“ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” part III RED Roses and BLUE Lillies

Here I present a cut and paste from a blog written early last year in regards to the color BLUE. The information is still profound and now in conjunction with “All has been written” parts I and II that precede this thread, I want to revisit the idea of the BLUE messenger and the Electro-magnetic spectrum which engulfs us.

I showed with great clarity I believe in “All has been written” part II that science and religion have in fact been reconciled. And I do have still many more symbols and temples that confirm my findings in regards to white circles and black rectangles representing the 2 boundaries or pillars of the game we all find ourselves in.
Here are two more examples.

The very large, macrocosmic Bent Pyramid and the much smaller microcosmic Queen Hetepheres pyramid directly to the south again fulfill the archetypes we see in St. Peter’s Square and the Shrine of the Book located in Israel.

But we do note that the Forbidden City in China has reverse geometry.

And again I want to point out the fact that ALL of the above shrines and temples representing places of sacred worship exhibit sacred geometry.
Now why would we find that surprising?
And this magic symbol also has the same basic geometry implied with more clues given.

I often like to talk about fire and thermodynamics…the study of light and heat.
Fire is a rapid oxidation with the release of heat, light and sound.
Is sound connected to color?
Study heat closely and you will find clues to the archetype we refer to as Satan, study light and sound and you will begin to understand how you will be ‘saved’ by the BLUE Messiah, which I believe to be an event and not a person.
But if a person called Jesus does show up for the event, remember it will be the Jesus within you.

Jesus represents the light, in science we do NOT measure darkness. Darkness is measured as an absence of light.
Satan represents heat, in science we do NOT measure cold.
Cold is only measured as an absence of heat.

Satan controls the heat and the light born of terrestrial resources, he has taken control of the technologies born of the gift of fire, fire having been stolen from the gods, fire it must be realized is the SEED of all technologies to follow.

And who in the Geo-Political game today, is trying to control and measure and put a meter on the resources that provide the heat and light necessary for a consumptive lifestyle, a lifestyle born of free will?
Who is trying to continue to feed into an out-dated economic system called capitalism that needs unchecked growth to survive?
Capitalism vs. Sustainability is the reality.
Man vs. Nature is the eternal battle that also became myth.
Always has been, we are just starting to realize this TRUTH on a much larger scale.
But what can we learn from color knowing everything defaults to or can be expressed as a frequency or a ‘vibration’?
According to Max Planck and the eastern mystics.

And in Mary the Blue Lily and Mary the Whore we see the Saint and the Human, two aspects between which lay human potential.
Why were we presented with 2 Marys?
I think it is obvious, the same reason we are often presented with 2 pillars or 2 tablets of stone, pairs of animals or simply a man and a woman.
These archetypes are implying dualities and polarities.

A fact of science is … just like the story of Frankenstein, or of the clay golem, a spark or yod must be introduced for life to begin.
A spark or a charge or a pulse, creating an initial wave leading to a polarity.
Fact is … without the existence of ‘polarities’ that seem to exist between everything we can and cannot see … none of this illusion would exist. A neutral thermodynamic universe cannot be seen. It is the void from which something comes from nothing.

Mary the Saint equals good or positive.
Mary the whore equals bad, the abomination or negative.

The Old Testament essentially as part of the ‘Exodus’ from Egypt replaced all of the former earthly powers of nature and fertility attributed to the Goddesses with the 2 Marys.

Now that we have an ozone hole over the North Pole also, the cosmic rays entering our atmosphere have the ability to alter the existing magnetic fields surrounding our earth.
I believe it is a change in the color of light that signals the event has begun, the Age of Aquarius is already upon us.

The colors blue and red help are markers.
Ultraviolet blue and infrared.

In the diagram I above I suggested the entire playing field is between the White and Black pillars symbolized by wavelength.
I now offer that most of our illusion (a visible manifestation of the electromagnetic energies always engulfing us), the visible illusion takes place on a much smaller playing field illustrated by this image.

These two colors, hues of reds and blues, are therefore the boundaries of our visible illusion. Our empirical empire is there for all to see and observe and measure.
It is the theatre where the illusions of Kings and Queens who seek the light and its manifestations takes place.
Beyond these two pillars lay the two pillars black and white, which marks the extremities of the universal wave called the Electro-Magnetic Light Spectrum. Beyond the infra-red and ultra-violet blue pillars, the illusion becomes invisible as the wave extends outward toward the white and black pillars, thus everything is invisible to us without the aid of ‘scopes’ if we want to study those frequencies or vibrations.

Scopes, the macro telescopes and micro-scopes, which NOW assist the intellect of man to penetrate into the invisible world of neutron stars, white holes, microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, black holes and neutrinos.

