CHiram Abif … WHO or WHAT was he?

I recently joined a Freemason Forum.
The Blue Lodge

I need to find out more about CHiram Abif who is a very important fellow within Freemasonry lore…
Here is a cut and paste from that forum.

D. W. Brown wrote:
I look forward to reading this when I get home and can sit down and welcome WS (Widow’s Son)..

(he was referring to another new member recently joined)

Hello brother Brown.
I see twins.

The Widow’s Son and CHiram Abif.
Yes I agree with Widow’s Son … there are no coincidences … “all has already been written”.
Will the real architect / ARKetect please stand up.

Considering history’s infancy was imbued with the Oral Traditions, in fact 99% of our time before inventing an alphabet and hence writing was spent chatting either in daylight, darkness, or by the light of the silvery MOON.
Can you suggest how our minds might evolve based on this fact alone?
I can.
How important are the Oral Traditions if 99% of humanities collective past was spent talking … communicating a truth … ?
How important?
Well today the scholars and experts suggest the first 7 years of a potential 100 year life span is critical in how the child’s mind is affected. Those 7 years amount to only about 7% of the journey … what does 99% of a evolution suggest?

So in a HIStory fraught with confusing self-serving lies (WMD = weapons of mass delusion) and parables … I ponder the importance of why it was mentioned CHiram was a widows son.

Does the tale mention a father?
Was CHiram born before or after his father died?
If he was born before his father died … who is the father?

This could be a reference to the fact that in Judaism, it is only important that the mother be a Jew…all offspring by default become adherents.

Or if CHiram was born after his father died…this could imply 3 possible alternative interpretations.

1/ CHiram was conceived and then his father died before his birth…

2/ CHiram’s mother gave birth out of wedlock, where is daddy?
… ie. that would make one of the co-builders of Solomon’s Temple in effect a ‘bastard’, or and the most likely ARKetype implied by the parable is …

3/ CHiram was born of an immaculate conception.

I also wonder why Manly Palmer Hall (who I believe was a 33 degree Freemason) is one of the few to refer to Hiram as CHiram.
I want and need to know … for my research.
It is critical.
Can I suggest that CHiram is a personification of something I found in Science that is critical in maintaining the current illusion we embrace?

Has this forum encountered prophets not seeking the profits?
Ever heard of the mystics Jacob Bohme or Hildegard de Bingen …?
These people are among those whose council I seek.

Is it a coincidence that John the Baptist died in 32 AD and Jesus Christ followed him within the year, dying in 33 AD.
What are the top 2 degrees in Freemasonry?

In the book The Hiram Key, the two authors (one is a Mason), speculate that John the Baptist symbolized the pillar of righteousness called JACHIN and Jesus represented the pillar of strength called BOAZ.

32 and 33

Add them together like a PI-thagorean would and you end up with 2.
3 + 2 + 3 + 3 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2

Are not the 2 pillars of Freemasonry the 32 and 33 levels?

Please note the three 3s plus a 2.
What if I see a pattern?
9 + 1 + 1

Two Pillars and the Twin Towers.

I think not … everything has been etched in stone…and the patterns are revealed on each of the 9 levels of INTER-connectivity of the CUBE.
This ‘formula’ I have connected with speaks of an underlying ‘Universal Structure’.

Interesting that the 3 ruffians who killed CHiram Abif are equated with the 3 Abrahamic religions. (Did these 3 religions conspire to bury a truth?)

The great inspired mythologist who helped awaken me, JC, NO not Jesus Christ, the great spiritual magician who manifested himself as Joseph Campbell referred to these 3 religions as WAR mythologies.
Unlike the more esoteric and mystical eastern religions.
There is a notable distinction made by JC between west and east.

TIME to move forward gentlemen, and solve some of these ‘mysteries of the ages.’
I am having the time of my life as I awaken.
All I want to do is share the experience.

The Age of Enlightenment vs. The Dark Ages.
WHITE Light vs. BLACK Light
Sons of Light vs. Sons of Darkness
White JACHIN and a Black BOAZ

Seeing a pattern here?
I did.
Will blow you away.
Everything DOES in fact (as we know it) exist between these TWO PILLARS that are seen as WHITE and BLACK …
The thread below … my first one here at The BLUE Lodge explains in VERY simple terms how Science and Religion have been reconciled.

Either Science and Religion are unaware they have been reconciled OR it speaks of a deeper conspiracy being perpetrated on an unaware humanity behind closed doors.



p.s. Is it a coincidence my second post here at TBL be about 2 pillars?
No coincidences … remember?

