WMDs and WOWs

quote by ufo:


Roman Emperor Constantine AD280 – AD337, destroyed over 500 valuble Books about Christianity, Egyptain Paganism as well as many other Religious Literature at that time. What was left was his Edited Version of the then “Bible” at the time.

AD1546 – The Council of Trent approves 73 Biblical Books.

AD1592 – The revised translation of the Latin Bible (Vulgate) was printed.

AD1611 – King James I of Scotland appoved 66 Biblical Books, which are the survivng Authorized King James Versions used today.

There has been so much fiddling of editing and translations, it is hard today to judge what is fact. By reading the Old and New Testament Apocryphia Books you will gain a lot of extra knowledge.

I agree with all you wrote above ufo.
But there is a way to connect the dots.

I found it.
A simple exercise that lead to many of the ‘uncoveries’, I as amateur initiate, seeker of the truth have made.
Each and every culture that has developed some kind of communication system ALL follow the same pattern when putting their beliefs into some kind of symbolism.

Draw a circle.

Put an cross or square (same thing) in the middle.

Add the directions, colors and sounds and other aspects of the Creation that you see, hear and feel, on this wheel or mandala.

So now you have the cultural templates.
And now you place these templates over each other like overhead transparencies and rotate them and you go WOW!
And if you read my blogs … and feel my words … and look at the images …
I only hope to share with you my WOWs.
Can my WOWs supplant the WMDs?
I believe they can.

Here is a way for the initiate to find unity in all that embraces him and is within him.
As an example of joining the dots between the disciplines that MUST all default to the same source read this.
It shows how an amateur truth seeker (me), ignoring the skeptics, critics and other experts, has found something they have ALL overlooked.
There are 2 parts and an intro.
You must scroll down for the intro.


Truth always makes its way back to the surface.
Truth is that part of Jesus that gets resurrected.
Truth is an ‘adjustment’ that takes getting used too.



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