SSchizophrenia = Swastika (Pagans) vs Crucifix (Vatican)

jbeckton wrote:
A bit off topic, but your posts usually allow for off topic thinking. I think I asked you this before but don’t recall a reply.

If the Vatican is really calling the shots throughout history and the Vatican supported the Nazi’; why did the Nazi’s fail? Why did the Nazi’s not get the bomb? Why did the US enter the war?

Sorry I did not respond, I probably missed the post.

It is a script the Vatican follows, immersed in archetype…if the ancients mimicked the movements of the heavens, in how they constructed their temples and megalithic structures…why would not the Vatican?

They built the Vatican over a pagan site.
Everything about them is essentially pagan when you see the same symbols and archetypes throughout the world you realize everyone and everything is referencing Precession.

Once I made the connection that not only were ALL the megalithic structures pointing toward Precession, but so were too the Swastika and Solomon’s Knot, I had another epiphany.
The profound symbols all were referencing Precession of the Equinoxes something modern scholars said a hip guy called Hipparchus invented.
Big lie.
The book Hamlet’s Mill proved that in 1969.
And an entire field of inquiry opened up called Archeo-astronomy.

You want to suffer more disdain at the hands of the experts.
Until Hamlet’s Mill, few experts understood. The Egyptian anthropologists and the archaeologists had their heads and egos focused on terra firma. The astronomers had their heads above the clouds.
Guess what few egos talked with each other.
Then the book Hamlet’s Mill suggested our ancestors like the Maya and Egyptians and Inca were actually reflecting in their structures here on earth what they interpretated by observing the movements of the celestial bodies.

Duh duh duh.
So after 1969, guys like Bauvel, Cruttendon, and Major-Jenkins appeared on the scene because they liked joining the dots between the heavens and the firmament, Earth.

(And in my investigations, I use tools even fewer employ, this must be the reason for my insights, many of which are original and apparently accurate)

Now this is very important, it explains WHY the swastika is in fact a solar symbol…the swastika is a symbol that tracks Precession, it is also a symbol that represents CHirality which I can show is one of the essential ARKitects in the unraveling of life itself.

But it gets better.
The ancients wore small amulets to represent the big events.

The Swastika and Solomon’s Knot were two such amulets that represented a Macrocosmic idea, that could be worn by the Microcosmic Man…the ancients were always trying to connect…connect…connect and stay connected.

Here is the conspiracy … why Hitler was duped.
Follow the consistency.
How do you change what people believe or how do you control their emotions?

Modern psychiatry has delved into this.
They have found there are two ways to alter our behaviors.
By fine tuning the individual from within or by altering the environment.

So essentially THEY (Power and Glory Inc) have only two choices to keep the masses shepherded, either by having us response to external stimuli THEY can and indeed control OR by leaving us to our own devices, exercising ‘free will’ and expecting ‘man to know thyself’ and for the individual to control his ocean of irrationality, that lies beneath the surface.
Which method do you think THEY decided to employ?

Okay so now you understand it is easier to create an external ‘Kingdom of Jeruselum’ that people can be herded toward than to create a temple of gold within each of us.

Sadly we lost the ability to create our own ‘Kingdoms of Jeruselum’ from within…thus the only way to keep people in line is too appeal to their ‘irrationalities’ with stories about bad people, boogey men, terrorists, creating cold war environments…by telling really really big lies…like WMD

W eapons of
M ass
D eception

The ancients were very aware of the power of the amulet, amulets that were soon associated with witchcraft and the occult and driven underground. And the swastika which is connected to both DNA and Precession of the Equinoxes was the most common amulet worn at one time.

So back to Rome we go, because all roads lead back to Rome.
Constantine has a vision and it was about a particular symbol.
He tells the Pagans, and the Christians and the Jews and anybody else listening, that this symbol would unite Rome and all humanity.
It is the Chi Rho.
And eventually the Chi Rho (circa 325 A.D.) gave way to the Crucifix, which suggests those that have hinted at Christ NOT being crucified on a Crucifix were probably right.
(if he was at all….this mutt of metaphor)

But guess what?
The people had to give up an old sacred amulet when buying into Constantine’s dream.
The Swastika which until the Chi Rho was adopted was the most common cross / amulet worn by the pagan Romans, Greeks, Jews …
So though the swastika was being used less and less in Rome, it was still being used around the world by so many other cultures.

Then the Christians realized it was time to find those cultures and alter their thinking and beliefs too.
So the Jesuits, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta and other military orders set out to dispose of pre-existing Pagan / non-Christian Swastika type cultures….

They found many in the Americas and proceeded to wipe them out, and depose of their histories, often in a trial by fire….Satan’s favorite weapon…the Crusades can be also seen as a Holocaust or a HolyCause.

The documented elimination of the indigenous of the Americas was in fact another Christian Holocaust carried out by the Crucifix waving Conquistadors, seeking out and eliminating cultures who had a divine reverence for a symbol, once referred to as The KEY to Universal Movement.
What a great revealing name.
That is what the Aztec and Maya and Buddhists call the swastika.
There have been some GREAT civilizations associated with the Key to Universal Movement.
THEY needed to create an new identity for this symbol that pushes peoples buttons…and then take control of it.

