PY-thagoras PHI-thagoras PI-thagoras and the Mono Myth 1957 = 4

lper100km wrote:
golem:I’m curious why you, or anyone for that matter, would use ‘golem’ as a nickname. It’s hardly self complimentary and appears to refer to something that most people would want to avoid. With your demonstrated knowledge of all things mystical and biblical, you must have chosen this with some care and for a purpose.“In Jewish folklore, a golem (גולם, sometimes, as in Yiddish, pronounced goilem) is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter. In modern Hebrew the word golem literally means “cocoon”, but can also mean “fool”, “silly”, or even “stupid”.

For your answer Iper, please go back to Wiki … (I believe that is where I have seen that definition you used of golem)
Continue reading there you will find your answer of why I chose golem…the reason becoming apparent to me only after I had chosen the name.

And of course Raphael was banned, so again what better an archetype of a creature to infiltrate Peak Oil in a new identity?
As it turns out golem and Raphael are cheery CHIRAL asymmetrical mirror images of each other.


And CHirality as it turns out … is one of nature’s ARKitects.
Archetypes are sublime reminders of the stealth ARKitects, the invisible forces responsible for putting everything together, like gravity and electro-magnetism.

What is CHIRAL asymmetry?
Can I suggest the grazing grasshoppers go here and read about bees having CHIRAL awareness?

Follow the money.

CHIRAL bio-chemistry and CHIRAL optics is all the buzz in R & D.
Chiral asymmetry plays a huge role in my thesis.

Because in 1957 … the year I was born was the same year coincidently that the ‘SSmartest’ men proved the universe was NOT perfect, it was ASYMMETRICAL.
Parity had been violated, via the nuclear weak force, beta decay….etc…

As it turns out CHIRAL ASYMMETRY is one of the PRIMARY mechanisms of why we exist.

Chirality and Univeral Asymmetry

That book above (recommended to me by Threadbear) released just early in 2007, suggests that Raphael (and his journey) should no longer be considered crazy, wingnuttish nor should he be ridiculed …. (though he can still be arrogant)

That book above also suggests golem and Raphael exist as fine ARKetypes representing the asymmetry that exists within all of us.
The two polarities that must exist within matter for matter to manifest…
That book above was a wonderful 50th birthday gift (another example of quantum ‘action at a distance’ … thanks Georgie boy, I knew your thoughts would arrive … with a hint of creativity … only a Bear Thread left as evidence)

So in conclusion … and if I write a book … this would be part of the intro…

1957 was the year I was born.
1957 was the year the physicists finally proved the violation of ‘parity’, thus proving the universe we inhabit was asymmetrical…and NOT perfectly symmetrical.

So as it turns out, 1957 the same year I was born, the smartest men in the world concluded from that point forward we could no longer view the Universe as perfect, they discovered a flaw.

So the EWE must realize, there is nothing THEY can say to discourage or depress Raphael or golem…he/she/they already feel really bad about being born…and how things have turned out since.

And the fact 1957 = 1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 22 = 4 would present itself as mere coincidence to a non-believer.

However to me it continues to confirm my ‘numerical’ journey that I have tapped into.
I call it my mono-myth.
Everybody has one and you can find it through numbers.
Ask my mentor.

Now go into the recesses of your mind, your cave and study with the master the following … PI, PHI and the letter Y.


raphael / golem

Update: Also please note, the shadowy 2oth century alchemist known as Fulcanelli, only added the information regarding the Great Cross of Hendaye to his book ‘The Mysteries of the Cathedrals’ in the 1957 edition.

The year I was born.
And I apparently hold the key to unlocking its true meaning.


I believe the year 1957 is a key I recognize.

Are given and assumed (surname) names important?
My surname name translates to ‘forest child or child of the forest’. Is this inner ‘child of the forest’ (surname) receiving the ‘counsel of the wolf’ (given name)?

Imagination and intuition combined is a wonderful thing?

CHirality and asymmetry are connected through R/L handedness.
Did the ancients know this?

Chartes Cathedral was built by Masons.
The Freemasons who were commissioned to build the Cathedrals placed much esoteric symbolism into their designs.
Read the Alchemist Fulcanelli’s book called The Mystery of the Cathedrals.
And in the Chartes Cathedral we find two asymmetric towers in an otherwise symmetric Cathedral.

Damn right it is.
These two towers are in fact the two pillars found in ALL masonic lodges and in many other forms of esoteric architecture.
Jachin and Boaz are a profound ARKetype to respect when looking for the ARK (which contained the Holy Grail) which was supposedly found in Solomon’s Temple by the Knights Templar.

If you try to interpret the above using only Literal interpretations … ewe will become lost.
Solomon’s Temple and DNA are two fine fine examples of Biblical ARKetypes meshing nicely with modern science … especially CHirality and Asymmetry.

The following book is considered a mystery. It was written by a student of the ancient arts, alchemy. The book beautifully highlights the subtle symbolism that is encoded into the gothic cathedrals…the reason for their prescence.

The author was not really known, he is an enigma, like the medieval figure called Christian Rosenkreuz. Only mystery surrounds his name…Fulcanelli

FYI … Christian Rosenkreuz, English Christian Rose Cross, is the legendary founder of the Rosicrucian Order (Order of the Rose Cross, he also plays a significant role in Freemasonry)

Which edition should you get of the Mystery of the Cathedrals?
Find one which contains the last chapter that deals with a specific cross called The Cross of Hendaye.

Please note that this addendum was only added when reprinted for a second time, in 1957.
Fulcanelli the author disappeared, just before the first edition was printed.
The 1926 edition of which only 300 copies were printed did not contain this vital chapter.
He briefly resurfaced in 1953, according to legend.

According to Canseliet, his last encounter with Fulcanelli happened in 1953 (years after his disappearance), when he went to Spain and there was taken to a castle high in the mountains for a rendezvous with his former master.

4 years after Fulcanelli is last seen…a new and final chapter is added to his magnum opus in its 2nd printing in 1957.

Coincidently as mentioned earlier 1957 is the same year I was born.
And I apparently hold the key to helping unlock its esoteric illuminations.
1957 = 22 = 4
I love the number 4.

Guess what else happened in 1957 to fulfill the archetypal pattern?
This is profound.

In an influential presentation in 1957, Crick laid out the “Central Dogma” of molecular biology, which foretold the relationship between DNA, RNA, and proteins, and articulated the “adaptor hypothesis”.[130] Final confirmation of the replication mechanism that was implied by the double-helical structure followed in 1958 through the Meselson-Stahl experiment.[131] Further work by Crick and coworkers showed that the genetic code was based on non-overlapping triplets of bases, called codons, allowing Har Gobind Khorana, Robert W. Holley and Marshall Warren Nirenberg to decipher the genetic code.[132] These findings represent the birth of molecular biology.

This archetypal journey that I am on … began about 4 years ago.
It has been an intuitive trail littered with ARKetypes found by investigating the 4s found in ALL myth, scripture and symbol.

Can I suggest other people might connect profoundly with the esoteric using the numbers 3 or 7 or 9 … etc … ?
But it is quite obvious that most of us find ourselves connecting using numero uno and the ego?

Shock Osama Bin Laden was also born in 1957.
Both he and I are left-handed.

Remember that FAKE video (probably a CIA/Mossad co-production?) purporting to be a video of Bin Laden?
This FAKED video clearly shows a right-handed Bin Laden.

I suggest a sleight of handedness is at play here?
Both Bin Laden and the system have been rigged.

The clip above is from a great expose on 911 called Loose Change, a must see.


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