Bees VIBES Electro-magnetic Frequencies and THEY

Since my arrival here on the PO forum over 3 years ago I have encountered an array of emotion.
I must thank everyone who opposed me in my rants and raves and also voting me forum wingnut in 2006.
It was all necessary for the alchemical process to manifest. The struggles I have encountered communicating with other forum members, in analogy was like a butterfly breaking through the confines of its cocoon. The struggle was necessary to pump the life giving fluids into my wings. So once emerging from the cocoon (or a box) I would be able to fly.
(true fact…if you assist a butterfly to break through its cocoon, its wings will atrophy and it will not fly.)
There is a powerful analogy to the purpose of initiation…and people finding their own way to a truth…for the butterfly it means the difference between flying and being consumed because it can’t fly.
And what does this imply if we are to apply this true tale to human beings and how they are raised and nutured? The ancients used birds to represent spiritual ascension.
How many of us have been grounded?

And there were also those few who supported me in the forums, and also by sending me private messages. Not many, but just enough to sustain me as I was being stoned by harsh words emanating from ignorance, arrogance and belligerence.
The 3 ruffians.

A few people are beginning to realize my insights gained by studying the esoteric are worth paying attention to.

Esotericism refers to the doctrines or practices of esoteric knowledge, or otherwise the quality or state of being described as esoteric, or obscure.[1] Esoteric knowledge is that which is specialized or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of “enlightened”, “initiated”, or highly educated people.[2] Items pertaining to esotericism may be known as esoterica.[3] Some interpretations of esotericism are very broad and include even unconventional and non-scientific belief systems, typically as contrasted with the “scientific” or “traditional religious” beliefs of the society without or “at large”. In contrast, exoteric knowledge is knowledge that is well-known or public; or perceived as informally canonic in society at large.
-from Wiki

So from that definition, why don’t those who are critical of science and religion join me in my esoteric studies?

Remember the esoteric is like studying what we cannot see, but we use archetypes to unite the concepts through powerful analogy. That is what Pythagoras did. That is what mystics and prophets do.
Very unifying and satisfying unlike science and religion whose specialty is evidently slicing and dicing….
So by using analogy again…

Science suggests invisible Dark Matter comprises most the Universe, I have seen estimates as high as 99%.
So in fact there is more invisible stuff than visible.
Further what we see as visible to us on the EM spectrum, falls between the infrared and ultra-violet blue boundaries…these are the colors that seem to matter.
So again the pattern, the consistency is maintained. We can only see again a sliver of reality; and it is similar to the firmament (between infrared and ultra-violet blue) that exists between heaven (white light >> infrared) and hell (ultra-violet to black light), all taking place on the EM Spectrum.

Most of the waves from microwaves to gamma rays are invisible waves filling the space that engulfs us.
Consistency of pattern again shows that the EM spectrum reveals that the invisible waves take up more Space than the visible waves that form matter or the firmament

And scientists also suggest the atom is comprised mostly of invisible space and NOT visible matter. Between the electrons and protons which are contained inside the neutrons is vast Space.

And I suggest the experts who fail to use the powerful tool of analogy, has he or herself accumulated vast amounts of Space between their ears…and that is why they don’t listen very well…it is only their thoughts bouncing around their empty craniums echoing the distinctive sound I have come to recognize as … ego…ego…ego…ego…ego…ego …egooooooooo
(sadly that is all many of these experts weaned on a flawed educational system hear)

However that is exactly what set Einstein, Newton and Kepler to name but three great thinkers and NOT tinkerers apart from the others.
The art of analogy.

Sir Isaac Newton, the inspired soul who gave us the first equation regarding gravity, also gave us calculus and a profound understanding of optics, and most importantly he was an alchemist. And again HIStory reveals that the Vatican either hid or destroyed his many, many notes on alchemy. But that is okay.
It just points out another consistency of pattern, bad behaviors by the Pope and his crew who have a hidden agenda.
Did you know there are two Popes?
One is Black and one is White.
In analogy here we have the two main boundaries or pillars of the EM spectrum.
White light enters the playing field and is reduced eventually to Black light.
Macrocosmic waves eventually being reduced to microcosmic gamma rays.

So while most people on this forum and many scientists and the so-called experts study what apparently only matters to them, which apparently is the empirical matter that we can see, I personally like to daydream about the stuff dreams are made of and what we are made of and what we can’t see.
Stardust memories.

But again the consistency of analogy suggests those who study empirical matter and perch the concept of what we can see paramount to the maintaining of an illusion…would appoint an Emperor to oversee the empirical illusion.
Makes perfect sense to me.

And evidently the invisible stuff filling outer space and the air we breathe is the predominating quantity or quality in the universe.
However the novice scientists (born out of the dark ages and religious inquisitions) once called these spaces a vacuum…again I must use the analogy of SPACE between their donkey ears.
These are what is known as aSSholes.

