TAROT predictions re: 911 and 2012

The following is a cut and paste from the Peak Oil forum.

I was starting to stray again.
I don’t like hijacking threads or planes.
I only need a keyboard to hijack PO consciousness.

This thread deals with the question….

Can we outrun and plan and prepare for what appears to be a changing Electro-Magnetic field?

Armageddon wrote:
I know exactly what happened. That plane was supposed to hit the white house.

So the flight path over Pennsylvania suggested the White House?
Maybe the hoard of mutinous passengers caused the plane to veer way from its intended course.

What if that plane was supposed to hit building 7, the 3rd building that had been rigged with explosive charges…remember the other two had been also rigged.

We know all 3 were.
The only 3 steel buildings in the history of steel construction to collapse because of fire…all did on the same day…
(here is another tool I employ as intuitive alchemist…when the coincidences start to accumulate…it is not coincidence…it is fate by design.

Why only 2 planes for 3 targets at ground zero?
It seems as though they had prepared 3 targets, does it not?

Take a real close look at the architecture of WTC7. (from above helps)
How many floors? (ask Pythagoras or Euclid)
What floor was Jewliani’s command post? (ask Jim Carrey)
What was the shape of the building? (again ask Pythagoras or Euclid)

All esoteric clues.
There is your homework assignment my dear initiates…I have found if I tell the ewe everything … I deny them the journey of discovery.
And what a journey it is…spelunking through rabbit holes…quite the labyrinth.
It also makes learning for the sheeple more difficult, feeding them all the info directly handicaps humanity.

But people do need to be fed the truth.
Otherwise they go into a kind of toxic shock, zombies, Eyes Wide Shut.

The symbolism of the Two Towers or the Two Pillars … representing the 2 pillars called Jachin and Boaz can be found on Cards 2, 5, (8 or 11**), and Card 18 / The Moon.
(**these two cards are interchangable…esoteric clue for the ewe, and the numbers (2, 5, 8, and 11) can be traced to the following…

Greek Zodiac Cross
Precession of the Equinoxes
Platonic Year
Solomon’s Knot
4 Evangelists
4 Royal Stars
4 Sons of Horus
…plus other coincidences found in other belief systems.

And the Pillars can also be found in every Mason Lodge and also in Chartres Cathedral…

The entire 911 event was a grand ritual, a rite of passage representing the coming changes that THEY (Power and Glory Inc) know about…

The Gregorian calendar had the sheeple celebrating the new millennium in 1999.
1999 is actually a countdown toward 2012.
Those (Vatican) who stole TIME keeping from the Mayans and Ancient Jews are calling the shots…
…and coincidently the Christians have executed 2 holocausts against cultures that use the MOON to tell time…and they are preparing a 3rd.

The Vatican only uses the SUN to tell time.
The Mayans and Jews use the MOON and the SUN.
So do the Iranians.
Yup…I love the conSiStency of my theSiS.
Don’t ewe?

Do THEY really fear the number 13 and 5… or was it an attempt to confiscate two profound ARKetypes.

Why do they (Vatcian) connect these numbers to the occult.
Why would keeping time (tracking precession and delving into astrology) be considered occult?

There is more of course but for now just think of 13 and 5 as being the center of the Circle and Cross/Square respectively … obvious eh, the center is what makes things GO…get it?
Soon it becomes most of what I feel and see IS obvious.
Rumor was, as I heard it, the truth would bee self-evident.

13 years or 13 cards.
Using the Tarot as template for a Timeline it fits rather nicely.

Because I feel we are heading toward a vibratory unity, according to Max Planck and the Buddhists….I suggest, because esoteric tarot doctrine says I can…count backwards using the Tarot.
The Major Arcana can be seen as an archetypal story going from 0 >>> 21 or from 21 >>> 0.
These cards can be seen to represent ‘Time’s Arrow’.
An arrow that is reversible, unlike Entropy, but relax, we have the best Semitic minds working on it, science by the way is pouring huge amounts of your tax dollars to reverse Time’s Arrow.
What else do you think these Noble beautiful minds are workin’ on eh?

And also … after THEY have used serf labour and have this Time Machine up and running … guess what?

No serfs allowed.

So if you are counting backwards from Death … Card 13.

