Hanging Upside Down From the Bodhi Tree

The following letter is in response to being ejected from another forum for a 2nd time.
I find it hilarious that the site tossing me calls itself mythological.
I find it has become overrun with Judeao Christians.
I was curious to see if the JCs (Judeao Christians) masquerading as mythological JC adherents (Joseph Campbell) could withstand my BLACK and WHITE thesis.
Here is a letter I wrote to one of the moderators who I feel has a grip on myth, JC and ARKetypes.




Hello Bodhi,
This is a long letter, or is it a discourse, or is it an apology to jcf?
You decide.
So I see I only lasted 13 posts this time, my second incarnation.
And as you and I both know … 13 = 1 + 3 = 4
Who do you think about when the number 4 is mentioned at jcf?

How mythical. How funny. How expected.
This kind of treatment only serves to inspire me.
Tell Clemsy that, I cannot believe it was you that yanked my CHain.
Please read on, that is as rude as I get.


Any idea what it is like to see your ‘myth’ unfold?
Not many at jcf truly do.
At least not in the unique way I do sir.

It has only been 3 years now since the swine starting casting their pearls of knowledge in my direction.
I have taken these 108 pearls and woven them together like a master weaver would into necklaced with wisdom.
108 = 9


The following definitions are taken from the Theosophicial Societies Glossary and I believe it helps illustrate how important the names we choose, can be in determining our fate.


Bodhi (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root budh to acquire understanding, awaken] Perfect wisdom or enlightenment; true divine wisdom. A state of consciousness in which one has so emptied the mind that it is filled only with the selfless selfhood of the eternal. In this state one realizes the ineffable visions of reality and of pure truth. Bodhi is a name for the enlightened intellect of buddha. ” ‘Bodhi’ is likewise the name of a particular state of trance condition, called Samadhi, during which the subject reaches the culmination of spiritual knowledge” (SD 1:xix). The bodhi state is called a buddha, and the organ in and by which it is manifested is termed buddhi.

Bodhi is also a name for the mystical tree under which legend says Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment, known as the sacred fig tree of India.

Bodhi from what I know of you, the name you chose for yourself or adopted, often speaks of an inner nature wishing to express itself.
Steven is Bodhi or at least … wanting to become a Buddha.
At least an enlighten being synonyomous with a Buddha principle.
Do you agree?

Now what do my chosen names suggest?

Raphael repha’el (Hebrew) [from rapha’ to knit together, compose by joining, repair and mend, cure, heal + ‘el divinity] The builder of God, the composer of God; one of the four (later seven) angels stationed about the throne of God; also called Suriel or Suryal. In the vision of Ezekiel, the seer describes the four faces beheld: that of the face of the man is made equivalent to Raphael in the Ophite scheme. Originally the dragon was one of the four sacred animals, but it was altered to the face of a man (SD 1:127). In the Book of Enoch (ch 20) Raphael is considered as the angel of the spirits of men, and is commissioned to “heal [rebuild or re-compose] the Earth which the angels have defiled.”

A ‘Rosicrucian’ friend 25 years ago suggested the two Xs in the center of my palms indicated I was a healer. The marks are still there. The X on the left palm is far more distinct, the X on the right palm appears to have faded somewhat. And of course this X appears between the head and heart lines…and guess what?

The fate line, perpendicular to the head and heard … like a river runs right through it.
Just recently I was againing talking with my Rosy Cross friend about my insights, (she is my accountant), and she suggested to me, and I agree with her summation, I am only ‘remembering’.

This of course makes perfect sense to me. I often feel as though I am just turning the pages of a book I already know very well.
Thank god I have forgotten the ending…I love how the story is unfolding.

I believe we can become who we believe we are Steve.

We take a look inside the change closet on our way to the dress rehearsel in the eternal saga called, “man know thyself”, we pause, stand in front of a chiral mirror and pick a mono myth we want to experience.
This fantasy can and does take place in our minds all the time.
I realize now that my chosing the name Raphael and just recently golem, were just dress rehersals.

On another forum called PO I was also banned, yes another site where I was banned for challenging the mods who posses a rigor-mortar pseudo intelligence.
Though my writing style again exposed me there also, here is the kicker, I had support of fellow posters who questioned my banning, the PO troops rallied to my side, and the head mod there and me quietly acknowledged a new relationship in public.

I had planned my apology here at jcf to be a killer thread.
It really is profound the symbols, the connections I have uncovered.
My methods are getting damn close to finding a ‘mythological theory of everything’, I can feel it in my GUT.

