Prophets vs American Profits

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pixie11 wrote:
rah, rah, rah, thanks guys

Pixie please understand it really IS personal.

Well I am glad we have all the enlightened Americans joining us here on this thread…you can be the messengers for other Americans…take them this message…

Will you allow me the time to explain my position with a little more clarity?
I feel as though often I have been misquoted and misunderstood.

Prophets and those who seek the Profits both do the same thing in search of the same thing.
They hire a marketing firm. Both seek information because this leads to more knowledge and the rumor is … knowledge is power… so …
…the marketing firm does studies in order to determine patterns, trends and cycles of consumption, clothing needs etc. etc. etc.

Drum roll please…
And here are the results of the marketing firm, that I as a concerned freelance Prophet of Gaia hired, using my own time, which costs me money.


Please note the following three patterns greatly concerned me, sent a chill down my 33 vertebrate spine.

1/ Energy Resources Consumed Per Capita America’s Rank #1
That means America spent the MOST money per person of any country in the entire Universe, because according to the Vatican we are alone in the Universe.

2/ Military Industrial Complex that Consumes the Most Resources sending stuff into Space and making more Space on Gaia for Jews and Christians.
The cost Per Capita of this PNAC plot?
#1 ranking again

3/ Ice Shelves and UV radiation
Both polar regions are melting MUCH faster than anticipated. And we are being slowly bathed in UV radiation. And if the polar bears are drowning, don’t waste your money or time on swimming lessons.

But the #1 ranking in both cataGOREies above is what ALs you America. It tippers the scales in America’s favor and suggests she is an energy behemoth / whore.
That is the underlying message returned to me, from the firm I hired called The Thrice Marketeers.
My contact there is a guy we called ‘Herm the sperm‘ donor.
I call him the ARK-itect.

And the argument has been made by scholars that your first two #1 rankings that I listed suggest the 281,421,906 Americans (as of 2000 census) contribute more per capita to the malaise that effects this planet than any other nation…with Canada’s estimated 33.3 million are a close 2nd. Australia if it had colder winters would probably rank with Canada.

But the map glaringly shows a profound sad truth about the haves and have nots in the world based on energy consumption.
Paradoxically many resource rich countries also have some of the lowest per capita usages.

Twisted Evil

Thus it is obvious Africa as a continent has been raped and pillaged by the colonial powers since it was first discovered by them.
Google ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ if you dare.

China and India’s combined 2 billion plus people use LESS energy TOTAL than the USA, not just per capita.

So really … who is more of a ‘parasite’ and a ‘threat’ to ALL 6 billion inhabitants of this collective petri dish?
A grand grand experiment, may I suggest the experiment has gone awry?

I have placed the collective consciousness under both Macro and Micro scopes and the global dis-ease I have isolated is an infectious agent, an air borne sickness born of pride, lust, greed, sloth, gluttony, envy and anger.
And at one time it was an isolated epidemic born only of the western mind, but it has crossed hemispheric borders and has become a pandemic.

The prognosis for the future of humanity is very dire.

So based only on these 3 observations alone, as Prophet I feel I am at liberty to proclaim the following:

It’s NOT just your leadership that needs changing.
It is a collective sickness that you ALL BUY into too.
It is certain aspects of your culture that are out of control.
It is your ignorance of other nations in conjunction with belligerence and patriotism.
It is many, many, many things.

The Burning Bush and WMD is only a daily reminder, an effigy we all carry within our consciousness, of all IT has become.
We will reap what we sow.

And Canada uses far too much water per captia and since we elected our last “I wanna be just like the Americans” Prime Minister Harper, we too are becoming infected with the sickness called rampant consumerism, which only cons-u-me.
And we even joined the coalition of idiots overseas in Afghanistan, where Canadian men and women are dying so the Poppy Pipeline can stay open 24/7.
Those pesky funnyandmentalist Taliban had shut the Poppy Pipeline down.
Have the ewe not herd this truth?

But we continue to be fed BS by the mightier / holier than thou Judaeo / Christians, the mantra for 2000 years being about saving humanity ‘somewhere’ overseas … spiritually.
Baa baa baa or blah blah blah

Can you deny the facts as displayed in a colorful graph?
Or would you prefer the Black and White version?

Sorry to condemn your and MINE nations (actually the entire loosely defined WEST is outta control) … but as Prophet I also know this …

Unless America the most powerful and influential nation in the Vatican Uni-verse fixes her problems from the INSIDE, which is the preferred solution … mankind is doomed…if not blown up completely…what will be left spiritually, will be dead, just a continuation of the same game only with fewer participants.
Eyes Wide Shut … part II

America as a nation … as a collective … needs to heed the wisdom of these ancient words … spoken by the Oracle of Del-PHI

“Man (humanity) know thyself”

Rolling Eyes

Everybody will eventually gang up on you America.
Do you think China, India, Europe, Japan and Russia will allow you and your attempts to control the flow of the energy resources to proceed unimpeded?

And then America will be forced to push the button because she has before on many occasions used her nuclear waste as nuclear stockpile. (remember America dropping HEROshame-A bombs, Americans cheered, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were silent Embarassed )

D-U know what I mean jellybeans?

btw please allow me to say … ‘All has been written’ by the beancounters … who are coincidently the same people who count the votes and who keep track of your money.

You really have few international friends left America.
Time to LET GO of the American Dream and come back to a reality shared by the remaining 5.7 billion folk that want their share of the energy pie.


SiS BOOM go the Baa

Maybe you should give Fidel a call and ask how to throw a Coup instead of constant parties, passing the bill onto future generations?
In retrospect … the nearly 50 years that Cuba has been in defiance of the US speaks volumes … rarara Fidel … a true hero.
Today, primarily because of Fidel, ALL Cuban people get health care and education…in spite of a 50 year trade embargo.
Enough said.
Post 2012 when the party is over … MOST Americans would be happy with just that.
(actually pre-2012 many Americans would be happy with that)


So there is a distinct difference between the Prophets who wish to share insight based on truths compared to those who seek the Profits by obfuscating those same truths.

I have never ever claimed more ‘enlightenment’ … only a ‘heightened intuition’ that anybody can access.
Need help finding the switch pilgrim?
Want me to make your day?
Here you go pilgrims, you can have these smallpox laced blankets you traded us back.

Rolling Eyes


Prophet of Gaia

p.s. OR maybe figures lie and liars figure, ignore what I just wrote, ewe can return to grazing now.

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


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