1999 Card 13 Death
2000 Card 12 The Hanged Man
2001 Card 11 JUSTICE and please note this Card has 2 Pillars on it, like the twin towers…

2011 Card 1 The Magician
2012 Card 0 The Fool

What do they have planned for 2012 on the site of the new and improved WTC?
google it…you must provide your own salvation efforts sometimes … geesh
One building is being built to represent Unity… and they plan to open in 2012 and quite the light show is planned…

You are such a herd of sheeple.
Being lead to a slaughter.
2012 is when the Grim Butcher arrives…

The Tarot is as divine as any of the scriptures.
It is essentially the same thing … recorded in symbolic archetype or as I like to say ARKetype.
Scholars have already proven that.
Not unlike the Torah that has a written and Oral version, the Tarot based on the Torah could be seen as a visual aid to the written and oral versions.

Visual, written and oral aids?

Does that make sense or what?

And I can also show you some indigenous weaves and tapestries that evoke the same sacred archetypes…because our HANDS are connected to our consciousness….CHirality proves that….

Am I onto something…..?
Rolling Eyes

But I must wait till 2012 (maybe 2011) arrives Bee4 I can say to the sheeple … I told ya so…
Ever met a prophet who seeks NO profits?
We are few.

I find it symptomatic of our collective sickness … where even those that claim they believe 2012 is the end of this illusion … are still trying to get their books copyrighted … and profit.
These are the false profits.
A prophet seeks no monetary compensation for them self.
Because they realize a fool and his money are soon parted anyway.
I believe what I feel.
I quit my job this year.
Said %$#@ the pension and took a lump sum.
I don’t plan on working the rest of my life.
About 5 years left …

Time to prepare spiritually…can’t outrun a changing Electro-magnetic field.
Hello sheeple duh ewe understand that?
Time to prepare spiritually…can’t outrun a changing Electro-magnetic field.

Rolling Eyes

Fast Eddie Bernays would just call you all stupid goyims and then go on to manipulate 50% of the herd of ewe (he targeted the women) into buying cigarettes knowing that sucking on a cigarette was nothing more than a symbol of the phallus, which in the end might give you cancer. (both cigarettes and cock can give a woman cancer by the way)

Others got sick while Fast Eddie counted his money and was knighted by high society…the Semites who get high on the green stuff…
This is the kind of sick Semite mind we must dispose of NOW by heeding the Oracular words of wisdom … “Man and Woman know thyself”
The Semite mind is out of touch with half the world’s consciousness.
btw: Christians Jews and Muslims are ALL flawed semite theologies…I don’t need to prove again what the great mythologist Joseph Campbell did…

These evidently are our role models, it defaults too the … Unbalanced Semitic Mind which has wrought a hell onto all humanity by forcing us through manipulations of numbers and sacred geometry…into doing the bidding of THEY.
Power and Glory Inc.

How difficult is it really to find the rotten apples within the BUSHel of Semites?

Jews are not the only Semites.
Semites are not a race.
It is a belief system.
It is a belief system.
It is a belief system.
Open to interpretation.

And that right there is the problem.
Interpretation using literal tools to deliver an exoteric message and ignoring the figurative archetypes and the esoteric.
Semites do not specifically belong to any of the 4 original Races we see symbolized by the Indian Medicine Wheel.
It was a belief system that was designed to capture the hearts and minds of all colors.
So when the Zionist Jew says the Germans tried to eliminate a RACE, that too is a lie.
Hitler thought the Jew and this thinking and his tinkering were the problem.
Again Hitler was a Christian Semite and he did what all Semites do when they can no longer stand to look at how pathetic THEY have become…blame the Jew within…the spiritual scapegoat.

Semites do not specifically belong to any of the 4 original Races we see symbolized by the Indian Medicine Wheel.


These 4 colors happen to be 4 very profound colors, found far too often contained within esoteric doctrine.
Again many coincidences suggest an intelligent design.

Would you like me to interpret Ezekiel’s Vision?
I have come to realize we had the same dream…
But we had two different endings…like in the Holywood movies.

His resulted in the American Dream…the new Israel.
And mine was the shadow cast by what his dream meant for others.
American Nightmares exported abroad.
A new form of Free Trade.
Where the Semites take turns dropping bombs on each other and take turns taking what THEY want.

The same vision evidently drove Ezekiel mad, the ‘Biblical scholars’ claim.
Apparently Raphael too was driven mad, according to the ‘Peak Oil experts…’
Great minds think alike…
What else can I possibly add?
Told ya so?



Update November 8/2007

Rob wrote:
I figure that each correspondence needs to be globally meaningful, not just for us in the western world.

disclaimer: many of my posts start out rather brief…

Do you like the Tarot Rob, and the secrets it yields?
Or was that a satirical timeline?