And then later being lead to chose the name CHiram is so sublime and subtle yet it speaks of a higher purpose as laid out for me Steven. Every step I take now confirms a path is there, always has been. You find your path thinking about numbers and shape, sitting in the dark, lamenting about Pi, Phi and Pythagoras.
So who is the mythical personage known as CHiram Abif?

Hiram Abif, Huram Abif Huram ‘abiu or ‘abiv (Hebrew) [from hawar to become white or pale; or from harah to burn (as with ardor), be noble or free-born; or haram to devote, consecrate as to religion or destruction, be killed or destroyed] The last derivation is descriptive of the character and fate (according to Masonic tradition) of Hiram Abif; while the second derivation befits the character of Hiram King of Tyre. Hiram Abif is described as a widow’s son of the tribe of Naphtali (1 Kings 7:14), and a skillful, knowledgeable man, a worker in gold, silver, brass, and iron, as was his father (2 Chron 2:12). Hiram Abif was sent by Hiram King of Tyre to King Solomon to aid in the building of his Temple.

In Freemasonry Hiram Abif is the central figure in the drama of the Third or Master Mason’s degree, and one of the Three Ancient Grand Masters of the Craft (the other two being King Solomon and Hiram King of Tyre). Before the completion of the building of the Temple he was slain by three ruffians because he refused to communicate to them the Master Mason’s Word, which on account of his death was said to be lost, for it can be communicated only when all the Three Ancient Grand Masters are present. Hiram Abif was hastily buried in a shallow grave marked by a sprig of acacia or myrtle, which led to its discovery and the subsequent raising of Hiram Abif by the power of a Substitute Word which, it was decreed, should be used until the Lost Word be again found.

The Masonic initiation was modeled on that of the Lesser Mysteries of Egypt, also used in India from time immemorial with Loka-chaksu (eye of the world) and Dinkara (day-maker or the sun). “In Egypt the third degree was called Porte de la Mort (the gate of death) . . . in the modern rite, one finds the reproduction of this Egyptian myth, except that in place of Osiris, inventor of the arts, or the Sun, one finds the name of Hiram, which signifies raisedeleve, (the epithet which belongs to the Sun) and who is skillful in the arts” (Ragon, Orthodoxie Maçonnique 101-2). The slaying of Hiram signifies the annual slaying of the sun by the last three months of the year, the sun being reborn or raised at the winter solstice, one of the four great initiation periods celebrated in antiquity.

Hiram Abif is a type-figure of all the saviors of humanity who sacrificed themselves for the salvation of mankind, a direct human representative of its prototype among the divinities, such as Odin and Visvakarman, the builder and artificer of the gods. Hiram Abif is also the type-figure of the individual’s inner god, crucified upon the cross of material existence.

The legend and drama of the Master Mason’s degree constitutes an indisputable link between Freemasonry and the ancient Mysteries, and few have fathomed the esoteric significance of this degree and of the legend of Hiram Abif: 1) the relation of the upper triad to the lower quaternary of the sevenfold human nature; 2) the incarnation or sacrifice of the manasaputras; 3) the symbolism of Solomon’s Temple; 4) the instruments with which the death of Hiram Abif was accomplished; and 5) the reference to Hiram as a potter (2 Chron 4:16), which connects him with Kneph in the Egyptian Mysteries as creator of the mundane egg. A variant of the Hiramic legend is given in the parable of the householder and the vineyard, whose servants and finally son whom he sent to receive the fruits of the harvest were slain (Matt 21:33).

Hiram (or Huram), King of Tyre (Hebrew) [from hawar to become white or pale; or from harah to burn (as with ardor), be noble or free-born; or haram to devote, consecrate as to religion or destruction, be killed or destroyed] A contemporary of the kings of Israel David and Solomon, who sent David cedar trees, carpenters, and masons in order to build him a house and who later, in response to a request from Solomon, sent timber from Lebanon and a skillful man, Hiram Abif or Huram ‘abiu, to aid him in building Solomon’s Temple (2 Chron 3:12-13). All the ancient records speak of King Hiram as a master builder who built the temples of Hercules and Astarte, virtually rebuilt Tyre, and reconstructed the national temple of Melkarth (Melekartha). At the entrance to this temple were two pillars, one of gold and one of smaragdus or emerald, which probably were the immediate prototypes of the pillars Jachin and Boaz in front of the temple which Solomon later built with Hiram’s assistance, thus connecting the worship of Jehovah with that of Melkarth or Baal. The original prototype of these pillars were the Pillars of Hermes.