Effective too the Christians were, they really know how to alter the terrain.
100 million Mesoamericans were reduced to 10 million in the 150 years after the Church arrived on the shores of America to institute their version of a New World Order.
See how nothing has changed?
Books / Codices were burned or confiscated and hidden from the authors’ ancestors for generations to come.
True story.
The Vatican stole the Mesoamericans most sacred records and hid them from view.

jbeckton wrote:
Why did the Nazi’s fail?

By design.
The rise of the Nazi’s, the Balfour Declaration, the Concentration Camps, millions dead (all sacrificial lambs for the benefit of the whole) were in effect all designed to accomplish one thing…to establish the rebirth of the State of Israel…as the scripture suggests.

And everything was conveniently documented, all the Nazi atrocities that THEY want us to see, were put on film, to be replayed to the sheeple….over and over and over again. We have all seen the skeletal bodies while they flash the swastika over and over and over again…what about the other secrets the Germans were working on, like flying saucers and experiments on humans … I demand to see those films too!
These evil men know the power of the Printing Press and Projecting Light…and manipulation of the masses.
THEY have referred to people as sheeple for thousands of years.

Like 911, an event needed to occur, in order to take away the sovereign state of Palestine and form a new country for Israel to fulfill the script contained within the scriptures.
THEY had been working on accomplishing just this since the late 1800’s.
So now Israel gets its own country.
A new country is resurrected and in the ashes of the Swastika is born the Star of David.

And then for the next 60 years we have had flashed in front of our sheeple eyes the Black White and Red swastika.

For 60 years now THEY have been associating the swastika, a symbol that is connected to how the Universe is put together (study: chiral asymmetry and parity violation) with a heinous terrible crime.

I ask you.
Do THEY flash the crucifix in conjunction with displaying heinous crimes?
They made the Jews feel guilty for 2000 years by hanging the mutt of metaphor on a Crucifix?
And then they made a Christian world feel guilty by flashing the Swastika.
People in the west hate that symbol now, because of ignorance.
Many believe, because of the shhhh ban, that Hitler was the author, the originator, thus it is very easy to find their button to make them march in oppostion to this symbol.
I on the other hand is the last guy they want showing up in some Judeao / Christian boot camp telling everybody how divine this symbol truly is…in Christian Germany it is a crime to display or communicate this symbol in any way….
Wait…see what THEY have accomplished?

This symbol, the swastika is a symbol of the Creator.
See the effectiveness of what THEY have done?

I remember early on in my investigations asking myself the following question.

Why would a curious humanity wanting to know its roots and origins, to help us explain the many anomalies, dispense with the ONE symbol, the ONE unifying symbol that keeps appearing everywhere and suggests a commonality, a common ancestry?

Well, the answer it appears is in the question itself.
Because the swastika proves a common ancestry that can be traced back to Atlantis…hello Platonic Year and goodbye Precession of the Equinoxes.

Because which term came first?

THEY (Vatican) or the temple priests took Atlantis and the Platonic Year away from Plato and gave it to the scientists and renamed it Precession of the Equinoxes, 200+ years after Plato bit the playdoh and was no longer a man made of clay….

And Atlantis then also became a myth … while Moses became a fact.
And THEY gave the egos degrees of enlightenment and called expert an ARKeologist and then suggested this fallen man with his credentials, go west and look for the remains of a 900 year old Moses in Egypt and the remains of an ARK situated on a mountain top somewhere…do not rest until you find it…

(just like in Plato’s description of the sinking of Atlantis…)
Oy vey.

I am not making this shit up.

Why did the Americans get involved, you ask?
Part of the script without a doubt.
They forced the Japanese to attack them…like a big game of chess; they left the Japanese only one option. Japans only option was to attack America (who had imposed a boycott) to declare war. America likes boycotts…(Cuba and Iraq) As history has shown America forced the move but left their Queen (Pearl Harbor) undefended, on purpose. Nice move.
This is what is known as a sacrifice. Because you can already see many moves ahead.
Your opponent just committed a kind of hari-Kiri some called kamikazee.

The author of that book shows how America and Britain have a role to play in fulfilling Biblical prophecy…it was written in the 1940’s

The Vatican has ALWAYS had a military order at their disposal.
If you google ‘Vatican, Napoleon, Hitler and Mussolini’ you will realize these have been the Vatican’s hit men.

Bush and Blair are now the chosen puppets at the Vatican’s disposal.
Who is their target?
Iran and Israel
Who would be left?
Get your enemies to annihilate each other.
You get the prize…Earth and her inhabitants.
(Chinese, Hindu and Buddhist will still provide some resistance)

Coincidently, Iran still has a reverence for the swastika and also questions the legitimacy of the manufactured Jewish Holocaust …. Seeing it more as an Old Testament Holy-cause.

But I contend the conspiracy gets really esoteric.
I believe 2012 could be consciousness altering event and it is associated with the Swastika.
THEY want us to fear this symbol.
We shouldn’t, I believe it is connected to our collective ‘salavation’ come 2012.

Max Planck, the Buddhists and the Mayans all believe in vibrations.
Me too.
2012 is about vibrations and frequency.

The Vatican is trying to sell one vibration I am NOT buying into too.
HIStory suggests that.


golem go


WWII bases in Atlantis, Flying Saucers, the Nazis, Thule, Admiral Byrd the Center of the Earth and Argartha is another rabbit hole you may enter…if you wish.
I am not going there.

Too many Red Herrings.
The Swastika is NOT a Red Herring.
It is the reason for many of the Red Herrings.
I want to know what is swimming around in Lake Vostok?

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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