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


6 thoughts on “CHiram Abif … WHO or WHAT was he?

  1. While the Biblical account of the construction of Solomon’s Temple is probably true, the Hiramic Legend is strictly allegorical. Hiram survived the construction.

    The allegory is used to teach two vital lessons: the importance of fidelity and the immortality of the soul. I have seen a reference to symbolism attached to the ruffians, but it was not about religions, it was about political & military tyranny.

    Masonry is neither a religion nor antithetical to religion. It requires a belief in deity, without specifying the identity thereof. Note however that fanatical Muslims hate the fraternity. See the HAMAS Charter, near the end of the document. Attaturk, who dissolved the Caliphate, was a Mason.

    The Pillars were cast in bronze, I doubt that they were painted. Their creation far predates both Saints John!!

  2. Before you read my response … please go here:

    I have no interest in the site above.
    I just think the connections made are very profound and our work supports each other.

    Now, may I ask how many times Solomon Temple was built?
    So are you suggesting BOTH temples were built as recounted?
    This could be true dajjal but please don’t mind me …

    I love to study the anomalies of HIStory.
    Anomalies which suggest that history was written and fudged by the victorious, into a HIStory.
    If you have control of the printing presses, whether you are printing money or lies, you wield great power.
    Dispute that?

    It can be easily shown the the dimensions used for King Solomon’s Temple are the same ‘blueprints’ used in many other temples around the globe. Many were built before King Solomon was ever weaned off the breast. In China and Peru we find the same bacic Temple shape originating from the same geometric design or intent, and the same 4 colors are also associated with these temples or sacred power centers.
    The four colors being Black, White, Red and Gold.
    These are the 4 colors of alchemy too. And this post helps explain why this is NOT a coincidence.
    Think of these 4 colors as light >> frequency >> vibration.
    As Max Planck said to Albert Einstein, matter don’t matter Al baby, it’s all in the vibes, can ya dig it?

    What I also find interesting, is all of the mystery that surrounds much of the claimed Judeao Christian history as depicted by the Torah, KJV or the Koran that is taken literally. Parable is not to be interpretated literally. Parable is cloaked in layers or viels.

    As this following quote illustrates.
    “Historically, the Temple was thought to be situated upon the hill which form the site of the present-day Temple Mount, in the center of which area is the Dome of the Rock. Under the Jebusites the site was used as a threshing floor. 2 Sam. 24 describes its consecration during David’s reign. It is noteworthy to mention that two slightly different sites for the Temple have also been proposed: one places the stone altar at the location of the rock which is now beneath the gilded dome, with the rest of the temple to the west; the Well of Souls was, in this theory, a pit for the remnants of the blood services of the korbanot. The other places the Holy of Holies atop this rock.”

    You would think something as sacred as Solomon’s Temple built twice would be easily located.
    And why are they digging around in Egypt looking for the remains of a 900 year old Semite Pharaoh called Moses, when the ARKetypes suggest 900 = 9, and the Exodus is not found in Egyptian history texts?

    Thus we should investigate what the number 9 signifies or symbolizes.

    You mention the fanatical Muslims, hahaha, I however agree with the masonic interpretation and see funnyandmentalists on all 3 sides of the fence. It is a triangular enclosure that pens in these warring tribes, brothers and sisters sharing a common heritage.
    I see this TRINITY OF TERROR, and their theologies long ago apprenhended by the literalists, who turned scriptures intended to assist humanity into racist dogma as the real threat to the goals of becoming a peaceful and compassionate humanity.

    I do not care what masonry is sir, whether it is a religion or an association of merchants or just a bunch of silly men thinking belonging to this sect makes their life more interesting…in the end I reduce everything down to ARKetypes and then the truth reveals itself. Words get in the way. Look at the images in this post…

    …and again suggest to me that the pillars are NOT BLACK and WHITE.
    Bet you cannot.
    Did I say they were ‘painted’?
    Colors and numbers mentioned in parable is part of the code to be recognized.

    And finally … if you really want to understand where I am going with the suggestion that CHiram Abiff is a mythological personification of behaviors we find in the sciences … you should read this.

    I offer quite the insight too the patterns that support the illusion blending and weaving myth and math together.

    enjoy those posts
    hope they resonate


  3. I forgot to mention in that lengthy response above why the funnymentalist Muslim does not like the Freemason.

    Because the Masons construct their temples similar to Solomon’s Temple.