So the mythical master builders are presented as King Solomon and King Hiram of Tyre … And King Hiram of Tyre sent and or lent CHiram Abif to Solomon to assist in the building of his temple. (Manly P. Hall refers to him as CHiram not Hiram to provide a distinction between the two. (The fact it is prefixed with the capitals CH, this is a clue, so is the fact MP Hall suggests the word Hiram comes from Hermes, but this is consistent with the Pillars of Hermes and the two pillars Jachin and Boaz)

But I believe I understand who CHiram Abif is.
He is a behavior isolated and personified that can be found in the sciences.
Who or what am I suggesting is CHiram Abif an archetype for?

Bodhi please read the following two threads of mine.
And please tell me I am WRONG about where I am headed with my investigations.
Can everything be reduced to BLACK and WHITE, both expressions of polarity, or a preferance for right or left handedness, and using clockwise or counter-clockwise = anti-clockwise = anti-CHrist behaviours we can illustrate this?


Can I find an analogy in SCIENCE where the Sons of Light are doing battle with the Sons of Darkness?

Too easy my friend.

Go here:


Why have things become ‘easy’ for me Steven?
Easy to interpret, I see things others, more learned than me do not.
Why do I interpret symbols like no other?
Has my time come to help point things out?

Here is another definition from the Theosophical Society.

In following both paths, left and right, as in our hands I became aware of the term CHiromancy or Palmistry.
At this point I want to remind you that DNA, amino acids, sugars, crystals and swirling swastikas are CHiral.

And by studying the myth of CHiram Abif and his death we can gain valuable insight into CHirality and Universal Asymmetry.

A book was just released this year.
The truth and I are in tandeem my friend.
The book is called “On Chirality and the Universal Asymmetry“, also on the book’s cover we see these words.

Reflections on Image and Mirror Image

So what do reflections in mirrors, in ponds or looking glasses, twins, siblings, gardens of good and evil and graven images all imply?

And how would CHirality … and asymmetry manifest themselves on this level of the illusion?
What would CHirality (an archetype) and mirrors (an archetype) have to do with you, the individual (an archetype)?

How do all these ARKetypes cobine to form an illusion here, in the 4D of SpaceTime?

The Cosmetics industry are heralding Chiral Correct Compounds as an Anti-Aging Miracle, a Fountain of Youth.
Cha cha cha ching is the dance of the stock market swirling sufi guru drunk on green

One firm markets a cosmetic line called Kyra (but if read right to left it is … it is the ARyK), and the company uses the slogan “We have put a whole new SPIN on things”…
Remember the swastika likes to spin, and it is NO coincidence they also make reference to the swastika as exhibiting CHiral Asymmetry within their document.
Would you like a copy of this Techincal Manual, it dicusses CHirality and cosmetics at length?
I saved a copy in pdf file…it supports all my contentions…I wrote about it in this blog.
And why then did the ancient Jewish theologians warn against the following, the first two are obvious ….. astrology, lapidary and cosmetics?

Mirror mirror on the wall…how beautiful, vain and graven, am I?

I love the following 2 blogs of mine. They discusses the profoundity of CHirality in our lives.
The bottom line is … the Universe is asymmetrical and not perfect.



One final profound connection to CHiram and Chiral, word structure and sound.
I have suggested that CHiram is a personification of CHiral asymmetry.
Interesting thing about CHirality is that it happens on ALL 9 levels of the creation. From everything big /Macrocosm (neutron stars have been observed to have a handedness or preference) to the small / microcosm (neutrinos only turn left I believe).

So CHiram is CHiral and the parable is talking about everything big and small.
CHira m or CHira M ?

Here is a quote taken from a book called the Dictionary of the Occult by Andre Nataf.

“The EMERALD TABLET, which expresses the analogy between the macrocosm (M) and the microcosm (m), is the KEY text of occultism.”

Jachin and Boaz … Jachin is white and Boaz has been described as BLACK or DARK GREEN.

Bodhi also were privy to those images I posted regarding the Kabah in Mecca. The BLACK RECTANGULAR CUBE is also meant to split, defract, bend, alter, redirect a light beam like a pyramid does and thus cast a shadow into the circle.
Magicians play with light and sound to alter the illusion…because if it vibrates…it can be manipulated.
A physicist is another of the 21st century Magicians, a Black Magician that we should be wary of as my blog shows.

So I ponder, is CHiram Abif CHirality personified?
The glossary above redirects the definition of CHiromancy to DIVINATION.

What is the definition of CHiromancy relative to Divination?
I have highlighted why I believe I have been able to access and SEE a universal truth, a sort of divination of sorts that I believe is being continually expressed throught some of my ramblings, rants and raves, that sometimes fall pray to rave reviews. Is a CHant the same as a rant?

