the Sun takes approximately 26,000 years to complete one of its orbits.

The story that needs to be told (but that has been veiled with Red Herrings), is how Precession suggests an EVENT lay on the horizon and this event is due to occur.
It is not a question of IF but when.
An EVENT that has been written and sold as Biblical Prophecy and thus taken control of.
An EVENT that the ancients were suggesting that we pay attention to.
The ancients left us markers that have withstood the test of TIME itself.
Evidence that civilizations have risen and fallen, only to rise again.

And the Swastika is a symbol, an amulet that can be worn that symbolizes Precession of the Equinoxes…it is a divine symbol that the Vatican fears we will embrace.
Further to this, it is not a coincidence (only makes sense) that Constantine’s vision of the symbol called the Chi_Rho which arrived in a dream effectively put an end to the swastika as the most POPULAR amulet worn by everybody, pre 325 A.D.

It only gets better…I have yet to share the ending to the narrative called The Galactic Butterfly …. we get to choose from two significant endings.

It will all be decided by who wins the battle for our hearts and minds as we approach 2012.
The Sons of Darkness or the Sons of Light.
The Rise of the 4th Reich…will eventually lead to a spiritual battle.
This Galactic Battle will be taking place on the EM Field of Dreams.
Where else would a battle between the forces of darkness and light take place?

Maybe in Iraq or maybe Iran?

Ancient Northern Iran is where that concept of darkness and light originated in a script penned by the Persian mystic called Zoroaster, which later help lay the foundation for Persian beliefs.

Or maybe we all stay home and battle the demons within?


UPDATE Oct. 11, 2013

The following two links are updates to all of the above which was written back in Nov. 2007


The Eternal Story of the W and Z


6 thoughts on “2012 and the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY

  1. Fascinating. I’ve seen relationships upon relationships all over ever since I started digging only a few weeks ago. Plus, I’ve been able to feel things building for that past 7+ years. Check out http://www.keyofsolomon.net for some interesting tie-ins to Orion, Sirius, and a related star. This will indeed be a cosmic battle – whether within each person or otherwise, and it is building each day.

  2. ahh…the Key of Solomon.

    Have you noticed that St. Peter’s Square (from a bird’s eye view…remember we evolved from birds, where did I hear that?), looks like both a lock and key…from above.

    DNA…amino acids…the building blocks fit like a lock and key…

    Lawman … chirality is (one of of) the Key to Solomon’s Temple.
    St. Peter was seen holding at least two keys, one gold and one silver …

    But I keep finding 3 Gates with rumor of a 4th that cannot be accessed?

    Here is a blog from these pages that shows how Precession is a very big deal.
    It illustrates how the Greek Zodiacal Cross, Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika are intimately connected.

    I wrote that above post sometime ago. But I have continued digging using archetypal clues to help me unravel the history that has been replaced by a self-serving HIS-story, a patriarchal perspective
    that has in fact ignored the HER-story that preceded it…

    And this next blog suggests my intuitively led quest in search of the archetypal ARK, has yielded a profound truth.

    We have come full circle, almost.
    That’s what an awakening is.
    2012 is a big awakening.


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