In atomic attraction, polarity of the atom is further described as red or blue.
Due to the Doppler effect we also have red shift and blue shift, terms used to describe whether a wave is being compressed, coming toward you or the wave is being elongated and the object emitting the wave is moving away from you or you are moving away from the source.
The analogy often used is a siren and sound waves.
Water is also associated with blue and with purification and other life giving qualities.

And in symbolism we see the messengers of light, messiahs and prophecies are quite often associated with the color blue. This was a pattern I noted far to often to ignore.
Being a seeker of the truth, how can one ignore true blue symbolism that causes you to vibrate?

Here is what we know about the symbolism of BLUE and the gods associated with it.

Zeus, Jupiter and Amun are all associated with blue.

Jesus is associated with a blue robe, in Cuzco Peru the doors to homes are painted blue and they drape blue shawls around crucifixes outside the churches. Odin had a dark blue mantel, Indra, Vishnu and Krishna all had blue skin.

In Buddhism both light and dark aspects of blue are important. The semi-precious gemstone turquoise can also be part of the daily spiritual life of the Buddhist monk.

There also exists as well the concept of living and dead turquoise. Living turquoise has a healthy blue color, whereas dead turquoise has turned either white or black. In the natural aging process of turquoise, exposure to light and body oils darkens the color, eventually turning it black. Tibetans compare this to human aging and death. Wearing “living” turquoise is therefore very desirable, as it will give long life to the wearer.
…Turquoise has also been held as a sacred stone by ancient cultures other than the Tibetan. It was sacred in Egypt along with malachite and lapis lazuli. It was also sacred to the Persian culture, where it symbolized purity. American Indians believe it to be a protector and guardian of the body and soul. Gypsies wear this stone in their navels, believing it to be good for everything

And of course there exists the ‘Blue Buddha’, the Buddha of Medicine and Healing. This is a deep blue, like lapis lazuli, which has been prized for more than six thousand years by Asians and Europeans.

“…the finest specimens of lapis, intensely blue with speckled waves and swirls of shining gold-colored pyrite, resemble the night aglow with myriads of stars.”

“The Chinese were not alone among the Far Eastern peoples in their admiration for the blue mineral. The Tibetans valued it above all others, even ahead of gold, and those highlanders saw in it the image of the azure sky, and said that the hair of their goddess had its color. Both men and women wore it on their heads.”

Still today this practice carries on … statues have their hair often painted blue.
A discussion of the color Blue would not be complete without the contributions of the very spiritual Hopi, whose ancestors called the ancient ones (the Anasazi) inhabited the area called Mesa Verde located in the 4 corners region of the USA. Mesa Verde means Table Green or perhaps again another coincidence I offer, the Emerald Table. (a table also signifies a plateau as opposed to a hierarchy)
The Hopi also spoke of a prophecy and integral to their prophecy is the deity known as the Blue Star Kachina, the ‘Saquasohuh’ Kachina.

“That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon.”

A Blue Star, or maybe an invisible neutron star that sends out gamma ray bursts or pulses of energy to its binary companion, us?
(Binary companion? …yes apparently we may have one)

It was determined that the burst originated from the soft gamma ray repeater star, SGR 1806-20, a neutron star 20 kilometers in diameter which rotates once every 7.5 seconds, matching the GRB pulsation period. SGR 1806-20 is located about 10 degrees northeast of the Galactic center and about 45,000 light years from us, or about twice as far away as the Galactic center.

As mentioned above we also have Mary the virgin associated with the Blue Lily.
And another woman who we know existed for sure, Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century abbess and mystic also associated divinity with the color blue.
And if you take a close look at the Tarot Cards, men wear or display primarily RED colors covering or concealing the colors associated with the women, WHITE and BLUE.
So it makes sense thus that Card 12, the Hanged Man is wearing a Blue top and is thus signifying a polarity reversal.
And after Card 15, the Death Card, everybody appears nude.

And we know that when you mix the two colors red and blue, you get purple, signifying a blending of the two polarities.
Purple and white often are used as the color of royalty.

How important are Tyrian (royal) Purple and ‘Biblical Blue’ in Judaism?
The following is a true blue accounting …

The story of the search for the source for the dye tekhelet – Biblical blue – is one of intrigue, deception, and deduction. It weaves together clues from Torah scholarship, archeology, and chemistry, and its major players include a great Chasidic Rebbe, a former Chief Rabbi of Israel, archeologists, marine biologists and chemists.