Will Hilary be the Empress in 2009 … or will SIR Rudy Jewliani be crowned Emperor in 2008?
Here are more thoughts about certain cards.

The Fool
2012 – the Fool also represents the beginning of a new adventure…stepping off the edge into the abyss…the unknown
Maybe this is when Hilary wins…

The Magician
Those 4 weapons of Ritual Magick employed by the Magician, have been connected to the 4 elements, but more importantly I believe they also represent the 4 Forces of Nature.
(Another original idea of mine, this is actually like a Rosetta Stone. Linking the 4 weapons to physics helps you to go much further down the rabbit hole)

Sword is Air or Nuclear Strong
Wand is Fire or Nuclear Weak
Pentacle is Earth or Gravity
Cup is Water or Electro-magnetism

Those associations or analogies are a huge tool in helping me to decipher what the ancients actually knew and were aware of.
And apparently my original idea is not so original.
What I find interesting is that the author of that site and I intuitively associated the same cards with the same weapons.
Which leads me to believe … Great Minds FEEL alike.

High Priestess or Popess
Everybody bows down to the real power that provides for us, Mother Nature.
Momma says she brought us into this world and Momma can also take us out.

The Empress
2009 – This card also represents the Earth.
Is 2010 the year the Earth, our Mama kicks our sorry butt?

The Emperor
This card also references TIME.
2008 – Could be Putin or Bush or SIR Rudy being elected, the man who served up the Twin Towers in his home town…why wasn’t Rudy in his command center, located in WTC7?

The Hierophant or the Pope
2007 – “The role of the hierophant in religion is to bring the congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy.”
What role is the Pope to play this year?

The Lovers
2006 – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
God and Goddess


This article written in April/May 2006 has been superseded by Pope Benedict’s speech on 12 September 2006. His lecture included controversial quotations that have inflamed the Muslim world. Pope Benedict’s actions are exactly as predicted below in the 7th paragraph entitled “Direct Approach to Islam”.


Maybe the lovers who need to kiss and make up are the Vatican and Mecca, as that article implies.

The Chariot
2005 – Pope Ratzinger is brought onto the world stage.
The last Pope according to the St. Malachy prophecy will be Peter the Roman…
(coincidently 111 Popes after the Prophecy was written, the three 1’s are similar to the 3 pillars found in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.)

Benedict and the Glory of the Olive – Malachy’s motto for John Paul II’s successor was De Gloriae Olivae – The glory of the olive. Ratzinger’s choice of name Benedict is significant due to the connection with the order of St. Benedict. The Benedictines are otherwise known as the “Olivetans”. Maybe he sees himself as farmer. Pope Benedict’s first public statement is that “he is a simple, humble worker in the vinyard of the Lord.”

It gets better.
Do you know what it is in the olive that is beneficial to our health?
Olives or cold pressed virgin olive oil functions similar to ibuprofen.
The olive is a natural anti-inflammatory.
In other words the Age of Patriarchal Expansionism or Inflation, the building of Empires is coming to an end.
Now this is consistent with the archetype and metaphor. It suggests we are heading toward an Age of Matriarchal Contraction, or a healing process. The exhalation that follows the inhellation.

please note:
If you plot the earth’s orbit as a LINEAR waveform which you can do (and I have)…it becomes apparent, in a long term cycle, that the rises of the waveform relate to Patriarchal influences, and where we find an equilibrium, we find the egalitarian cultures, and prior to those cultures we had ONLY Goddess cultures.
The consistency of what I am suggesting is easily proven.
The last 5000-6000 years has without a doubt seen the rise of the Temple Priest and Male dominance.
Prior to that the cultures like Catal Hoyuk in Turkey or perhaps the Sphinx in Egypt (representing a culture pre-dating the Egyptians), and the Mesoamerican cultures, ALL indicated an egalitarian ‘balance’ had been achieved during the period of 3000-10000 B.C.
And prior to these cultures we find only Goddess worship…from 10,000 B.C. to 20,000 B.C…only goddesses.
The oldest statues ALL being of women, ‘goddesses’ who were seen as essential symbols of fertility.

In conclusion:
Time has been a slow progression, of fertility and lunar worship related primarily to the MOON and the woman. This would be an extreme entry point representing a beginning.
Evolving through time and what has been documented shows balanced egalitarian cultures that used both the MOON and the SUN to assist them in connecting with the cosmos…
However it can easily be shown that we find ourselves today at a point in our HIStory, a point in time where the Vatican has taken control of the ‘Time clock’ and we are without a doubt now, primarily a solar or SUN Cult. It represents another extreme juncture of the waveform…the impending turn around or inevitable reversal of fortunes, is maybe what 2012 represents?

