EM Spectrum and Gold

occman wrote:

You like graphs rocc?

(rocc the following explanation is for those who follow the green stuff and should pay more attention to the gold)

Below is the EM spectrum…which measures all the light in the Universe…but there is something wrong with this chart.

We usually read from left to right…and when measuring time it is done in a linear progression along the x axis.
And this chart is reversed. (the author can probably read from right to left, like in Arabic or Hebrew)
It is an uncomfortable orientation for me, I feel it is incorrect, though it is not, it is only a preference based on my conditioning.
But if we reverse the image and we re-orient TIME’s ARROW (entropy), it is now ready to be interpreted, along with your charts.

Black Arrow on the chart is Time’s Arrow, and it indicates we are heading toward Maximum Entropy.

Entropy is a very important concept in physics and is connected to thermodynamics and quite possibly thermodynamics/heat plays a role in the Theory of Everything.

Ya think?

Entropy is the ambassador of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
And this ambassador and his purpose, can be sumed up in one word when playing the game of consuming energy.


Yes Entropy could be seen as the Grim Reaper when playing the game of energy conversions…

Between the RED Pillar and the BLUE Pillar are the waves that manifest into matter and represents what we can see with the naked eye, without the use or need of scopes.

And this is the illusion or playing field of where a GREEN Garden of Eden manifests too, by coincidence, between the visible light situated between the Red and Blue Pillars.

This blog illustrates how the archetypes match up with the EM spectrum.
ALL has been Written in the EM Spectrum…Part 1-3

To the left of the RED Pillar we see lots and lots of GOLD…representing the Golden Age … a time that was closer to the source of WHITE Light.
But TIME marches forward in a LINEAR progression and to the right of the BLUE Pillar we see a PURPLE/UV light heading down down down…toward the darkness.

The (white, green and purple) shield or bubble that we see, is due to atmospheric opacity and this shield is similar to venetian blinds that open and close. In the graph above, where the shaded areas meet the shield it indicates the Blinds are closing and only certain spectral bands of light are penetrating. Where we see the Gold is where the Blinds are Wide open and the Sun’s radiation is entering and leaving the earth’s atmosphere in more of a balance. (i.e radiation IN = radiation OUT)
Problem with the blinds closing is that the radiation we and the earth are generating cannot escape (which we equate with global warming) and the blinds also stop certain kinds of radiation from entering. (and this is called Global Dimming, something THEY do not want to discuss because of what I present as possible and probable evidence.
The only way to explain the contradictions presented by what both Global Warming and Global Dimming happening concurrently imply…
…and BEES disappearing is that the EM is changing.
A morphing EM field actually explains sooooo much…because it is depicted as archetype in the ancient scriptures.

Morphing EM field morphs man…..

And the mechanism that opens and closes the blinds is the EM field relative to where the Sun is on its journey through the cycle called Precession of the Equinoxes…and it has been changing rocc…we are closer to the UV Blue Pillar than the InfraRED Pillar as we see above.
Science tells us that…where did I get these charts…?

But do not despair…as you can see there is more Gold again after we hit bottom…I suspect that is when the material stuff will lose its glitter too. They seem to have opposite waveforms…

In other words….the pursuit of Spiritual Gold has nothing to do with accumulating the Material Gold. Hasn’t that allways been the lesson? I am not reinventing the philosophical wheel here…just giving the roulette wheel a spin…

What I find interesting is that as we approach 2012….GOLD appears poised to go through the roof…but this is in direct contrast that shows an EM field that is greatly diminishing.

How ironic.
Gold is a great conductor.
And the EM field is part electricity.
(I do ponder though…what would THEY (Power and Glory Inc) being trying to conduct by collecting all the material Gold?)

So the consistency of our observations suggests … as the spiritually fallen man seeks the material gold, the treasure outside of him, his descent is greatly accelerated…

But as you know roccket man, I believe the Macrocosmic environment plays a role in the behaviors of the Microcosmic man.
They mirror each other.
They are asymmetrical representations of each other.
Spirit and Matter mirror each other.

Sun and Earth and Moon in a dance with other celestial bodies.



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