But as all messengers do and struggle with … can I communicate my ‘intuitions’, can I bring forth information obtained in the unconscious and express it to the conscious, the conscious who are apparently Eyes Wide Shut and grazing happily along?

Divination [from Latin divination a soothsayer from divus spiritual being, god] The art of obtaining hidden knowledge by the aid of spiritual or ethereal beings. It is divisible into two main kinds: the inducing of seership or clairvoyance, and the interpretation of signs. Under the former come the oracular responses of the Pythian priestess, of the Cumaean Sibyl, and many similar instances, including all cases where the diviner induces trance or clairvoyance, whether in himself by natural power or by incantations, drugs, or other preparations; or in a subject, as when ink is poured into the palm of a child, who sees visions in it, or by some kind of hypnotism. Under the second head come geomancy, augury, the reading of the marks on the liver of a slaughtered animal, reading cards, Chinese throwing-sticks, predictive astrology, palmistry, numerology, and a great variety of other forms. Between the two classes are ranged such practices as gazing into crystal or water, where external means and interior vision both play a part in the result. Often it is a means of utilizing one’s own inner faculties, whether by natural or induced clairvoyance, or by employing the agencies which regulate events apparently casual such as the fall of the cards, the marks in the sand, the drawing of lots; and this last is related to the subject of omens.

The universal correspondences in nature, the interrelation of all things, imply that the most apparently casual and trivial events have of necessity connection with other events, so that the one can be interpreted by means of the other, provided only that the diviner knows the rules and has the insight and skill. Thus, in cartmancy, one deals the cards with a mind concentrated on the knowledge desired, and their fall is determined by these unseen and little understood influences. It is evident, however, that the condition and capacities of the diviner play an essential part in the success of the operation; hence the instructions as to fasting, continence, and the like, so often laid down as preliminaries.

The art of divining is and always has been universally diffused. Today this art, in common with many other items of ancient lore, has fallen into disrepute on account of the great abuse to which it has been subjected, as in the case of the abuses of black magic and sorcery. The same remarks would apply as are made in the case of psychism, seances, etc. — that a large proportion of humanity is neither wise enough nor well-balanced enough to meddle with such methods; and there is too much tendency to use the methods for the gratification of mere personal desires or curiosity. We do far better to attend to the cultivation of our spiritual faculties, incomparably more powerful and effective, such as intuition.

It may be added that such practices as the slaughter of animals in order to read the entrails can scarcely be regarded, in any age, as pertaining to divine or white magic.

And a deeper exploration into White vs Black magic confirms that Science and Religion have been reconciled behind closed doors.
THEY just are not telling us what THEY know.

But I believe actions speak louder than words Bodhi and to uncover this truth pointing toward an eventual UNITY, part of a synthesis I keep suggesting exists, we need to see what the Temple Builders Solomon and Hiram have been building for the past thousands of years.
Follow the money.
That’s what THEY like to put in those temples.
(of course inspired fellows like you and me know the gold exists between our two temples … the third eye)


Great minds think alike and if connected on a deeper level of fundamentals … the manifestations or bringing forth of a light, should in some ways resemble each other.
If I give 4 or 5 builders the same blueprint … all the buildings will resemble each other, though not replicas, each would have the signature of a particular ARKitect and we could surmise each ARKitect may have studied under the same Master or Teacher.
Simple right?

Bodhi in the end a simple truth exists …

In analogy because we spent 99% percent of our time as hunter gatherers, immersed in the Oral Traditions, and 1% reflects a veneer we call civilization where the civilized drop bombs on each other trying to turn off each other’s lights, creating an eternal darkness, and our visible reality is also just a sliver of the Electro-magnetic Spectrum, less than 1% and DARK MATTER we now know comprises 99% percent of the Universe, and I believe Hydrogen the hermaphrodite element (no nucleus) comprises 99% of the Universe and Einstein suggested that genius was 1% inspiration and 99% work … what does this ALL suggest?

…we spend more time as ENERGY than we do as MATTER.

And there are two doors Bodhi that grant us passage to the worlds of matter and energy.Actually it may only be one DOOR that has two sides.
A DOOR that may need a different Key depending on the side you are trying to enter or exit from.
Here is where you will find the ARKetypal DOOR and the 2 KEYS necessary to open that DOOR.
Where are is this DOOR?
Damn obvious … if you know where to look once granted vision.
My vision as mentioned was granted by interpreting ancient symbols, their shape and structure using science in a new way.