And just because you can’t see it does not mean you can’t feel it.
The fact there are sound frequencies existing beyond what we can hear, and there are light frequencies that exist beyond what we can see, says to me there are feelings I have yet to feel.
Rolling Eyes

Do you know what genomic imprinting is?

Here is response I received to one of my blogs on another site.
It actually inspired this thread I present to you now.

Andrew Says:
November 4th, 2007 at 5:44 am

You suggest that bees are somehow connected to assymetry. How so. I was looking up masonic symbols and found bees to be a big hit. Representing to the money/status /power bros., among other things, “an orderly society” (for all us intergalacic slaves I guess). Bees dying may mean more of what you have been suggesting with the numerology I have read in some of your articles. I haven’t found a really good scientific explanation for dying bees. I think/hope it really is symbolic, it’s time for a change here, no? On the symbolic idea I reread the oak island mystery recently and figure that the treasure has been found already. Simply that when they dug up the small 3 gold links and the ceramic heart there was the treasure. The “friendship, love and truth links” found in the symbology of the oddfellows and the re-enforcing heart.(Any mason worth his salt would know the three links) Treasure found mystery solved plenty of dead bodies at the bottom of the pit for those who can only see gold as treasure. Speaks very strongly to me of Fate that these trinkets should be recovered also.

Andrew could you please share with me ALL what the Masons know about bees?

The connection between bees and asymmetry is through chirality.
Chirality should be the buzz word…it is also linked to DNA, AZT and Thalidomide.
Now do I have your attention?

Chirality reveals itself as nature’s Grand architect or is it ARKitect?
At the same time, it is also the creation’s Achilles heel, it has one apparent ‘weakness’. (parity violation somehow being connected to chirality?)
Chirality exists on all levels of the ‘creation’, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

These two blogs explain the profound connections between chirality and the existence and appearance of life itself.

Andrew below I provide an article written by an ‘expert’.
What I find cool is that he chose the same title I did in discussing a link between bees and the electro-magnetic frequencies.

In this next blog … it becomes evident that a changing electro-magnetic frequency is in fact responsible for what THEY (the Power and Glory Inc.) are calling Global Warming.
But an altered electro-magnetic frequency also raises the alarm about Global Dimming.
The connection between them is called Atmospheric Opacity.
However THEY do NOT like to discuss Global Dimming in conjunction with Global Warming because … there is only one possible explanation that satisfies both happening at the same time.
In the above article it becomes clear THEY (Power and Glory Inc.) do not want to discuss the obvious.
Many other mechanisms for the disappearing bees have been given and investigated.
The obvious reason is too scary to tell people for those in power.
Truth would cause the system to fall apart.
The current illusion of culture and society is built plainly on a foundation of WMD.

Words of

Needing regular infusions of lies delivered through clever and sublime weapons systems called the Media. (newspapers and tv…duh…THEY recongized the power of the Printing Press and projecting light…duh)
What we are witness to in the world…the manufactured war to come…is to be a distraction from a higher power that does in fact exist.

But in fact the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth is changing and soon it will become very apparent…Bee4 … 2012 arrives…

This has happened before…and I contend it is the mechanism for the evolutionary changes that take place in history.
Here is a mechanism that can help explain the ‘missing links’ between evolutionary epochs that are the result of these polarity reversals and perhaps actual shifting sands and deluges.

And the ancients knew about it.
They even left us markers like the Pyramids (construction techniques indicating the pyramids were built to withstand earthquakes) and they left us circles too (i.e. Stonehenge and Medicine Wheels), which religion and science have copied and plagiarized. But religion and science must follow the rule, because the divine archetypes cannot be altered.

Was the treasure on Oak Island another archetypal myth?
You mention the 3 trinkets, a ‘trinity’ and a ceramic heart.
To the Mason what is the relevance?
Please give me a salty response.
I do know the significance of the Oak tree though.
It was a Druid symbol connected to the sacred tree of life.

Was it a Druid treasure on Oak Island?

Here is another archetypal myth that fulfills certain requirements to be seen as prophecy.

Andrew can I suggest with certainty that the EM Spectrum is the playing field for all EM participants?
And the game that takes place on this playing field has rules of course.
Silly me.
Rolling Eyes
Now I am simply parroting Sir Isaac Newton, suggesting the same rules dictate the universe on all levels, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.
How unoriginal of me.

But Sir Isaac and me…
We both studied Alchemy. (alchemy = esoteric shit)

The EM spectrum can also be seen as E = energy and M = matter / mater / matrix (all derive from the same root)

THEY (Power and Glory Inc.) are lying to us about what is really going on.
So who are THEY?
The evidence is mounting.

Enjoy, there is much wisdom in those posts.
Don’t ya feel yet, the changing vibes?
Ewe all eventually will.
No escaping it.
No where to hide.
Big waste of time preparing to survive, it is not how I would be spending the time I have left.


golem go
Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


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