’23’ and the Enneagram

Jack wrote:
Where’s Golem? I’m sure he could add some cogent remarks to this thread.

Here I am Jack.
The sheeple are always fed the exoteric.
Like the stuff in that shitty film 23.

A true knowledge of the esoteric is only achieved by doing the work yourself Jack. I can’t jump through the spiritual hoops for you.

Does one-eyed Jack want a clue what to do with the number 23?
Reduce it to a single digit like a Pythagorean would.

23 = 2 + 3 = 5

And I love the number 4 which can be derived from 13 or 22.

4 and 5 are associated with the square (or cross) and the circle respectively.
4 and 5 are associated with matter (cross or crucifix) and spirit respectively.

4 is associated with asymmetry or imperfection.
5 is associated with symmetry or perfection.

Seeing a pattern?

In 1957 the smartest men in the math world declared the Universe is asymmetrical NOT symmetrical.

In 1957 golem was born.
1957 = 1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 22 = 4

So golem was born the same year the universe was declared NOT perfect.
Figures eh?

And I can say with certainty that the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (Tarot), the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the Aztec Book of 22 Days will all assist me in proving how NOT perfect the world is.
It is very easy to show the world is filled with asymmetrical aSSholes.
And if Buddha / Jesus or the messiah of your choice is associated with achieving a state of perfection…that would suggest this current illusion is moving toward symmetry.

And Jack when you descend even deeper…you realize Jupiter is associated with the number 4 and Saturn is with the number 5.
Add them together and you get 9, a number associated with the goddess and wisdom.
And Jupiter and Saturn are also major players come Dec. 21 2012 in helping make the world a little more symmetrical…

That’s what the ‘cyclical…spiraling / earth changes/ apocalypse’ is…an evolution toward symmetry.

The nature that surrounds us must also reflect the coming changes.
Think about it. Many people suggest we are evolving toward a higher consciousness, can I suggest that the backdrop, the scenery that is to accompany the next ‘scene’ must also be altered to reflect the next epoch.
We are NOT the only ones who are evolving within this bubble.

The trend is fewer bees right?
They are associated with asymmetry.
go here for proof of wht the buzz should be about:

And who noticed more butterflies this year?
I have a garden and this was without a doubt, the most butterfly activity I have ever witnessed, my neighbor, a gardener also concurred.

The Egyptians associated butterflies with resurrection.
The Greeks associated butterflies with Psyche, the goddess of the soul.
And would it surprise you to know if I suggest I can connect the numbers 4 and 5 to the left and right hemispheres of the mind…using the 2500 year old Enneagram?

See where 4 and 5 are situated, opposite 9.
Seeing a pattern?
I am.
I also feel it.
And when you see how I connect the Enneagram to the Periodic Table of Elements, namely the ‘transitional elements’, the EWE will finally begin to realize Raphael, who was labelled wingnut and ridiculed is not crazy, he has vision, he had only lacked the ability to communicate his epiphany.
That’s why it was necessary for me to show up and assist him.

Like his name implies…he is not only an artist, but also one of the good guys.



p.s. Please note that in the film 23 … they even cite the incorrect date of December 23 2012.
They needed to embellish the already shitty script.

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


2 thoughts on “’23’ and the Enneagram

  1. You suggest that bees are somehow connected to assymetry. How so. I was looking up masonic symbols and found bees to be a big hit. Representing to the money/status /power bros., among other things, “an orderly society” (for all us intergalacic slaves I guess). Bees dying may mean more of what you have been suggesting with the numerology I have read in some of your articles. I haven’t found a really good scientific explanation for dying bees. I think/hope it really is symbolic, it’s time for a change here, no? On the symbolic idea I reread the oak island mystery recently and figure that the treasure has been found already. Simply that when they dug up the small 3 gold links and the ceramic heart there was the treasure. The “friendship, love and truth links” found in the symbology of the oddfellows and the re-enforcing heart.(Any mason worth his salt would know the three links) Treasure found mystery solved plenty of dead bodies at the bottom of the pit for those who can only see gold as treasure. Speaks very strongly to me of Fate that these trinkets should be recovered also.

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