    But this is just more extraneous detail, and an attempt to secure for one tribe something that belongs to everybody.
    The Masons, Jews and Christians stole much of their imagery and idolatry from Egypt.
    And the Egyptian culture is similar to Mesoamerican cultures that also predate the rise of the Levant religions …

    Therein lies the anti-Christ behaviors of these weakened belief systems, weakened by the ravages of time and the failure to appreciate what the other guy has to offer…

    The Red Man offered spirit and the White Man offered blankets infected with small pox.

    That just about sums up HIStory my friend.


  4. As an abstract to what you wrote about, the ideas about Hiram or CHiram only play out if you look at the degrees in a judeao Christian construct. The ideas of Freemasonry are not exclusively inherent to the bible, merely constructed with allegories from it, especially considering the day and age if its modern incarnation. Much of the scholarship surrounding masonry is based on the premise/assumption that the bible is in fact the absolute only volume of sacred law. When you take the degrees out of that context, their meaning starts to shift, and a new allegory starts to take shape.

  5. I agree Greg that modern Freemasonry takes its cues from the Torah and the Bible.
    But why stop there?
    We both know that both Judaism and Christianity can be traced to Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia.

    And the scholars have linked the Torah to the Tarot using the Kabbalah.
    And what does it mean when other scholars have linked the Tarot to the AZTEC, a connection that would have needed to occur pre-Columbian or PRIOR to the arrival of the Western Jedi-suit Knights, who were trying to dispense a New World Order?

    Does the existence of the Piri Reis Map indicate some people possessing influence and power would have suspected there was a culture way over yonder,over the pond called the Atlantic Ocean, in the west, where the sun was apparently devoured, each and every evening?
    Would they have suspected?
    Why are there so many similarities between the Mesoamerican and Mesopotamian cultures?
    Between the two meso or middle cultures.
    Why is it easy to show images of sacred symbols existing between the Maya who studied TIME and the Buddhists who had a philosophy called the ‘Maya Illusion’, a concept dealing with TIME?

    A thorough examination of the TRUTH starts by acknowledging other cultures existed in tandem with the Semites.
    And to uncover the TRUTH we must also dispense with all notions of being a chosen race. We must exorcise the desire to apprehend scriptures for a self-serving gain.

    2000 years after an ARKetypal event called the cruxiFICTION it is very obvious that the scriptures as interpreted literally by the various Church elders … are RACIST.

    To exorcise the RACIST Inquisitive language in the scriptures, we should interpret them figuratively, as in parable, not literally the way each of the 3 Ruffians (Judea, Rome and Islam) do.
    Temple Priest vs Temple Priest
    Oy vey there must be a better vay?

    I find if we look at the anomalies and commonalities that we know to exist, a clearer picture of history reveals itself. It is only by accepting a fact, civilizations pagan and religious were in progress prior to the rise of the Levant.

    Why do so many people STOP their discussion of HIStory at around 5-6000 years.
    Before HIStory and the mono god arrived, we had egalitarian cultures and a distinct HERStory.
    Fact: The earliest record of any god or goddess is the goddess.
    For 10,000 years prior to the deluge, (please note: the flood or deluge was an event which was seen as an opportunity for a ‘spiritual coup’ by Noah and Moses and company)in fact, NOBODY can deny, the goddess reigned for quite some time prior to the modern western patriarchal religions being SCRIPTED.

    And in CHiram Abiff, as mystic I see personified, mystified and myth-ified, a behavior of movement critical to life, a movement all great Builders and ARKetects must be aware of when constructing sacred temples, especially a sacred temple like the human body.
    You must beware of sacred geometry. Like the Fibonacci numbers…which become a spiral when the pattern is detected and plotted.
    Spirals that turn either inward or outward.
    Spirals like the double helix of DNA that displays what is known as either left or right handedness.
    This movement or handedness in chemistry and biology, in the earth sciences is known as CHirality or CHiral.
    Is DNA an ARKetype and an ARCHitect?
    DNA and CHiral need each other.

    CHiral the master ARKetect also shows up in the many building blocks (Cubes…Kabah) necessary to construct life.
    Amino Acids, sugars, and crystals (thus optics … bending light) all display CHiral Asymmetry.

    How important is that?

    Asymmetry of the Universe was confirmed in 1957 due to parity violation.

    So by no coincidence the year I was born was the year the physicists confirmed that “the Universe is NOT symmetrical nor perfect”.

    Apparently the Universe and me have something in common.


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