“TIME and Google Earth Airlines” Part I

Looking for 4 passengers to go flying with me.

Love it Little Feather!
The lines keep changing …
I believe you Little Feather
So do mine
Except those two Xs in the middle of both palms
The left is more distinct
A Rosicrucian friend long ago suggested I was a healer
Maybe she was right?

Am I, CHiram a healer?
Rolling Eyes
Only TIME can tell…


Every great philosopher has attempted to unravel the concept using his mind.
Every great physicist has attempted to unravel it’s mysteries using numbers.
All poets and writers number the pages of their books…because of TIME.
Every great industrialist has maximized its efficiency.

We live in what is known as SpaceTIME.
The ancient Jewish scribes synchronized their very accurate clocks to the birth of the very FIRST new moon, i.e. their clock was accurately synchronized to an invisible event.
And the entire foundation of the Torah, the starting point rests with this event.

I believe only the Atomic and Mayan Clocks are more accurate.
And the Mayan clock also, like the ancient Jewish timekeepers, incorporates the Lunar Cycle into calculating accurate TIME.
What I also find interesting is that the ancient Jewish theologians warned against astrology leading to a foretelling of the future, as a science man should not embrace.
The Mayans at that same time in history, across the ocean were in fact using the Moon specifically for that purpose. Your exact time of birth was paramount in the role you were to play on the world stage …

Now what if I suggest I can present universal archetypes found in all major religious centers around the globe that point toward a UNITY?
These structures can be found certainly among the major belief systems, east or west.

What if I suggest I can then find the same universal archetypes in science?
And you must realize these archetypes are in fact the culmination of 2000 years of science.
What if I suggest my research indicates I have in fact, using facts that cannot be disputed by science or religion, reconciled science and religion using both Macrocosmic and microcosmic symbols?

What if I suggest all that exists, that stands between a Reconciliation between ALL faiths and science is in fact the WORD.

Yes WORDs do get in the way.

But by presenting many images and just a few words to direct your thoughts … I know I can provide the KEYs to unlocking your mind and understanding a profound UNTIY does exist and it has been there, for quite some time, for us to observe.

Certainly since we started flying above the earth, the messages our forefathers left for us as markers, yes markers, become apparent.
We are the followers, we are not the leaders.
The megalithic structures were left as markers, built to withstand time.
As it turns out many cultures knew about Precession of the Equinoxes, called also the Great Year or a Platonic Year.
How many of you are aware of The Great Year and what it means.
Put all other notions aside about these great megalithic structures, what they were used for etc…
The common denominator that exists between all of them … is that they were used specifically to measure the Sun’s Orbit.
It is 26,000 years long.
Who lives that long?
These are ALL first and foremost markers of TIME.
That is the first lesson in understanding archetypes.

I can take you flying over 4 sites in the world, over 4 archetypes.
Using Google Earth Airlines.

The claim I make is that these 4 sites have the potential to alter our current paradigm, what they are pointing toward, a UNITY.
2 of these 4 sites are profoundly Religious and the other 2 sites are scientific.

Those 4 sites, along with a few other images I would like to present … are the archetypes that an aware and awake humanity must acknowledge right NOW.
Because there they are … in BLACK and WHITE.
The archetypes I found are in fact reduced to BLACK and WHITE and do in fact exist across ALL the major belief systems.

I am not talking about the yin yang here. It is far more exciting. Though once you understand how BLACK and WHITE work, the underlying meaning of the yin yang will become clear to you.
It will, I promise you that, the meaning of the yin yang becomes an accessory to the truth.

All you need to do is take a seat, pick a window seat.

Please however do put on your seatbeats … Google Earth Airlines is about to take off … and as we ascend do expect your veils of illusion to be lifted.

You just need to know what to look for.
What kind of specific man made structures are we looking for?

Well as master builder, yes I CHiram helped design and build Solomon’s Temple, I CHiram, also known as Hermes … designed what I am about to show you … who else to take you on a tour, of the knowledge I spread to the 4 corners of the globe.
I CHiram, master architect of all sciences and crafts, do in fact hold the KEYs, and I know exactly what to go look for.
No other 21st century airline can offer you this insight.

Damn bold assertions by this very new member to this very alive forum of debate, but my confidence is not borne of an ignorance nor an arrogance.
It is because I can present the evidence. NO BS here. Messengers of a truth only have one motive. To infect others.

My emotions have been stirred since reading the postings here, and I have a feeling after I present this evidence of my claims … more than a few might see it for what it is … it really could be the SEED of a new paradigm for humanity.

Science and Religion Reconciled




I justed noticed that was my 4th post as new member.
How appropriate it be about TIME.
We live in the 4 dimensions.
3 Dimensions of Space and 1D of Time

Does TIME have an Arrow ?
That is exactly what these archetypes / structures will question.
How cool is that?


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