The GREAT MIRROR asks…was Alexander the GREATest THIEF?

Like Manu and Vyasa in India, Zarathustra is a generic name for great reformers and law-givers. The hierarchy began with the divine Zarathustra in the Vendidad, and ended with the great, but mortal man, bearing that title, and now lost to history. There were, as shown by the Dabistan, many Zoroasters or Zarathustras. As related in the Secret Doctrine, Vol. II., the last Zoroaster was the founder of the Fire-temple of Azareksh, many ages before the historical era.Had not Alexander destroyed so many sacred and precious works of the Mazdeans, truth and philosophy would have been more inclined to agree with history, in bestowing upon that Greek Vandal the title of “the Great”.

bold emphasis is mine.

Was Alexander the Great another of history’s ruffians, immortalized by the ‘victorious’?
Continue reading this post and soon it becomes apparent that knowledge is rarely shared amongst competitors building empires. And once apprehended it appears to take on a new mythology or methodology of how it is distributed.
Knowledge is power to be recognized and thus it must be coded.
Now I ask you.
Do the 2 photos below look similar?

Zoroaster’s 4 Oracles … THE GREAT MIRROR
Zoroaster was a Persian.

Now please compare that image above with this image below.
I think you will find the connection is more than a coincidence.
Suggesting 1001 nights spent studying Persian/Arabic astronomy could be time well spent.

A 3D representation of the ‘Circle of Life’ based on the concept of the ‘Seed of Life’.
Above photo taken from this site:

And by simply joining the hexagons/ stars of David, by joining the dots starting with number 1 thru 37, we see a pattern that should UNITE all of the Jews, Christians and Muslims.

EWE would think?
Sadly the EWE don’t think.
The sheeple however follow, haven’t you heard what THEY say about the herd?

Go to the link below for more info.

The above spiral is derived from the Fibs that tell NO lies.

The alarm clock went off long ago.
Wake up.
EWE have been sleepwalking.


I am in shock and awed by the creation.
And many of the EWE aren’t.
Therein lies a grave problem that awaits all of us.
None will be spared.
Some will die and go to heaven(duh you can only get there by dying)…and some will be spared and will continue the Zombie walk.
Days and Nights of the Living Dead here on earth…
Twisted Evil


p.s. for those of you who have started to appreciate the connections I have been making, can you see how the Great Mirror and the Great Year are referencing the same event or process?

Which is?
Precession of the Equinoxes is the story of the life force that keeps us alive.

Sol’s journey through the Milky Way, I would feel is worth paying attention to.
pssst….promise to tell everybody?

I contend THAT is the information THEY do NOT want us to think about.
THEY invented timepieces to keep our heads out of the clouds…daydreaming about Precession and fate…and instead THEY have us grazing, with our heads down, between 9-5.

Rolling Eyes
Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


3 thoughts on “The GREAT MIRROR asks…was Alexander the GREATest THIEF?

  1. This is all very itresting if not achient history. For all the prophecy that is there they were still unable to see the fall of astrology. Our religion is of course a rip off of past theologies we are what we were. All things come from some ware. As far as devine nature goes there is not true warship of devine nature. And with the new knowledge gained through modern science we scientist know more about life and the point of it that all the sheeple. I dont care to much what old astronomy can tell me becase the mathmatics of it are very flawed as you try to match old symbols with current astralogical charts things have chnged dramaticaly. There are for instance close to 5000 visable stars that are gestemated to be too young to have been visable during the creation of astronomy they by changing the astrological meaning of all things. I do not belive in destiny or fate we make our own desicions to introduce thoughts of what has been fortold places the omnient presure on people to go with the flow and we will life out the prophocy not by fate but by inaction to change the fate.

    I can within short order give you a prophocy that is accurate of any individual by learning a few key facts about them where they are now in growth what teachings they had what religion they were exposed and thier personality is revealed as well as thier life track baring any intervention the sheeple will follow the ignorant to the end of the world. In many cases what is prercived as conspiracy is realy just each person doing what will binifit them the most. A conspiracy denotes that all these people in charge of Religion and government regaurdless of race country sec or any other differences are ploting together which would be impossible as two people in a room will kill each other within short order without time away and time with others. We are not ment to be so close to one another and that is exactly what civilization has done is bring us all to close as a result we strive to be on top of the heaoping smelly mess of humanity and there are those who will do anything to get to the top of the pile thinking that hopefully somewhere at the top there is solitude and privacy. The human race will destroy modern civilization as a result of being to crowded and not having anything in common. We only exist cohesivly in small groups with time for self. As the communication bridge brings everyone within arms length of each other there are those such as my self who will devise a plan to eliminate the crowd so I can have my space. I for one find peacfull ways to keep people away. Others such as Bush come to the conclusion that everyone is out to get them and they are right as thier action of self preservation cause us to act in self preservation and as they have sought to lock us down so we cant get close we in turn want to lock them down. I submit to you that if you know humanity than you know we are doomed. That all things past, present and future are a result of instictual action over real thought. All instincs are predictable and with that the future has been written. The past is only important to those who fear the change and think that they can survive by brining the past to the future but you cannot people have changed and the instincs that drive us have not. what once worked will never work again. what was once true is false now and for all time. the only truth is today this moment and everything we do now will effect our future what happened in the past shaped now but will not shape tommorow. Try figureing out how to pave a better now for a better future instead of figuring out the stories of yesteryear. Why you are stuck in the past the rulers now are setting the future of your enslavement. cast off you dreams of a utopia as that is imposible. instead focus on one thing to make change for the future that will overt the coming hell

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