P.T. Benedict’s 3 RING Circus

curlybird wrote:

However at the Quantum level, the field expands and continues to do so based on discoveries at that good old 121st decimal place that proves movement at absolute zero, or what we thought was absolute zero. This is what prevents stasis or even collapse of the field as without the continual expansion, all would revert to a singularity.

All still can revert to a singularity.
That is the prophecy by the way.
To become ONE.

To tell you the truth Curly B, you probably know more about Quantum stuff than I do. But here are two things to keep in mind about quantum realm.

1/ The observer affects the observation.

2/ Quantum stuff is mostly theoretical, proved using only numbers, math and formula, involved in measuring invisible stuff, and trying to predict it’s next move.

But this thread is straying from my original intent.
I am trying to show how all major religions are connected not only through the shapes, placement and geometry of their temples and shrines, BUT we find the same symbols in science and magic.

Specifically the one below.
Have you seen it before?
I scanned it from MP Hall’s opus, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Tell me all you know about the Magic Circle.

Click to view this image at its original size
Click on the image to view it at its original size

That symbol above depicting the construction of a Magic Circle, is a ‘magical’ archetype that represents the magic of how the Electro-magnetic Light Spectrum unravels…can your imagination see the EM spectrum rolled up into a scroll, not unlike the scroll of the Torah. And an Old Testament theologian will stress how important each letter in the scroll be represented in its purest form, never straying from the original script…like the EM spectrum … “All has been written”.

It is possible one can trace the origins of the magic symbol above and the cross pictured below, to the Precession of the Equinoxes, to the adoption the Nazi swastika, and even to DNA, amino acids, sugars, crystals, optics and the ritual of prayer itself!!

Will your imagination allow you to accept that the EM spectrum unravels like a golden spiral?

Would Black Holes and White Holes share their architecture with the sacred ‘Golden Spiral’?

Read those blogs in the other posts above that I linked to.
Here is another image I came across yesterday courtesy of a link I found on this forum, again showing the same basic geometry.

Click to view this image at its original size
Click on the image to view it at its original size

This is a sketch of Solomon’s Temple located within Jerusalem.
But let us take a closer look at the Temple itself.
The Circle and Triangle we see in the Magic Symbol has been replaced with a long rectangular golden shape, like a table.

But the inner sanctum of the Solomon’s Temple and where the ARK appears to be kept is contained within the square or magic circle itself, look toward the bottom of the image and you can see two angels flanking the Holy of Holies, the Ark, the Holy Grail, the Big Enchilada.

Only the mythical fool stepping off the abyss with unawareness, (my personal quantum observation) would deny the evidence I presented in those blogs I offered linking religion and science first to each other, and then to magic itself, through this symbol and another symbol I came across in a Catholic Monastery in Peru.
Just as the psychic predicted.
That I would find a symbol critical to my concerns, she even drew the outline for me at the time. It was an undefined object (chaos) bordered by two pillars.


The EM spectrum is essentially the Energy and Matter fields represented by VIBRATION.

Now the symbol above I photographed, it is the symbol the psychic predicted I would find. It is a symbol that contains much information, truly worth thousands of words. It was found in a monastery in Arequipa Peru.
A monastery that had been closed for 396 years…only reopening back in 1970 to the public.

Newton gave us Space + Time (independent of each other)
Einstein gave us SpaceTime (combining the two and showing a relative relationship)
Planck gave us SpaceTimeMotion and he is in agreement with the eastern Buddhists and mystics suggesting everything defaults to VIBRATION.

And what is the KEY to Universal Movement or VIBRATION?

Here is a symbol found in the valley of Mexico (where ancient Aztec civilizations flourished) in the early 1900’s.
It was referred to as the Key to Universal Movement.

I have a question or two, always do.
Having not read all the posts about the Tarot, but having scanned some of the titles of the threads … I was wondering … are the people on this forum aware that you can trace, follow the Tarot back to Mesoamerica?

BUT the connection between the two Meso or middle cultures is an anomaly, it must have occurred PRIOR to the western powers arriving in the New World, who desired to bring some order, in effect they had arrived to set up a New World Order.
The plan (shhh….conspiracy) has been in effect much longer than we realize.


We must ask ourselves this.
How is it that both Science and Religion have arrived in the same spot, using the same esoteric shapes implying the beliefs are beginning to converge?
Have science and religion been reconciled on the summit?

Or did they design the shapes of these sacred symbolic structures representing their PASSIONS, just by chance?
(ps. btw that is how I found these similarities, analogies and coincidences, know thyself and follow your intuitive passions)

And if it is just all a coincidence Science and Religion sharing the summit …

Somebody want to pass on the news, the undeniable unveiling of a truth I have come upon, please.
Do I need to go to the Vatican and play “Knock knock, who is there?” with the Pope?

Why would I go to the Pope to play a game?
Because he holds the 2 KEYS to the playing field.
He is in control of the game at this time…he is referee dressed in Black and White.
The game by the way is about controlling the TIME clock right till the end.
I am impressed by the succession of Christian coaches, err I mean Popes.

i.e. P.T. Benedict (where P = Pope and T = Time)


Now that I have helped to identify one sect of the BLACK Magicians, those working behind the scenes, shall we discuss the Magic that THEY might be planning?
911 was quite magical (for awhile, till people started noticing the threads suspended from the ceiling) , and 911 is actually just a microcosmic prelude to the Macrocosmic Big Event as I foresee it. (just one opinion among 6 billion)

And the subtly of the Creation reveals itself again, the archetype of PT Barnum and his 3 Ring Circus and a sucker being born every minute speaks of a prophecy to be fulfilled.

Now I want to provide you with a clue to interpreting the above statement just made by me…substitute the words Valance and Atom for Ring and Circus and you may begin to understand what 2012 just might be about.

It is about a quantum leap of consciousness utililizing vibration.
nudge nudge wink wink Surprised



disclaimer: psst much of the above info is my theory and cannot be googled, only the details that I presented can be found scattered about the wasteland, the piecing together of the puzzle was my intuitive imagination led down the garden path, called the yellow brick road, leading back to Eden Thinking

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