Stanley Kubrick NAZIs and 2012

Kubrick left the United States in 1961 and moved to England. There, it is reported that, he lived in a weird, old castle on a huge estate. He never came back to America.

Robert Temple told me that Stanley was obsessed with Nazi memorabilia.

What I find interesting is that the black rectangular monolith in Kubrick’s film 2001 looks exactly like like one of the two monuments at the gnostic temple in Jerusalem called the Shrine of the Book.

Citizen Kane is also one of the greatest films ever made. It actually was my favorite film until I began to unravel the truth that Stanley Kubrick embedded into his masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. I realized also that Stanley Kubrick was not just a great filmmaker, he was the greatest filmmaker. I hope to reveal to you, oh, gentle reader, that this film actually evokes all aspects of the great work of alchemy. 2001 is the ‘book of nature’ in the cinema, literally. I hope to prove that Kubrick did this with great intention and that he knew what he was doing at every step. There are few mistakes in his films. But his greatest film is the most perfect.

The author then attempts to show how 2001 was a film with many references to alchemy, a ‘Book of Nature’.

The film opens with a magical sun-earth-moon alignment. We are just at the end of a lunar eclipse. The sun is pulling away from the alignment. The shot is taken from just beyond the moon’s point of view. It shows the earth rising over the moon, with the sun rising over the earth. The soundtrack is the ‘World Riddle’ theme from Strauss’ ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’. Right away Kubrick is showing the viewer the relationship between the philosopher Frederick Nietzche and the film, between transformation and extinction. The Zarathustra essays by Nietzche are his most revealing and magical. Zarathustra is the great god of the Zoroastrians, who are the early holders of the alchemical tradition. This is one of the most dramatic openings in the history of the cinema. These magical, celestial alignments are dotted throughout the film and hold a key to the main theme. One realizes that Kubrick is never doing anything that is spontaneous.

Go to this site for the rest of the article.

Why did an investigation into alchemy lead me (golem) to the swastika?

A couple of coincidences about Stanley and me that I noticed.
btw…I like the numbers 4 and 13.

Stanley was given a camera at 13. (1 + 3 = 4)
He only released 13 films.

In 1957 the year I was born, Stanley released his 4th film called Paths of Glory.
The story about 4 sacrificial lambs served up by the system.

He died 4 days after a screening of the final cut for his last film … Eyes Wide Shut.
That was in 1999.
13 years before 2012.
He died the 7th day of the 3rd month.

My birthday is the 3rd day of the 7th month.
Stanley died when he was 70 and I was in my 41st year.

Those numbers 7,4,1, along with two other groups of numbers 2,5,8 and 3,6,9 will play a significant role in 2012.
I predict.

Kubrick is telling us, flat out, that the sun, moon and stars are directing our destiny.

741 are 3 numbers connected to the sun and the moon and the stars.

If the ewe won’t believe me, maybe they will believe Stan the Man.
Stanley and me are connected through alchemy …

Rolling Eyes

(2bee cont’d)

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


2 thoughts on “Stanley Kubrick NAZIs and 2012

  1. I knew that creepy little bug eyed hunch backed pervert for over thirty five years, and I can attest to the fact he was no genius.

    A pervert, a queer, a child molester, and a mob puppet he was, but he was far from being a Genius.

    He was just very good at the art of deception because he was fundamentally a first class asshole who was quite simply full of shit.

    Forget about this number business. The only numbers Kubrick had any interest in were little boys under the age of thirteen.

    You may think Kubrick became an expatriate in 61 because that’s the lie he wanted you to believe. The truth is he had a house in Manhattan
    until the day he died. In fact I spoke to Kubrick in Manhattan outside of
    David Wasserman’s Stereo Exchange on Broadway only three days before he relieved the world of the burden of carrying him on it’s back.

    Don’t let the corpse of a pederast pervert creep continue to pull the wool over your eyes. You might as well start looking for the secrets burried deep within David Lynch’s “Eraserhead”.

    I once compaired his “2001” to “Eraser Head” right to Kubrick’s face. He spazzed out ,had a meltdown and ran from my house screaming sissy threats at me all the way back to his car. Local mobsters made an attempt on my life just weeks later. landing me in a hospital for four and a half months with serious life threatening injuries. That is the extent to which this cowardly little creep would go to silence anyone who saw him and his works for what they were… First Class Bullshit!

    Let me be the first to clue you in folks. Kubrick was not what you think he was. Neither was his work. It’s quite easy to put a good film together when you have the mob and evil wealthy globalist beasts behind behind you and your projects.

    The only Science Kubrick knew was bullshit, for he had that down to a science.

    Kubrick was also an atheist who more than once told me “David, this Heaven and Hell business is only just a fairy tale. What’s here on this earth is all there is”.

    All Kubrick is telling us is “Go screw yourselves Chumps, I was successful at deceiving you all for so long because I was owned by rich powerful and evil enemies of good, honest, innocent people”.

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