We have harnessed the power of the Sun, by accepting the gift of fire from Prometheus…today we can light up the skies and caves with ‘man made light’.
Fire was the first technology we conquered and all technologies that came afterward were born of fire….
And ZEUS was pissed with Promometheus because man could now effect the Thermodynamic Equilibrium of the Earth.
And that is a really really big deal and explains how we became co-creators. Ask Einstein or Hawking about thermodynamics and entropy.
By harnessing fire we conquered the earth, so we thought.
And inside of each of us is the Yod.
What the Hebrews call a spark or fire that ignites the process of transformation.
Inside the earth exists a Yod too, can I suggest that?

Yod forms part of the sacred tetragrammaton known as YHVH = God

Synopsis – Timeline of History
1/ 10,000 – long ago …. Era of the MOON primarily a Female Mono Goddess
2/ 3000 – 10000 B.C. … Era of the MOON and SUN and we also have an eclectic mixture of men and women goddesses representing both Moon and Sun
3/ 2007 A.D to 3000 B.C. Era of the SUN and the Son of God evolving from the Male Mono God.

Remember Athena was associated with the olive branch / tree.
By offering the olive tree to Zeus in a contest against her sibling Poseidon, who offered a salt spring, she was awarded winner.
Athena thereafter was patron of Athens. She was also associated with war and the martial arts. She also tamed the horse … thus making horsepower available to mankind.

But the most important aspect of what she offered was the ‘anti-inflammatory’ properties of the olive.
Why do I believe that?
Because all the foods that are spoken of in ancient myth…have that property…either anti-oxidants or anti-inflammatory…

Dates / Figs

The earth needs to rest and so do we…who doubts that?
Everybody is tired Rob…5000 years of inflammatory wars and an inflating or EXPANDING earth is about to end.
The ever expanding and separating fissure running North to South, called the mid-Atlantic ridge could be that cataclysmic exhellation we all fear… it could represent our bubble bursting.

Time to take 2 steps back and regroup.

Strength or Justice
Interesting thing about Card 8 and Card 11.
Evidently they can be switched with each other.
Important to note, that the reversal of these cards was a modern variation introduced by either Waite or Case. (can’t remember)
And coincidently these 2 cards along with Card 2 and Card 5 is worthy of its own post…Cards 2, 5, 8 and 11.
And yes glad you noticed the pattern … start with -1 and just keep adding 3.

Wheel of Fortune
Iraq is attacked for the second time by Bush Jr. based on rumors of WMD.

Justice or Strength (Card 8 and 11 can be reversed or substituted for each other)
2001 – World Trade Center – 911

The Hanged Man
2000 – giving up is one of the meanings of this card (giving up is hard to do and so is letting go, both behaviors can lead to a reversal of fortunes.
The Hanged Man also hangs by his Achilles heel of his left leg and is on what is known as a Tau Cross, sometimes depicted as St. Peter’s Cross…

Remember we had TWO millennium parties in 1999 and 2000.
Both these cards, The Hanged Man and Death indicate a profound change, or a death of an ideology.

The DevilSS

PNAC submits its White Paper on Global domination.

June 3, 1997
American foreign and defense policy is adrift. Conservatives have criticized the incoherent policies of the Clinton Administration. They have also resisted isolationist impulses from within their own ranks. But conservatives have not confidently advanced a strategic vision of America’s role in the world. They have not set forth guiding principles for American foreign policy. They have allowed differences over tactics to obscure potential agreement on strategic objectives. And they have not fought for a defense budget that would maintain American security and advance American interests in the new century.

We aim to change this. We aim to make the case and rally support for American global leadership.


Go to that web site above.
Scroll down the page to see who the DevilSS are.
THEY all signed this conspiracy.
The DevilSS have no shame…full of pride and ego and pursuit of the green stuff. The only way to get green stuff is by converting the Green Earth into carbon credits….

WTC is bombed for the first time.

The World
Bush Sr. attacks Iraq in the Gulf War and the World is set on a new course.

Try reversing the order of the deck…start in Year 2000 with the CARD 0/Fool and proceed toward 2012…
2013 is Death…but we are the Hanged Man in 2012, representing a polarity reversal…

I suspect how you see the cards depends on one’s own outlook in life.
They are in effect a mirror, an aid to helping you get inside your head and finding how you fit into the matrix…

Where the Micro Man meets and meshes with the Macro Creation.


Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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