Taken from another source…

The color blue in the flag of Israel derives from the ancient dye tekhelet, mentioned many times in the bible (Numbers 15:37-39). This color was used to dye a thread of the ritual fringes, or tzitzit that all Jewish males are commanded to wear, and which are tied to the corners of the ritual garment, the tallit. This is a specific color, derived from the dye produced by the snail Murex trunculus, known in Hebrew as the hilazon. This is the same dye known historically as Tyrian purple. The confusion of shades comes from the fact (rediscovered recently) that when wool dyed with the dye from Murex was exposed to sunlight, the dye became a bright blue, but when the dyed wool was hidden from light, the color produced was that of royal purple. This change is due to the exposure of the compound dibromoindigo (purple) to ultraviolet light, producing the compound indigo (blue, chemically identical to the vegetable dye). This can be an explanation why some Israeli flags (in the past) were almost colored purple, while others are sky blue — these two colors were seen as deriving from the same natural source (the Hebrew word argaman was used for the purple shade). This color is of immense symbolic importance in Judaism and was used in many articles in the Temple in Jerusalem as well, including the outer robe of the high priest.
An excellent discussion about the symbolism and ritual importance of this specific blue dye in Judaism can be found at this website [including]:
“And the Rabbis said: Why does the Torah enjoin us regarding tekhelet? Because tekhelet resembles sapphire, and the Tablets were of sapphire, to tell you that so long as the people of Yisrael gaze upon this tekhelet they are reminded of that which is inscribed on the Tablets and they fulfill it, and so it is written, ‘And you shall see it and remember.'”
(Mishnat Rabbi Eliezer, ch. 14).
In ancient times purple and blue dyes derived from snails were so rare and sought after that they were literally worth their weight in gold. These precious dyes colored the robes of the kings and princes of Media, Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. To wear them was to be identified with royalty.

Interesting and worth noting is that it was the exposure to ultra violet light that altered the pigmentation of the dye from purple to blue.
Do not miss the profundity of moving the dye from being indoor to outside.
The same dye gives two different results depending on which end of the light spectrum it is exposed to.
Interesting that the dye was obtained from the snail Murex trunculus. The shell of the snail shares the same sacred geometry, the golden spiral that we see in the nautilus shell.
Part of the sublime interconnectivity…watch for it.

But what we must note is that this particular part of the light spectrum, UV, is very, very good at purifying dirty virus and bacteria laden water.

And by no coincidence (again the sublime interconnectivity is noted) the Earth and we share the same ratio of surface water to land mass or solid content, about 75-80%.

So think of the recent events, the melting ice caps, global warming and global dimming as indications that the EM spectrum suggests we are about to receive a global ‘baptism’.

We share DNA with plants as well as animals I am told.
Thus we actually do exist between the plant and animal worlds…
We share 60% of our DNA with a banana.
And our DNA absorbs UV radiation, for a reason I suspect.
Maybe to help us and the fruits and vegetables evolve?

If we believe fiber optics are capable of transmitting huge amounts of information …

I ponder what kind of messages are being sent … contained with the EM spectrum?

The Energy and Matter Field of Dreams that we can all participate in building, is in fact the EM Spectrum.

Isn’t it?
Most of what we can see exists here …
This is the stage most of us access …

It is only a sliver of a bigger picture, like Dark Matter that comprises about 99% of the universe…in analogy our lives are simply phases, just phases of light.

We are spectral bands that form into groups and make noise in Cosmo’s garage, or is it the basement?


ps. a thread on red should follow.

Rolling Eyes

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


4 thoughts on ““ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” part III RED Roses and BLUE Lillies

  1. This so true !

    A Bright and Shiny ALOHA for you, Raphael !

    Related to the above very good article, I’d like to quote Tesla’s concept about life:


    I will return with more.


  2. The ‘I’ is illusory. In reality – we are something different – like waves in subjective time and space – and when the waves disappear – nothing remains from us. There is no personality – We cannot saw the waves in the ocean and make them have individuality. There is only an illusory sequence of waves – which goes one after another (interference pattern). We are not the same that was yesterday. I am only a sequence of relatively existences – which are not similar. This sequence is that thing that creates an effect of continuity – but not my subjective and mistaken understanding of my real life.

  3. well, i’d like to have your point of view about so-called ”bio-photons” emitted by the DNA of every living organism in the UV spectrum

    thanks anyway for this enlightenning post

    • biophotons?

      Biophotons are weak emissions of light radiated from the cells of all living things. A photon is a single particle of light. Plants, animals and humans generate up to 100 photons per second, per .15 square inches (1 sq. centimeter) of surface area. The light is too faint to be seen by the naked eye, but biophotons have been detected and verified using photomultiplier tubes.

      if we can agree on that definition, then I just want to say it is very similr to what happens when an electron gets closer to the ‘core’, as it descends a valance or orbit…

      …consistent with the ‘4 AGES Model’.
      …4 AGES Model addresses the simple formula:
      macrocosm = microcosm

      4 AGES Model addresses the link to the chain called DNA.


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