ART and ARKetypes

Del wrote:
Raphael wrote:
I have climbed perkier peaks where the areola gets quite thin … have been known to get my tool lost in a crevice …

lol… Raphael.. I didn’t know you could make a joke! *surprised*

*eyes watering…* Laughing

Del how well do you know me?
Always be prepared to receive a message I have come to realize is important.
Makes us better listeners and readers.
Makes us more ‘receptive’ as receivers.
Del please turn on your receiver now, as we are also transmitters, I have yet another slice of Raphael pie to share.

Not long ago I read where in the Torah it is written, somewhere, no idea where,(but I will believe the rabid Rabbi this time), that another way to gain a peek at divinity is through humor.
Makes perfect sense. Explains why in addition to the sciences, Jews are drawn to comedy.
Can you imagine the choices you are given when young as a Jew?

1/ A Kibbutz, not a bad choice

2/ An initiate who chooses a religious path but there is always the danger of becoming a rabid Rabbi which is really a fanatical sun / fire worshiper who fears being baptized by water… Rolling Eyes

3/ An initiate who studies the Sciences, but what if your brain is not wired for math and you do not like to dissect life and its creations with scalpels or formula coded with numbers?
Eh? What then?

4/ For the Neanderthal Jew there still exists arenas of combat like the military and sports.

5/ Finally as an initiate who seeks Creativity, you can become a patron first and then a student of the arts…you can become a Comedian and make a fallen humanity laugh, giving a play by play of the descent of man with a twist of lemons and spiritual aid.
It is no coincidence that in Hollywood or is it Holywood we find that those who seek the WHITE Lights of fame and fortune end up here, in the land of ARKetypes…using RGB light to dispense messages filled with symbols and archetypes.

Dear God:

Will this be a long voyage?
Everything in pairs heh heh?
Well I have only I wish.
You are god … you can read my mind.
By the way God being left-handed…could you make one a little bigger than the other…I like to grope the group in the dark

SINcerely yours,


But why NOah and not YESah?

The name NOah is a daily reminder of what to say to desires
When you seek that higher counsel always at your disposal, called intuition and pose it the question…

AH, should I do it?
NO … ah thank you.

Question Idea
Did Jerry Seinfield ever marry that much younger woman?
I forgot her name.
But she had been blessed with quite the mountain range.

Between her peaks Ararat and Meru, can I suggest lay a treasure. I would love to go looking for the ARK buried somewhere between those mounds of glory glory hailaJEWjah baby.

But you gotta dig deep.
Through TIME sounds have become muffled.
The ORAL Traditions have been lost in the noise and the haste of making waste.
Between those mounts, Ararat and Meru lay a real treasure, the treasure map suggests it lay off toward the left path …

Why have we not found the ARK?
Because the treasure lay within in the individual.
We should be looking for the ART that the Creator left all around us to experience.

That is why the Aztec ripped out the heART.
They knew where the golden spiritual treasures were buried, true.
Within the heART of a pure individual.

“Our Father who ART in heaven” speaks to us daily through his ART using ARKetypes.

So a little while back Del I realized if I had a message to dispense, a message to bring to the table, to resurrect a ‘green consciousness’ (the Mesa Verde or Emerald Tablet / Table archetype), it would be necessary to remove the piss and vinegar as condiments.

(p.s. I do know removing the piss from the table will piss the priests off (the Black Magicians), who seek the urine of pure boys…true)

So I have come to realize that in fact a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down man … or am I confused again?

Maybe all I truly want as temple priest, is to have Sugar to go down on the Medicine Man?

Rolling Eyes

A fertile thought for a world full of fertile archetypes.
A reality.
I was given a tool by the Creator … I must learn how to use it wisely.
%$#@ hard.
Not the tool (always on the ready) … understanding real true purpose is %$#@ hard.
Rolling Eyes

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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