Btw Bodhi I had already forgiven those at jcf who had trespassed against me.
Can you get the feeling I am just so past that schiesse now, the mental gymnastics of the evolving mind that Clemsy and others falsely engage in sometimes?
I, Raphael, golem and CHiram have been misdiagnosed by the experts,

Many who attacked my CHaracter were not aware that I was simply taking dictation.

Why do I feel I am moving on, very rapidly now, having been fast tracked, selected for a higher purpose … even directing me to quit my job?

First I was unknowingly fooled for 47 years and then I awoke and was fueled by my intuition, then I was given inspired proof (I had to uncover this proof and NOT discover it, the work of the initiate), then Bodhi I lifted a viel and uncovered my own confidence, then I found I no longer needed to defend myself against the pseudo intellectuals lined up on both sides of BS issues. One view Black and the other White.

Funny I feel as though I am offering a free cure for a spiritual cancer here … but the system, full of symptoms, does not want to ‘CHear’ of it.
The Day The Earth Stood Still = 2012
2012 is NOT New Year’s Eve, the last day of 1999 nor 2000, both dates based on flawed Christian Calendars.

If you want to continue having contact please do…I respected your thoughts and feelings.
Also feel free to use any of my stuff in your writings.

Not necessary to give me credit … just don’t claim it as your own … do not copyright … and help perpetute the gag order that has been placed on truths … Power is retained through self-serving ideals like “intellectual property rights” … and here we have just another symptom of a fallen society … whoring ideas to each other that are universal and should be accessible to all.

Reinventing the wheel, prophets recycling ideas only seeking profits. Thus the world goes round … fueled by desires.
The Mayans knew about zero and choose to leave the wheel to other generations. They understood what the wheel meant.
The wheel and fire are both technologies if misused will wreak havoc on humanity. (i.e. hello Prometheus)
The Maya choose to walk to work…somehow walking is more spiritual than being in metal crate, heel to toe is more in tune with a nature that envelopes us, than putting the pedal to the metal…

Yes I am far too high and high for most members to understand and appreciate. Cocky eh? Always for a good reason.
If you can begin to understand me Bodhi, you will have gained an understanding of how divinity using myth, works its magic through people.
How mysticism and magic works.

Cock A “very occult bird, much appreciated in ancient augury and symbolism. According to the Zohar, the cock crows three times before the death of a person; . . . As the cock was always connected in symbology with the Sun (or solar gods), Death and Resurrection, it has found its appropriate place in the four Gospels in the prophecy about Peter repudiating his Master before the cock crowed thrice. The cock is the most magnetic and sensitive of all birds, hence its Greek name alectruon” (TG 86). In the Zoroastrian Avesta, the cock is called Parodarsh “he who foresees” the coming dawn, and is also termed the drum of the worlds, for he crows in the dawn which dazzles away the fiends of the Avesta: thus he shares with the dawn the honor of the victory.

Cocks crowing 3 times before death indicates 4 stages, Hermes Trismestigus thrice born and the 4 gospels.
Is that me or what, personified?
I could not have written for myself a better script.
The Creator has written one for each of us.
And will I be reborn for a third time on jcf?

Too bad others at jcf are mired in their own myths and cannot appreciate the unique one I am offering at this time. I spend 24/7 thinking about the stuff few have found the time to investigate.

Here I offer a final example of ‘MY unfolding MYTH’.

In January of 1957 … 6-7 months before I was born in July 3rd of that year, a statement was made by the scientists, changing how they viewed the Universe, based on parity having been observed to be violated back in 1956. The statement to the world of science was thus … the world, the universe, and people are NOT symmetrical.

So as fate would have it, the year I was born Bodhi, was in fact the year they realized … the Universe was flawed, not perfect. (share that fact with Clemsy)And being born in that year, the Chinese year of the Rooster or Cock means I have a destiny to fulfill, I have come to believe. (because I get truth chills and vibrate very often … better than orgasms dude)

It is my job to help show the difference between symmetry and asymmetry, between perfection (God) and us (mortal men made of clay), the cheery chiral asymmetrical CARBON copy of divinity.
Understand Bodhi?
All has been Written … yes it has …


Bodhi it almost appears that there is nothing we can do to avert a certain fate … or is there something we can attempt as a group?
Could Mohammed move mountains?
How does one move mountains, jump through hoops, jump rings, shells or valances?

namaste and a CHeery CHiral CHeer


RAlph comes from RAouf … meaning: counsel of the wolf … no wonder I love howling to the moon … Full On RA RA RA


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